After apparating just outside the Burrow, Bill, Charlie, and Percy headed towards the door to their family home. Percy was a bit more hesitant than his brothers. "Guys, I'm not sure I should be here. I was…"

Bill stopped and turned to his brother. "You were a git, Percy. There's no denying that, but continuing to stay away would just make you more of one. You need to be here. Your family needs you. Harry needs you."

"Right," Percy said before following his two older brothers to the house. He was still afraid of how the family was going to react to his being there, but his brothers were right. This wasn't about him. It was about Harry. It was about the brother he never thought he'd get a chance to meet. He needed all of them right now.

Bill walked through the front door and was met by his mother. "Hi, Mum."

Molly smiled at Bill and at Charlie when he came in. "Oh, my boys, I'm so glad you're here. I really need the whole family tonight. If only…" Before she could finish her sentence, Percy walked in.

"H…hi, Mum," Percy said awkwardly.

Molly smiled widely and hugged her son tightly. "Oh, Percy! I'm so glad you came."

Percy hugged his mother and started to tear up. "Oh, Mum, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I was such a git."

Just then, Arthur walked in to see his wife and three oldest sons. He was very surprised to see Percy. He assumed he had Bill and Charlie to thank for that. The must have gone and told Percy about Harry and convinced him to come home.

Upon seeing his father, Percy pulled away from his mother and went over to his father. "I…I'm sorry, Dad. I was afraid.

Arthur sighed and pulled his son into his arm. No matter how angry he had been at Percy before, the boy was his son and he loved him. "Oh, Son. We're all afraid. We have much to fear right now. But denying the truth doesn't make what we fear go away. It just makes us unprepared to face it."

Percy nodded and held onto his father tightly.

Arthur pulled away after a minute. "We're glad you're here. The family needs to be together right now."

"I know. Where's Harry?" Percy asked. He wanted to see his brother. The boy's 'death' had hurt him a great deal, just as it had his parents and siblings.

"He's upstairs. He needed some time to himself. This is very difficult for him," Molly said.

"It's not likely to get any easier anytime soon," Bill said sadly. This whole thing was far from over. There was Sirius' trial to consider when he was finally arrested, plus the papers were going to get wind of it and it was going to be brutal. Not only was Harry a kidnapped child, something that was unthinkable in their world, but he was also the Boy Who Lived. The press was going to have a field day with this.

"Where are the others?" Charlie wondered.

"Well, Hermione's reading in Ginny's room and I sent the others outside to fly. I thought they could all use something fun to do to get their minds off things," Molly said.

"Come, let's all sit down," Arthur said before leading his wife and oldest sons over to the kitchen table where they all sat.

"What's happening with Sirius Black? Please tell me he's been arrested," Charlie said coldly. He wanted Black to pay for what he'd done to their family. He and Potter had destroyed them. He'd taken their brother slash son away from them and put them all through hell.

"Not yet, as far as I know. Amelia Bones is on the case. I assume she's going to go to Dumbledore and ask him to turn Black in. He'd better do it too," Arthur said. It was the first time he'd spoken of Dumbledore in such a way, but he wasn't having the man trying to protect Sirius Black, not after what he'd done to Harry and their family.

"Dumbledore's hiding Black? Why?" Percy asked. Black was a murderer. Why would Dumbledore hide him?

"Because Black wasn't the one to betray the Potters. It's a long story and at this point it doesn't really matter," Arthur said.

"I think it matters. It matters because we were helping him and all along he was keeping Harry away from us," Bill said angrily. That really got to him. All this time, they'd been helping Black. They'd kept him out of prison and he was guilty of kidnapping a member of their family.

Just then Harry walked into the room. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Percy. He was hoping that wouldn't happen so quickly. He'd heard from Ron that the older boy thought he was lying about everything.

"Harry, dear, come over here," Molly said with a smile.

Harry reluctantly walked over to her. "Do you remember Charlie?"

Harry nodded. "Hi."

Charlie smiled at his younger brother. "Hey. It's good to see you. I guess we're brothers now."

Harry chuckled a little. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Harry, I think Percy has something he'd like to say to you as well," Arthur said. He'd forgiven his son, but he felt that Percy owed Harry, as well as his other siblings, an apology.

"Yes, I do, but I'd like to say it in private if that's alright," Percy said.

Everyone looked at Harry who reluctantly nodded his permission.

"I should check on dinner," Molly said before standing up

"I'll help you, dear," Arthur said before following her towards the kitchen.

"We'll go see the others outside," Bill said before he and Charlie headed outside.

"I owe you an apology, Harry. I'm sure you've heard some of the things I said about you. I'm really sorry," Percy said.

"Why? Because I'm your brother?" Harry asked. He couldn't help but feel that the timing of the apology was kind of convenient.

"Well, I can't deny that finding out you were my brother impacted me, but I think a part of me always knew you weren't lying," Percy said. Even when he echoed the minister's words and denounced his own family, a piece of him knew he was kidding himself.

"Then why say I was?" Harry asked.

"Because I wanted to believe you were. I was afraid. It's not easy to admit, but it's true. I didn't wanna believe that You Know Who was back," Percy said.

"But he is back," Harry said.

"I know, but I didn't wanna accept that. I've heard horror stories about You Know Who. My uncles… Our uncles died fighting against him in the first war. I was scared," Percy said.

Harry sighed. "I guess I can understand that. I'm afraid of him too."

"That's not the only reason though. It was also easy to say you were a liar because I was jealous of you," Percy said. He figured he should be completely honest with his brother. He owed him that much.

"Jealous of me? Why?" Harry asked. As far as he was concerned, there was nothing for Percy to be jealous of. If anyone should be jealous, it should be him.

"You fit in with my family in a way that I never did. Mum and Dad loved you and so did the rest of the family. I felt kind of like I was being replaced," Percy said sadly.

"No offence, Percy, but that's kind of stupid. They love you. They were all really hurt by you turning your back on them," Harry said. Even Ron was hurt. He hadn't said anything, but Harry could tell that it hurt him, as it did the others.

"It just always seemed like I was a bother to them. They were always playing pranks on me and making jokes. They acted like I was an annoyance most of the time," Percy said.

"You should tell them how you feel. I don't think they realize that they hurt you so much," Harry said. He knew that even the twins wouldn't have pulled half the things they did if they knew

"Well, no matter what, I shouldn't have taken it out on you. Can you forgive me?" Percy asked hopefully.

Harry nodded after a minute. "Yeah. You're my brother, right? I may not know much about being a brother, but I reckon they hurt each other and then they forgive each other.

Percy chuckled. "Yeah, I guess that's true. Thank you."

Harry nodded. "Uh, I'll be back. I'm going to go wash up for dinner," Harry said before heading out of the room.