Lightning arched through the sky as Kira's anger grew. She knew what she was doing, however had no control of what she was doing. She picked Leon up gently; he was so light. He moved in her arms, stirring but never waking up. Kira walked to the door, as it flung open.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I'm a." she stumbled and tripped over the gun Leon had left on the floor, dropping him on the ground. The voice immediately left her mind. Leon jolted awake.

"'re a little late," Chris cut him off, not wanting to hear it.

"Who is this?" He gestured a thumb at Kira who was somewhat gaining her barings.

"My friend from the academy."

"Right. Claire died not even a night ago and you are already sleeping with other woman? I should just kill you now."

"CHRIST CHRIS! You know me better than that," Leon stared at him in disbelieve. He was breaking down again, Kira could see it. His shoulders started to tremble, but he wouldn't let Chris see him cry. He just stared at Chris like he was a newly made umbrella creature that he had never seen before.

"Leon, I think I should go now," Leon and Chris both turned and looked at her, like both had forgotten she stood there. Her eyes were still white, and Leon had just noticed. She headed for the door.

"Wait, CLAIRE!" Both Kira and Chris looked at him, but Kira was the first to say,

"I'm not Claire. Goodbye Leon." She slammed the door, as Lightning struck the ground so hard the windows shook. Chris looked at the door curiously.

"Stay away from her Leon, She's dangerous, I can tell." Chris smirked, looking away from Leon, 'Just my type, but I have to deal with Leon and Umbrella first. Dangerous, and Drop Dead Gorgeous.'

*^*^* Kira's computer blinked. She opened it, and ran her fingers over the keys. It's mechanical monotone voice blaring, "Virus approaching, VIRUS APPROACHING." Kira looked around, and then saw.

*^*^* Leon watched through the window as Kira walked away. Chris had hit him hard in the face, and Leon was about to fall over but he had a feeling that something wasn't right. 'Something was wrong with Kira's eyes, I've never seen them like that before.' Something moved in the corner of his eye. He glanced to look at it, but Kira was gone when he looked back. 'Damn it! Wait, what the hell is that?' he thought, as he heard the scraping of a large claw on the wall. He would swear the he heard the word "stars" whispered, but his head was pounding from the pain in his skull. 'I need to lie down, my imagination is getting away with me.'