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Until a couple of days ago. I once again regained my interest for "Pokémon", and this time, it was stronger than usual. I remembered my old fic, and I decided to return to this fandom. For my fans here, who have probably given up on me, and those who don't know me, I will not resurrect "Destined Hero of the Skies", but instead flesh out a new story that has been on my mind even after I left. This story DOES borrow many elements with "Destined Hero of the Skies", however.


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The Pokémon world.

It is an astounding place, where humans and Pokémon coexist peacefully, treating each other like friends and even family. Their bonds are tested daily in the well-known sport, famously and aptly titled 'Pokémon battles'. Captured Pokémon and their human owners, called Pokémon Trainers, battle opponents in heated matches that test their strength, endurance, skill, and, most of all, cooperation with one another. And it is with Pokémon battles that the bonds between Trainers and their Pokémon are strengthened.

Of course, nothing is perfect. In this world, there are humans who intentionally, maliciously abuse this peaceful, harmonic coexistence for a variety of dastardly purposes. And with these villains come humans who work endlessly to thwart their malevolent efforts. Localized police departments. The G-Men. Pokémon Rangers. All of their heroic efforts have helped to maintain the stability of the Pokémon world and make it a safer place for its occupants, human and Pokémon alike.

However, a few years ago, even their efforts could not help to foil the destructive schemes of a rising criminal syndicate known as the Sky Soldiers. Quite ironically, they sought to cleanse the Pokémon world of evil, which they hoped to carry out by capturing the Rainbow Pokémon Ho-Oh, who searched for a Trainer with a pure heart. They were able to accomplish their goal with a mysterious but extremely powerful device that remains unidentified to this day. However, in their zeal, the Sky Soldiers failed to recognize the fatal risks that would threaten the world as a result: misuse of Ho-Oh's power would lead to a natural imbalance that would ultimately tear the world apart.

But recognize it, they did not. They merely proceeded to spread their power and influence across the world. Even the Legendary Pokémon, led by the Alpha Pokémon Arceus, all-powerful Creator of the Pokémon world, could not stop the Sky Soldiers from enacting their fiendish plan. It took only a miracle to save the world from its demise. A miracle that seemed very unlikely to rise from the pitch-black darkness that held the world in its iron-fisted grip.

But a miracle did come, in the form of 18-year-old Pokémon Trainer Ash Ketchum.

Saving the world from doom was not a field in which Ash found himself a novice. Seven years prior, he saved the world from a destructive battle waged between the Legendary Birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. And so, with the assistance of Arceus and the other Legendary Pokémon, several other Trainers, and his own Pokémon, he overcame all the Sky Soldiers, defeated their leader in a dramatic and tense battle at the summit of Johto's Mt. Silver, and released Ho-Oh from its imprisonment.

But only at a price. Ho-Oh was mortally wounded as a result of the rescue, and one of the only two means of reviving it, a Rainbow Wing, was out of Ash's grasp. With that, he resorted to the second, more fatal means: the transference of his Aura, the energy force that fueled life for humans and Pokémon.

Ash Ketchum was gone, and in exchange, Ho-Oh rose once again.

The legend of Ash Ketchum has since made a permanent imprint on the Pokémon world. Many books, movies, and merchandising were made after him, and schools worldwide have included his accomplishment in their history lessons. But all of that paled in comparison to an annual Pokémon battle tournament called the Ketchum Month Tournament, which was first held on the year following Ash's passing. The tournament always lasted for 31 days, with it ending on the day of Ash's passing. It featured some of the world's greatest and widely-discussed battles, and it also boasted the highest attendance of all Pokémon battle tournaments, even greater than the numbers held by Pokémon League Conferences. To this day, the tournament was held at Ketchum City, located at the base of Mt. Silver, near Silver Town, of which was a part of its greater metropolitan area.

With all the accomplishments Ash Ketchum had made in his journey, it went on to prove one thing: one person can make a difference in the world.

Aspertia City
The Unova region
Five years after the death of Ash Ketchum

"And Ho-Oh flew away, once again exploring the world that had returned to its rightful state of normalcy, for a pure-hearted Trainer. The end."

"Aw, really? Read it again, Mommy!"

"This is the seventh time I've read this tonight, Nate. I think it's time you get some well-deserved sleep."

The mother proved her point by closing the storybook on her five-year-old son. However, the boy, always determined, refused to give in to his mother's command. He sat up on his bed, holding the stuffed Teddiursa toy he bought in the Johto region as he stared up at his mother with pleading eyes.

"Please?" He then held up the stuffed Teddiursa, showing it to his mother. "For me and Teddiursa?"

The mother sighed and shook her head. "No, Nate, you have to go to school tomorrow."

Nate crossed his arms and frowned with disappointment. "I hate it there," he said. "I wish I could go to the Pokémon Trainer's School and learn how to be a Trainer."

"You'll be on your way there when you're nine," his mother replied. "For now, you have tomorrow to look forward to."

"I wish that when I wake up tomorrow, I'm already ten, and I'm going on my Pokémon journey." Nate smiled brightly. "That'll be a tomorrow to look forward to!"

The mother sighed again and smiled. "You really can't wait to become a Pokémon Trainer, can't you, Nate?"

"Yeah! I wanna become like Ash Ketchum, going around the world, capture all types of Pokémon, battling all kinds of people, making friends with others, meeting many Legendary Pokémon, and, most of all, saving the world!" Nate leaned back on his bed, sighing sadly and holding the Teddiursa plushy to his chest, as if it were his only means of protection. "And all that happens when I'm ten... I wish time would just speed itself up already!"

"Your time will come soon, Nate. You just have to be patient." She kissed Nate on the forehead and switched off the lamp. "Good night, my Pokémon Trainer."

The mother proceeded to walk out of the bedroom. However, once she reached the doorway, Nate's voice called out to her.


The mother turned back to look at her only child. "Yes, Nate, my dear?"

"You say that all of that Ash-Ketchum-saving-the-world stuff happened while I was still in your tummy?" asked Nate.

"Yes, that's right, Nate," the mother replied.

"What was it like?"

"What was what like?"

"The world almost ending?"

"It was scary," explained the mother. "It's like an adult's version of the monster coming out of the closet. It was very scary. But then again, Ash Ketchum saved the day at the cost of his own life, and I must say, I owe him a lot of gratitude. I think you do as well. You wouldn't be here if it weren't for his heroic actions."

"But he's dead, Mommy. We can't thank him."

The mother smiled as she reached for the doorknob. "That still doesn't stop us from thanking him for his sacrifice. Good night, Nate. Sweet dreams."

"Good night, Mommy," Nate replied, just before his mother closed the door. He then looked up at the ceiling, still holding his Teddiursa toy. He smiled, letting the wise words given by his mother sink into his mind. "Thank you, Ash Ketchum, for saving my mommy's life. And mine. And in return, I'm gonna be just like you, one day."

And with that, he slowly allowed the sandman to overcome him. The following night was spent with Nate happily dreaming about his future as a Pokémon Trainer.

Ketchum City
The Johto region

A stream of fireworks exploded in midair, decorating the starry, cloudless sky with colorful bursts of light, filling the atmosphere with deafening bangs. The Ketchum City civilians collectively watched in awe as the fireworks continued to explode all around the sky, marking the end of the local holiday 'Ketchum Month'. Children ran across the streets, laughing and playing with toys. Vendors sold Ash Ketchum-themed merchandise with much difficulty due to the long lines. At the town center, the mayor, a fat but pleasant-looking and giddy man with a thick mustache and a balding head, addressed the crowd that had gathered around him.

"Happy Ketchum Month, ladies and gentlemen of Ketchum City! I hope everyone's enjoyed this year's Ketchum Month Tournament?"

He was met with a thunderous storm of cheering and applause from his audience. The mayor smiled and continued his address.

"That's what I thought. And, most unfortunately, today marks the end of Ketchum Month. But do not fret, ladies and gentlemen! As Ash Ketchum would boldly say, this only paves the way for a greater tomorrow, a better future! One that he has granted to all of us, thanks to his noble, selfless sacrifice! And I, Mayor Zander Harrington, assure you that we will not dishonor his memory by refusing to spend our future with all of our best! Is that right, Ketchum City?!"

The audience cheered and applauded loudly again. At this point, Harrington's assistant, a tall and thin man wearing large circular glasses, stumbled through the crowd clumsily, giving his employer a golden candle. Harrington nodded at his assistant and then resumed his address.

"And now, with the conclusion of Ketchum Month now over us, let us commemorate the one who thought not for himself, but for the better of the world." Dramatically, he raised his candle into the air, its single flame burning brightly. "To Ash Ketchum, our hero of the skies."

"TO ASH KETCHUM, OUR HERO OF THE SKIES!" the audience responded, all collectively raising candles that each individual had been holding the entire time.

All throughout Ketchum City, everyone's candle was raised.

The Forest of Hearts
Near Ketchum City

Long before Ash's death, the forest surrounding Silver Town, and the base of Mt. Silver, never had a name for itself. But after an area of the forest was razed to make way for Ketchum City, it had since acquired the title of 'Forest of Hearts', and it received its fair share of fame and recognition due to the fact that Ash and his allies had traveled through this very forest in order to enter Mt. Silver, where Ash would meet his demise.

Some of the Pokémon residing in the Forest scrambled for cover, frightened off by the loud bangs, but most merely watched in silent awe and curiosity as the fireworks exploded across the sky. At a large and grassy clearing that held only a small thicket, a small group of Pokémon, consisting of many species, watched the fireworks. A Pikachu that stood in front of this group turned back and dashed towards the thicket, entering through a small hole that served as its only entrance and exit.

Inside, it was more clear that the trees that made up the thicket were all seemingly reshaped into some sort of protective dome; their trunks were bent over toward a certain direction, and their branches were wrapped around the branches of others. The crisp autumn leaves fluttered with the cold breeze that blew with a whisper.

At the center of the thicket's otherwise-vacant interior was a single man, who wore a faded gray cloak, the hood of which being drawn over his head. The man's raven-black hair hung loosely over his forehead, obscuring a majority of his face. It was to this strange man that the Pikachu ran, without a single hint of fear present on the Mouse Pokémon's aged but still adorable face. The Pikachu blinked, biding its time for a few seconds, for the man seemed to be deep in meditation. Clutched in his left hand was a purple, ancient-looking flute; lying across the man's right was a strange plate-like object that appeared to have engraving on it.


The man's eyes opened suddenly, and when he saw that it was the Pikachu who addressed him, he let out a long sigh.

"You know better than to startle me during this point of the day, buddy," he said, patting the Pikachu's head. "What's up?"

"Pikapi, pika pika-pi-pi ka-pika pika chu-ka-pika pika-kachu kachu-pi," the Pikachu replied. No human would've understood what it was saying, but this man did.

"I bet they're beautiful, Pikachu."

"Pika pika-ka chu-pika kachu, Pikapi?"

"I'd rather not, Pikachu."


"Fireworks are man-made, Pikachu. I'd rather not associate myself with the exploits of civilized people, even through exposure. Not anymore. It doesn't matter if they are beautiful, buddy; I don't wish to allow myself to endure them, as with all other interaction with civilization. You can watch them with the others if you wish, buddy."

"Pika, pika pi-pika-ka kachu-chu pika-pi pi-ka ka-pika, Pikapi."

"I promised myself, Pikachu. Never again." The man's eyes narrowed darkly, a strange glint flashing for a moment before he returned to his normal gaze. "Now, I do not mean to be a nuisance, but I have to resume my business. Go watch the fireworks, Pikachu. Have fun."

The man then closed his eyes and breathed deeply. The Pikachu's ears drooped as it sadly left the thicket in silence. It knew perfectly well that its master didn't wish to come back into the arms of society, and all of its rules that he previously upheld like there was nothing else. It knew perfectly well that the days of old had passed long ago, never to return. It knew perfectly well that his Pikapi had a new goal in life now.

It knew perfectly well that Ash Ketchum had indeed died. At least...the old one...

The Hall of Origin
Arceus's Dimension
Unknown amount of time after the death of Ash Ketchum

Arceus levitated over the pedestal situated in the center of the Hall, its four pointed feet, tipped with golden hooves, dangling loosely as the Alpha Pokémon lay quietly in deep thought. No others were present in the Hall; it was just him. The pink-colored realm of endlessly-reaching space, with the many stars and occasional cloud-like nebulae, served as the 'sky' for the Alpha Pokémon's Dimension.

"Father," a gruff, male voice greeted.

Arceus turned around and saw six Pokémon emerge from their individual portals: Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf.

"We have arrived, Father," Dialga said.

"My Children," Arceus replied, "you have all responded to my most dire call."

"What do you seek from us, Father?" Mesprit asked.

"Gather, my Children. There is much to discuss, and much to do."

"What is this about, Father? Would you care to enlighten us?" asked Giratina.

"It concerns the human boy you have befriended, Giratina. The one who saved me from certain doom. The one who sacrificed himself for the human world.

"The one called Ash Ketchum."

A/N: Intriguing, huh? More details will be shed as the next chapters come.

I quickly came up with the story after watching that trailer for "Pokemon Versions Black 2 and White 2", which fully featured an anime scenario that was so awesome it could have been part of the show proper. But alas, it wasn't, and of course, a lot of veterans fans were displeased by that, since the show has been recently declining in quality. I mean, how the hell does Ash stay ten, let alone appear as if there was a reset button to him in recent seasons? I'm hoping that the series based on those upcoming X and Y games will be at least better than the Unova saga, after all of the news that's been coming out about the new games.

Anyway, a lot of fans were hoping to make the Black 2 and White 2 trailer into a separate anime, oriented for teens and adults, and I've even heard of a petition going on, but that was last year, so I'm not sure if it's still active. With that said, the trailer is what inspired me to conceive with this story. This is intended to be a sequel of sorts to the original anime, set in a timeline loosely based on the trailer. As you can see, Nate from Black 2 and White 2 is featured here, and he will be a protagonist. Rosa and Hugh will also appear as major characters, along with Hilbert and Hilda from the original Black and White. Older versions of the characters from the anime will also be appearing, so don't worry about the story being devoid of any of our favorite characters.

And what is a dramatic story about the anime without Shippings? A bunch will be featured, including one of Ash. I will not reveal which Shipping it is, though, for it could technically give away about half of the story altogether. But romance is a key issue, though.

And what exactly became of our well-known hero, Ash Ketchum? Well, of course I can't spoil that either. You will have to stay tuned!

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