Hello again Fanfiction lovers. TalesofAdventLover here with my second story on this site, Lucian: Guardian of Sinnoh

I looked up from my book. My purple glasses glinted off an enclosed gleam of sunlight and my blue eyes flashed behind them. I went back to my book. Then the noise came again. I looked up, I was annoyed now. I stormed to the red door in front of me and slammed my fist down hard.

"Quiet in there, I am trying to read!" I shouted. My British accent boomed across the room and made a heavy echo. The door slid open and Ronald McDonald's goofy grin stared back at me.

"What's wrong now Lucian?" the red haired man complained.

"Your noise level Flint, is unacceptable." I say coldly.

I slam the door in Flint's face and walked back to my chair. I sat back down and started to read my book. I only got to read a few words when a scuttling sound came from my ear. I get up with a sigh and walk to my left. All of a sudden tons of bugs pour out of a hole in the floor. I screamed and threw my book on the ground. I ran for the opposite side of the room. I did a somersault and launched on to the metal rigging above. When I was perched cautiously on a beam only then did I see the teen that ambushed me with his six legged friends.

"Aaron stop that, you know I don't like bugs!" I scowled.

Aaron was doubling over on the floor laughing. His green hair was combed to a style like a beehive. He herded his insects back into the hole. I sighed and leaped down from my spot. I ruffled my clothes back to the proper form and took out my ascot. I walked to Aaron and stared at him, tapping my foot.

"Well?" I said.

"Well what?" Aaron cocked his head like a cat.

"I need an apology." I snapped. "You need to apologize for this time and the ten times before that and I'm not letting you leave this spot till you say the words I am waiting to hear."

Aaron huffed. "Fine, I'm sorry." Aaron said sarcastically. I roll my eyes at the teen.

"Never mind Aaron, just go back." I wave him away.

Aaron nods and leaps back inside the hole. I turn around on my heel and sit back down. I am about to open my book when…. There is a loud knock on my door. I huff angrily and stride to the door in the back.

"What do you need now!?" I shout as I fling the door open. I gulp the words back down my throat. Cynthia's cold gray eyes stared
at me and I shivered.

"I'm sorry but, I am pretty sure that is not how you address a woman Lucian." Cynthia scolds.

"Sorry Miss Cynthia." I apologize.

I observe Cynthia. She was only 23 years old with my age being 30 but, she was still my boss. Her flowing blonde hair was in fishtail braids today and she was wearing her ever so present black shawl and gray coat. A small moon charm hung around her neck and glowed when she walked past my invisible beam of sunlight. Her high heels made a loud clicking sound. She was sporting a pair of black visors and green sun earrings. I smiled sheepishly when she saw Aaron's opening in the floor that he made with his bugs.

"Another prank!" she cried.

I nodded. "No matter how many times I tell him, he does it again the next day."

Cynthia takes a deep breath. "We are a screwed group."

She sits down in my chair and opens my book from page one. My bookmark fell to the floor. I open my mouth to protest but, I turn around and walk away.

"Have fun reading my book, it was boring anyway." I call back.

Cynthia gives me thumbs up. I sigh and decide to visit the other woman that resides here at the Indigo Plateau. I open the door to Bertha's room and close the door silently. Bertha Dime was a lady you didn't want to mess with. You would never want to judge a person by their cover. Flint already learned the hard way. Bertha's room was dressed like an Indian reserve with old paintings on the wall, quilts that she made herself and even red colored sand. I willed my body a foot above the air so I couldn't get my shoes dirty. Bertha was sleeping in her bamboo teepee and I decided that I wanted to chat with her. I mean, why would I visit someone to not say anything? I shake Bertha from her teepee and I regret the choice badly.

"Get your hands off me!" an old voice growls. Bertha lunges out from her sleep clutching a knife. She swipes at my neck because she can't see anything without her glasses.

"Bertha, it's me!" I yelp. I grab her glasses and put them on her face. Bertha's maroon eyes open with pleasure.

"Ah, Lucian, thank you for visiting me!" Bertha smiles happily. She gives me a hug and I smile at the faint scent of log cabins and firewood. I dispatch from her embrace.

"Aaron and Flint were really on my nerves and Cynthia just made me skittish." I say. Bertha's face relaxes.

"Well, since it is what four o' clock, why don't you have dinner?" she suggests.

"Why would I have dinner when it is only four?" I question. Bertha frowns.

"I don't know I've been asleep for about seven hours Lucian and all I know is I'm hungry!" Bertha says excitedly. "I was planning to make an omelet."

I hop up. "Well, in that case; I'll eat one." I smile. I was now hungry. I sat down again and watch Bertha make her food while I lean back and put my feet on the table.

Volkner wasn't tired of his girlfriend Candice and how she was showing her wedding dress. What was irking him was how she was being extremely happy about showing Roark, his best friend. Roark was smiling after Candice showed him gown after gown. Finally, Volkner had enough.

"Roark, do you mind leaving us for a moment?" Volkner speaks up. Roark curtly nods and excuses himself.

"What was that for?" Candice demanded.

Her hands were on her hips and she looked very cross. Her black pigtails swung back and forth between her sky blue blouse and white shoes. Her diamond colored eyes glowed like icicles hanging from the ceiling and her peppermint socks were decorated with glitter and white ribbons.

"Roark seems a little too happy about you showing him those wedding dresses Candice." Volkner says. He crosses his arms behind his back. "I just care for you."

Candice smiles but, then slaps her boyfriend lightly. "You will never understand." Roark dipped his head through the curtain.

"Can I rejoin you guys?" he asks sheepishly.

Candice nods and glares at Volkner. Roark comes from behind the curtain. Volkner scrutinized his friend. Roark's glasses were stained with coal dust from the time he spent in the coal mine. His red miner helmet was black with soot and the miniature light bulb was flickering on and off as the dust particles screwed with the machine. His jacket was neatly lined with a charcoal lining and his hiking boots now were replaced with tap shoes that shone like rocks.

"Yeah sure, just don't smile, laugh, or say anything regarding my girlfriend." Volkner murmured. Candice elbowed him roughly. Roark's phone rang.

"Excuse me." Roark's face turned red. He turned on his phone and pressed it to his ear. "Hello?" "Oh, hello father, how are you?" He was indicating his father Bryon, the gym leader of Canavale City. "Oh, she's ready for me." Roark smiles in glee. He puts his phone up. He turns to Volkner. "I have to go; Fantina is ready to see me."

Volkner waves bye. "Thanks for coming." He smiled as his friend got on his Gucci Scooter and sped away, a trail of dust behind him.

"Now, I'm pretty sure you want to start kissing right?" Candice asks. Her eyes were pleading.

"You know it." Volkner laughed. He grabbed his girlfriend and they started to make out.

Fantina grabbed her wine glass and took a sip. She spit it out after a few seconds. "Terrible." she rasped. She waved over a waiter and ordered a martini. Then she saw her guest walk in. He was looking for her. "Over here Roark." she called. Her Spanish accent bounced around the room.

"Ah hello Fantina how are you?" Roark smiled. He hugged the gym leader of Hearthome City who gave him a firm hand shake.

Fantina smiled. "I'm good. How about you?"

"Hacer el bien." Roark replied, wiping the freshly applied soot from his glasses and suit.

"Thank you for meeting me here Roark, I have very vital news for you." Fantina said.

Her influent English sprayed over Roark and he winced. Especially because he was an English Honor teacher at Oreburgh High School during the week. Fantina sat back and took off her pallid gloves. Her dress was embodied with a blossom at the hitch. Her heels glowed like eggplants and her effervescent purple curls looked like four seasoned plums hanging on a vine. Roark shook his head.

"Don't worry about the details." he thought. He pressed his lips together and smiled wryly. "Well you're welcome that I was available because I had to grade some English reports on Cynthia and to be honest, they were appalling." he said. Fantina frowned.

"You are not a history teacher; you can't anticipate the class to know a lot about Cynthia nonetheless." Fantina said. "That's your father's job." She winked and grabbed a martini from a passing maître d' and took a sip.

"I've been wondering, since you are the "love", maker and all; Volkner doesn't like me looking at Candice's wedding dresses." Roark frowned.

"Well, are you looking at them excitedly?" Fantina asked.

"Yes in fact I was." remembered Roark. Fantina clasped her hands.

"That's the problem!" Fantina announced. "You are too volatile when she's showing you her dresses and Volkner is getting irked because he is her girlfriend and he thinks you are interfering."

Roark thought about what she was saying. "You're right!" he said.

"I know I am." Fantina smiled. "My real news is that Gardenia, likes you."

Roark's mouth dropped into his soup. "Really, she actually told you?"

"Yes, she sent me a note." "She is cuckoo for you Roark." She took Roark's hand between hers. "Don't let her run away from you Roark, she's all yours."

"Oh, by the way, I have a famous quote from Cynthia I knew you wanted to hear." Roark remembered.

"Say it in Spanish." Fantina instructed.

Roark sighed and recited his poem. "Usted es tan grande como, su últimita batalla o su últimita idea. Nunca dejes que esas ideas llega a la cabeza o Te puede conseguir la mejor recompensa o el peor de los castigos. Después de todo, no todo el mundo sabe cómo ser un mastero Pokémon."

Fantina clapped. "Marvelous Roark, you are learning promptly!" Roark bowed his head. Then a waitress came to Roark and whispered something in his ear. Roark's face turned ashen.

"Darling, what's wrong?" Fantina asks.

"I'm sorry Fantina, I have to go." Roark excused himself. Roark vanished. Fantina turned around to the waitress.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Oh, Roark's father Bryon is in the hospital."

"Hospital, why?" Fantina pondered.

"He's been poisoned." Fantina's heart welled up in her throat.

"¡Dios mío!"