Chapter 1

It had been three years since he lost everything or so what he had left- his sister, Natalie- and two years before that he was disown but both of his parents as well.

Now Ian was all alone. He had family but they were all distance and he really didn't care for them, with the feeling being mutual. The Starlings were smart asses with no causation for others feelings. The Holts were true idiots and rightfully deserved the nickname "Dolts". Jonah Wizard was nothing more then a soon to be where-are-they-now past pop star rapper. And Dan Cahill was a totally imbelse who will never grow up.

The only family member he ever cared for was Amy Cahill, older sister to Dan. She was intelligent and a true brave Madrigal branch leader which was proven many, many times over the years he has known and secretly admired her. When they were younger he looked down her and her title of "poor, homeless orphan girl" that he's parents on classified her to him. He never though of her much till he and she were fourteen and choose the hunt for the 39 clues over 1 million dollars at Amy's grandmother funeral. Ian and Natalie were one team and Amy and Dan were another. Since then they were enemies and were in constant battle with each others. Well, till Korea...

That's when everything change. Ian's mission was to make Amy fall for him and then throw her away- his mother's orders- but he fell in love with her instead. Yes, in the end he still did his orders but he was still completely and forever in love with her since then.

But of course Amy hated him and later on, after the hunt, moved on. She gotten her self a boyfriend named Evan Tolliver. Ian always hated him just for that reason but in the end, he felt pity for the boy who had died minutes-even seconds- within Natalie's. And soon afterwards lost he's mother who turn good, on his side, at the very last minute. That was when they fought the Vespers and won.

Ian had a little hope then that he could get Amy then. But right afterward, she announces that she fell in love with a boy who help her and her brother with the Vespers, Jake Rosembloome. It didn't last long after that he was discovered as a short tempered arse and when he was angry, he would throw things and yell and scream. He was worst then a Lucian, and that was saying something.

Jake did this to Amy once and Ian found her in the library curled up in the corners crying and shaking. It was right after the TVI and the family was having a victory party at Grace Manor. Ian was the first and only to hear the screaming, quickly identifying it as Jake's voice, full of fury, and then he heard a little almost silence whimper- Amelia.

He ran over immediately thinking that the no good bastard hurt the beautiful Amy. He found them in the library, Jake just exiting the room just before he entered, slamming the door. Ian rushed in to find Amy in the corner of the room, her knees supporting her head as she sobbed. When he discover she was okay, he comfort her greatly. He hold her as she wept for who knows how long. They stay there until the sunlight from the windows drifted away and trade for the present with the beautiful moonlight. He spoke comforting words to her and promise he take care of all of this. And by god, he damn well was... Now.


Ian, now at age nineteen, was sitting a few table away from them. He watch them intently, cursing under his breath with every time the draft boy spoke and listening the best he could when the sound of Amy's voice reached his ears. They were enjoying a small meal at a local cafe with outside seats and tables. Bright, luminous lights hanged over on lines above them and little vanilla sensed candles stood in the center of each tables and provided some more light. It was about eight, so the sky was a dark blue color and the stars where starting to show.

But Ian couldn't care less, he has seen impressing scenery in his higher class life. He was ready for Jake to leave so Ian could speak to Amy real quick. Ever since Ian found Amy that one day in the library, he had been watching every moves of them together and apart. He wanted to make sure this guy wasn't into anything that could hurt Amy in any possible way. Sure he didn't look like the kind to hurt anyone or to take his anger out on his irreplaceable girlfriend, but Ian's mother also didn't look like the secret murder she was, now did she?

Ian was watching them closely, trying to read Amy's lips. He couldn't read Jake's since his back was turn toward him, so Ian just watch the carefully soft movements of Amy's lithe pink lips. Over the pass five years, a vehement, indelible obsession for her delightful lips has over power Ian's thoughts, causing him to have abrupt feelings to press his onto hers passionately. But it was never done, staying a daydream he constantly had.

Amy looked up and saw Ian, making eye contact- jade meeting amber-and didn't say anything. She just smile and turn towards Jake again, pretending nothing happen. But Ian read her eyes and saw she was shock to see him there. She was probably going to yell at him later for inciting on her personal affairs, but he wouldn't be satisfied with out the knowledge of her being in perfect safe security at all times and the only way for him to be convince fully of so is that he's seeing so with his own eyes.

So Ian classified himself as her secretive constant observing guardianship. Always tracking, always watching, always the same goal- keep Amy safe and happy. He's been doing so for about almost three years. A long and jealous filling three years. He has seen all the times Amy has cared and loved Jake with all her heart and how he scarcely notice, hardly giving her any engrossment. When he does so he's on tremendous fit on a minor same detail. That damn bastard...

Soon Jake got up and went inside the restaurant. Ian leaped out of him chair and walked suavely over to her, trying to hide his grin and blush as he came closer.

Amy was as lovely as always. Her long glossy rust colored hair was down and a little passed her shoulders, touching her mid back. Her pale, ashy skin that was soft as pillows reflected the light of the lamps above them, making her glow. Her pink thin lips pop out but not as much as her eyes. Amy's eyes were the exact green color of jades, with the verbatim sparkle and shine. They were full of intelligence and life, matching her soul completely. She wore her grandmother's necklace that match her eyes too, and her dark green sweater and black pencil skirt. All she did was sit in her chair and yet Ian never has seen someone with so much grace and class as her.

"What are you doing here?" She quietly asked. She was so timid at times, especially during the clue hunt and when she was with Jake. She lost most of her stutter over time but it would still pop up every now and then when Ian was around along with her crimson red blushing cheeks. This wasn't one of those times, no matter how much Ian wanted it to be so. He thought the trouble for words she had was cute.

"Just looking after you. " Ian said, shyly. "Making sure Mr. Angry, doesn't do anything stupid. "

She signed and slightly bit her lip. "Ian, he hasn't gotten mad in awhile. He's better now..."

" I doubt that."

" Ian please, its best if you do stop."

Ian was token back but this. He

eyed her oddly. He knew something was up. " Why?" He challenged her. "Why the sudden change now? He went on longer then two weeks before and you still wanted me to stick around as much as I am now, if not more.

Amy expression change to a worry look. She glance over inside the restaurant and then looked over her shoulders, before leaning in, which Ian followed. Ian took in her beauty in the candle light. The way her eyes became ravishing and how her bright glow became truly lovesome. The daydream started to play again in his head.

"Ian," She started. "Jake has become more...Safeguard of me." Ian's eyebrows went up on his forehead.

"He had demand to go through my phone. He has search through my texts and calls."She fiddle with her straw of her drink. She looked uncomfortable and Ian felt a rare up spring of guilt. He only wanted her happy as can be and now he was making her gloomy with this talk. He reached out towards her hand on the table but she slipped away when his finger tips touch hers.

"He doesn't want me around you." Ian finish for her. She nodded, not meeting his eyes.

Ian knew this was coming, and to be truthful, he doesn't blame Jake. Ian has hurt Amy too many times for her to ever care for him. He's incredibly fortune to have her even declare him as a friend. Sure he would never be like Jake to her, but the things he done to her, like Korea, was simply unforgivable.

"I just don't want you to end up on he's bad side and get hurt." Amy finally looked at him.

"I'm already on his bad side." Ian smirked. "I'll be fine." he reached for her hand again and she didn't pull away when he grasped hers. She looked up and blushed rosy pink and smile at him.

Then the fuckwit ruin the moment.

"Excuse me, but why are you in my chair?" Ian turned to see Jake, who was clearly rankle from his present. Jake was a tall, muscular 20 year old with rolling brown hair and almond shaped blue eyes. He had a strong bold jaw line and bushy eyebrows. Jake came off to as good looking to girls and he knew it, which only add to his arrogance. Jake started Ian down, waiting for an answer. Who the fuck does this guy think he is? Ian thought to himself, sending him a Lucian glare.

"Hello Jake," Ian smirked. "How have you been? Since no one sees you anymore."

"Hello Ian. Why are you here?"

"Oh, straight to the point aren't you?" Ian laughed. " Come on Jake, I haven't seen you in a good while. Let's caught up."

"I rather not." Jake turned to Amy and glared. "Why is he here?" His voice became low and dark sounding. Amy flinched and lowered her head like the sound was noxious to her.

"Calm down, she didn't invite me. I just saw her and deiced to stop and talk." Ian stood up glared cobra venomously

at the Arse. "Do you have a problem with that?"

They stood there, having a glaring war, Ian winning. Till angel Amy pulled them apart. "Guys,please," her darling soprano voice asked. "You guys are making a scene."

She stood in the middle of them and Ian couldn't help but smile at her height. Amy was half a head shorter then Ian and Jake in heels. She was so cute that way.

"Jake, please, take me home." Jake glared at her again and scowled deeper. He storming away was her only answer. Amy turn to Ian and awkwardly removed her hand from his chest for when she was push them away from each other.

"Goodbye Ian." She met his eye- jade meeting amber again- and smiled that angelic smile again. She turned on her heels and walked away till Ian graded her hand and pulled her back. He pecked a kiss on the cheek and whispered in her ear.

"Goodbye, Love."

She blushed rosy red, stating at him wide eye for a second and finally started to walk away as Ian watched her enter Jake's car- who didn't see the pasted minute- and drove away.

Then Ian got into his car and followed their path.


Ian is about 10 yards away from Amy's apartment where Jake was dropping her off. They have sat in the car for the pass 10 minutes and Ian had no idea what they were doing. He was praying they weren't yelling and fighting.

Ian thought about what his reaction would be like if Jake actually hit Amy. Would he be able to control his self from murdering him? Did he want to? If Amy's family happen to walk out when he kill him, would they blame him and take the story the wrong way? Would Amy defend him?

He was so deep in thought he almost didn't hear Amy and Jake fight. They were outside of the car now on opposite side and screaming at each other. Ian observe the situation closer to see Amy's face crimson red with anger and soft hands in the form of fits. Tears were on there way to stream down her face. This was bad.

And Jake,the son of a bitch, was the complete opposite. He stood there, arms cross and standing tall, in he's red cashmere sweater and designer jeans, exasperating a rebarbative smirk, displaying an irritating front of controlling power over Amy. No wonder she was mad.

Ian watch as Amy glared at the bastard angrily an read her lips as she said." You can't control me."

And how Jake chuckled and said.

"Watch me."

This is when Ian began to boil over from anger and took he's dart gun hidden in his car, getting out of the car and hide behind it. Amy yelled a few cuss words at him and storm off to her door but Jake ran after her and slam the door when she barely open it and started to yell at her. Ian moved in.

Soon they started screaming at each other again, only a few words being able for Ian to clear out and understand. Ian looked up from his car to see Jake take hold of Amy's arm and shook her violently. That's what cut Ian's last string.

Without thinking, Ian stood up from his car and ran like a bat out of hell and aim for Jake. Ian graded his shirt and pulled him away from Amy to the brick building wall and shove him up against it. That's when he started the punching on the face and stomach. Of course Jake fought back, but only manage to hit his hand. His hand did hurt but the pain soon turn numb. He stopped when he crouch down in pain holding his face, but Ian didn't stop there.

Ian took him by the shirt again, and thrown him onto the ground. Once he was on the ground, Ian shot Jake with the dart gun. Ian waited for him to move. When there was none, Jake passed out.

Ian then turn to Amy to see her shocked, her eyes wide and her hand over her mouth. It then dawn onto Ian of what he had done. Amy started to cry, something he rarely saw her do, and Ian felt like a jerk worst then Jake.

"I'm so sorry." Ian spoke up. He began to walk towards her and brought her to his chest for her to sob, he carefully put his arms around her for a hug. He truly felt like shit now. How could he do that? And right in front of her...

" I'm sorry." he repeated, such strange words to him. " I just didn't want him to hurt you." Amy just cried. Ian hold her closer and tighter to him.

Soon Amy stopped and looked up at Ian. "Thank you." she said. Ian nodded in responds.

"We need to get out of here." Amy said. Ian looked at her surprise now. "If he wakes up, and...and we're here..." Ian understood and nodded.

"You can come and stay with me for the night or however long you want." Ian said. He knew he sounded to calm at the moment but he was trying to make Amy feel better, safe. "Okay, thanks." Amy said.

Ian gave her a smile for comfort and she smile back at him. He took her hand and lead her to his car and they left for his house in Philadelphia.