Chapter 10


Amy was outside the dance hall building and running for her life over the wet, grassy field. During Ian's special and humorous treo dance recital with Dan and Hamilton, Amy was attacked by Sinead on her left and Jake on her right.

No one saw them for they were all staring at the dance, so Amy was alone and barely got away from the wrath of the two. She had to dive into the group of people and try to make her self blend in with the hundreds of Cahills just long enough for Sinead and Jake to lose her, letting her have the chance to race to the exit and get out of there. She couldn't wait for Ian, even though his hand in hers would help her at the moment.

Amy had to go to the main house and stay uncaught from the other Cahills. She had to get to Fiske, she just had too. She had to before someone found her. Before Jake found her...

Jake had pure rage and anger in his eyes as he chased after her in the ballroom while Ian was dancing with Dan and Ham. Amy was standing there, watching them as she hold back her giggles.

Then, right there, she saw him came out of the crowd. He stood in his red velvet suit. His towering puissant aura reflecting the concrete perniciousness in his brown eyes. The brown eyes that used to be her kryptonite, now her most horrendous terror. The were almost like Isabel's honey hazels but rounder and more rough, tiresome looking.

She watched him with shock and fear. He looked so different but, yet... Didn't.

He still had his godly features, like his strong jaw line and messy brown hair but the had a new image to them. They seemed to be more wicked and vile. He was no longer Jake the cutie. He was Jake the killer. And as he hold his severe, villainous death glared, Amy realized with a jolt filled shock that she was the cause.

Jake launched forward at her with his arms out. Amy dodged his attacked by moving to the right, landing into the crowd. She saw him tackle into someone else-Sinead. They soon both came back up and saw her. The race then began.

They chased her around the people as Amy tried her best to hide, blend in with the others so she could get ride of them. She planned on getting Ian and just run away from all of them to never return but that didn't happen.

Once she managed to lose the two for a while, she aimed straight for the exit and made a run for it. She knew they would probably see her so she only looked back for a quick second at the door. She saw Jake push Sinead away and run after Amy. Amy dashed over to the cars and hid between a end of a Cadillac and the front of a limo. She watched as Jake came outside and looked for her. He didn't glance over to the cars, thank god, but he ran in the direction of the main house.

It took Amy a minute to regain her breath. That whole moment they made eye contact, Amy couldn't even think to breath or think for that matter. The first look she gets of Jake in a week and it's a murderous killer's face once he sees his target. Her.

Now Amy was outside running through the trees, holding the skirt of her dress up above the wet dirty ground. She would stop and hide behind a tree and listen for anything. She wanted to make sure no one was following her around.

She went through the plan again and again in her mind: get inside, get to Fiske, tell her story... Amy wasn't sure what would happen to do then. She was suppose to be with Ian on all of this, but he wasn't here at the moment. They were going to tell both sides of the story and everything was suppose to be okay then. No more hiding or lying or confusion.

But what now? Even if she could get all the way to the office that Fiske was hopefully in, there was still the possibility that her family would refuse and wouldn't allow her to be with Ian.

No, don't think about that. Amy told herself. She couldn't think of her possible life without Ian. The one she didn't want to live. She loved Ian too much just to be parted, ripped, from him like that...

Amy realized that she stayed there too long and moved forward. She ran passing the trees, not stopping for she was only 15 yards away from the house. She hopped the porch's steps and entered the secret code in the keyboard beside the door. She dashed into the house to realize the lights were off.

Amy tried her best to breath as she reached for the light switch of the kitchen. Then she stopped with a bolt. She suddenly felt another presence in the room. She felt them watching her movements and could slightly hear there breathing. The only light in the room was the moonlight coming out of the window over the sink. It showed the bottom of the breakfast island, so it was no help to her to see where the other person was.

Amy slowly moved away from the light so the enemy couldn't see her pull out the dagger she kept belted to her ankle at all times. She knew someone else was there with her and she knew for a fact, they weren't her family since they were all back at the ball. None of them could have raced to the main home before her without her seeing them.

Amy's mind race even more with possibilities of who it could be. It could have been Fisk but he would have told her so by speaking up. He wouldn't scare her like this. This could have been an intruder, trying to seal something and Amy just happen to walk in on his crime. But they would have bolted out the door once they saw or heard her, wouldn't they.

The silence was making her heart beat faster, and her breath stay inside her. She noting daring enough to let out a single breath. She felt a drop of swear run down her cheek as she tried to make out a silhouette of someone or something. She saw only darkness and it scared her to the core.

Just then, a puff a gray, glittery smoke popped out in front of Amy. Soon it cover all her vision and made her cough as she breath in the smoke. Her eyes began to water, but she could make out the form run to her side and dash out the door in a swift movement that was almost a blur. She saw no face or anything, her vision was too unclear to do so and soon she was just blind. Her eyes felt like they were on fire.

Luckily, the door was left open and the smoke made its way out of the room to there. After a moment Amy could see enough and stopped coughing. She made her way across the kitchen, dagger still in hand, and travel to the living room.

She turned on a light then and saw the same cozy home she has alway loved and admired. The light showed her the signal stair way up to the office that Fiske stayed in day and night, only coming out for guest and meals.

She climbed the steps with her dagger still in hand. From under the door, she saw bright yellow light. She put her ear to the door and heard the sound of an old man's breathing and the sound of scribbling something on to a paper.

Amy put two fingers to the knob and gently turn the knob open. She opened the door enough to poked her head out to where she found a old man in a grey suit.

"Go away." Fiske didn't even looked up to her. She stood there for a few moments before he finally looked up with a scowl and then his face brighten up with relief in his eyes and big grin.

"Amy!" The old man met her half way and return her bear hug. She smelt his familiar scent of cologne and ink.

"Where have you been, Darling?" He asked as he took a look at her for a wellness check. When no cuts or bruises we're found, he saw what she was wearing.

"Amy, you are indeed beautiful."

"Thank you," She replied. "Ian bought it for me."

Amy didn't think about what she said till it was too late. She watched as happy Fiske turned into mad Fiske yet again.

"Ian!?" He was almost shouting. "Did he hurt you?! What happen?! How-"

"Uncle, Uncle," Amy stopped him from his insane runt of questions. "Ian took care of me. He didn't hurt me at all."

He saved me really. Amy thought to herself, realizing she was grinning.

Fiske looked at her with confusion and concern, and Amy spilled her side of the story. From the night she had dinner with Jake and Ian waltzed into the scene-explaining there secret rearrangement of his constant watching her-to the afternoon that they moved Amy out of her apartment- Fiske chuckled at the thought of Dan, Hamilton, and Jake fighting and then jolting around like fools- to tonight, where they planned to announces there love for each other and live happily ever after.

Fiske listen to it all without interrupting. He had an unreadable look on his face and it worried Amy a little. She didn't know if that was good or not and when she finish she began to panic with his quiet responds.

"Are you serious, Amy?" Fiske raised a brow to her. "This is Ian Kabra we're talking about right?"

"Yes." Amy answered. "I love him, Fiske. I have for a while now. I just didn't know it I guess."

"So no more Jake?"

"Jake has lied to you all."

"True." He admitted. "Oh well then. If Ian makes you happy, then I am all fine with it."

Amy smiled broadly.

"But how are you going to tell the others?" Amy's smile became merely a sweet smirk. Fiske got the message.

"Please Uncle."

"Alright then. I'm the only one that probably save Ian anyway."

They both smirked even more till Fiske asked...

"Where is Ian anyway?"

Amy's smile disappeared and both of them turn to each other. They both knew the answer that was told in her eyes.

"We have to get him. Before they kill him."



Dan was ready to kill. Just bloody murder someone. Anyone. Mainly either Ian or Jake. Or maybe just Amy, so all this boy/love drama will finally end for good.

After splitting up with the others, Dan searched the building just in case Amy came back inside through the other exist when none of them were looking to get Ian. But Dan couldn't find her.

After several minutes, Dan went back down the the dance floor, acting all smiley and happy to the guest as he made his way to Hamilton and Ian. Ham was ordered to stay with Ian and kept him there by Sinead as she went outside to see if she could find either Amy or Jake. She was not back yet.

As Dan came closer to the two boys, he saw two identical blonde girls there as well. One was wearing a dark navy blue, silky gown with a sweetheart neckline and diamonds under her bust, showing her off her small petite frame. The other female was in a light blue dress with a more puffy skirt and golden straps, her strong tan back. It was Reagan and Madison Holt, Hamilton's younger sisters who happen to be twins.

They all stood there, acting as so they were enjoying a light, cheerful conversation with each others, all of them smiling and drinking water in wine cups, trying to be classy and proper. But Dan knew they were plotting instead of talking of the wonderful weather. It was Cahill thing.

"She's not in the building." Dan spoked into the group. They all turn to him.

"She's out to the main house like we planned then." Ian said and Dan felt himself want to hit him with the hearing of his voice.

"You could have said that before!"

"I did. You didn't listen, Daniel, like always!"

"Both of you quick it." Madison said. It was obvious she was annoyed and angry. It seemed strange that she was the one to break them up, she usually cheers for there brawls. "This isn't the right time."

"She's right." Reagan backed her older twin up. She turned to Ian. "Why would Amy be heading to the main house when everyone else is here?"

"Key word 'Everyone'." Sinead spoke up. She was behind everyone, Nellie and Atticus her side. "She didn't want to be around Jake. Which was quite wise, with the way he was acting."

"There's also an other reason." Ham said gleefully. He was the only one smiling out of all of them an he was looking straight at a glaring Ian. Dan was completely confuse by this, and everyone else seemed to know.

Sinead started to giggle like a little kid and, soon afterwards, the twins were grinning ear to ear. Nellie's eyes went wide and she smirked at the Cobra too. Ian began to blush. Dan had no idea what was going on and either did Atticus.

"Att, you lost man?"


"At least I'm not alone."

They all continue to smile. Ian got redder by every second that passed.

"Its about time." Reagan said.

"That's what your brother said."

It then dawn on to Dan and Atticus at the same time. Dan was getting ready to kill Ian as Atticus just said. "Uh-oh."

Dan was ready to pounce on to him and kill in right in front of everyone. He didn't care. His fresh and blood sister with... His own loved yet really nerdy sister, Amy and...and... He couldn't even think it without the vomit trying to escape his mouth. But Dan was still ready to chopped off Ian's head. Isn't that how you kill a snake?

He was about to do so that moment if Madison didn't grab his arm and pulled him away. Dan turn to her and she glared right back at him.

Then he saw the couple that were watching them. Madison saved him.

"Come on, Danny. Let's dance. Oh, just one dance." Her mean face that told him 'I will kill you if you even breath fucking wrong.' to 'Oh come on Danny, please. Pretty please. I'll make sure I return the favor if you just come on over and just do a little dance with me, Cutie.' Dan seen her look at Atticus like this countless times. Every time working like a charm.

Dan just rolled his eyes in fake annoyance and turn back to the group. Madison rejoined when the couple turned away.

"I'll kill you later, Cobra." Dan threaten.

"Calm down, Dan." Reagan hisses.

"Oh, and you two wouldn't act the same way if your brother was dating the Ekat?"

"You think Sinead would bring wearing that if we didn't?"

It was Sinead's and Hamilton's turn to blush then and for Ian to smirk at them.

"Okay," Nellie spoke up, still smiling a bit. "Enough of that. We need to get over to the house before Jake gets there. Amy probably already is."

"Okay." Ham said. "I'll take the girls and Ian in my van an you can have Sinead and Dan."

"Deal." Nellie said. She then turn to Atticus. "Atticus, you and the others stay here and keep a look out for Jake or Amy outside just incase either of them come back. Okay?"

Atticus nodded and then ran off to get the others. Nellie then reached for her keys in her knee high boots under her zebra printed shirt of her strapless dress.

"Let's go."

They all fellow out and entered into there assigned cars. Reagan, Madison, and Ian climbed into Ham's blue Jeep as Sinead and Dan settled into Nellie's black Cadillac. They let Ham move out dirt and then followed. Either vehicle traveled fast for the thought they might caught one of them in the acres of land and go get them.

Dan didn't see it coming at all. He didn't even think of it till it happen.

A smart, slicing sound doomed behind the car, making him and Sinead jump.

"What was that?" Nellie asked as she looked into her review mirror.

It then happen again but from under the car. Dan turned to Sinead and she turned to him. That's when they were suddenly pulled back at lighting like speed. Dan was thrown back against his seat. He looked at Nellie who was honking her horn on her steeling wheel. Her cry of help to the others.

Dan looked out the back window and saw two think cords attach to the very end of the car and then underneath the car. He turn realized that the car was only on its two front wheels. The other two were up in the air, pointing them forward. They were going backwards towards the forest that was no more then 10 miles away.

They went up in the air for a second and came back down with a slight crash, but they kept moving. Dan smashed down again on to his leather seat. Nellie stopped honking and Sinead was screaming "We got to cut the cords!"

Dan jumped right into action. He took out his civil war brownie knife that he kept in his suit pocket in secret for emergencies, like that moment, for example. Dan open the door on his side and climbed out.

"DAN!" Nellie screamed at him. Dan ignored her and went on with his mission. He stood up, with his feet settle onto the floor inside the car and he gripped onto the top of the car for support. He then leaped onto the hood of the car in one swift movement and hold on for dear life.

The wind whispered pass his ear and he felt like he was swimming through sand. He shifted over to his right and climbed toward the end of the car. He almost flew off the hood when his chest came off the good but then something caught him in the ankle, holding him tightly. When Dan looked back he saw Sinead with Her hair flying around crazily. He continued to move forward. He took his knife and thrust the blade to the cord and started to cut through the thick fabric. He was halfway through went it finally snapped and came up and cut his cheek. He ignored the pain and went to the next one.

He reached the best he could and put the blade under the cord. He moved the knife back and forward for the blade to cut through the steel rope. He lost his hold once, an almost flew off again as the car skipped again but Sinead kept him there and he quickly continued his work. The cord soon snapped and hell let loose.

Suddenly, the car went air born and Dan flew back onto the hood of the car. When Dan saw the concrete ground closing in on him, he shut his eyes in fear.

For a moment, he felt nothing and his ears ranged for a moment. Silence then came and Dan though he was dead.

He waited. And waited. And waited... All he saw was darkness and felt nothing.

Then it heard Ian's voice. "Dan!"

Dan eyes shoot open and he saw Ian Kabra over him. Dan's mind went blank then as he realized he was alive from some crazy miracle. He could have hugged the cobra right there.

"N-Nellie..." He could barely talked. "Sinead..."

"There okay." Ian answered. "You're okay too."

Ian helped Dan get up. He saw everyone outside and gathered around Ham' jeep. He also notices through he happen to be taller then everyone. Dan looked down and saw he was still on the hood of the car.

Dan hopped off and finally saw Nellie and Sinead. There dresses were torn and they both had a few cuts but nothing major. Thank God...

"Dan!" Nellie cried and ran over and hugged him. Everyone else followed.

"What happen?" He asked.

"You cut the cords and the car flipped over three times. Only on the sides through." Sinead explained. Dan noticed She had her hand with Ham's, clinging to it for dear life.

"You guys are lucky to be alive." Madison comment and it fell silence around then all. Nellie was still holding Dan, as he tried to regain his breath. But he knew they were all thinking the same thing.

Who or what caused that?

Just then Nellie's phone went off. She answered and moments later hung up.

"That was Fiske." She said. "He needs us at the main house. Now."



Fiske snapped his phone close after calling Nellie. He turned to Amy was smiled at her warmly.

"They will be here shortly," He said. "Let's go down stairs and have some coffee as we wait."

Amy happily nodded and followed the old man down the steps. She felt ten times better as she walked down the steps in her wonderful home. Ian's home was indeed beautiful, but her home was so much better. She felt completely content and secure there and couldn't help but smile as she smelt the scene of coffee and peppermint in the air, the scent of her home.

When her and Fiske arrive into the living room, her smile vanished as her uncle fell to the floor.

"Fiske!" She got onto her knees and checked if he was dead. That's when she found the small dart on his back. She pulled out the dart and looked at it for any sign of what was in it but it was just a simple white dart.

"His can't help you, Amy" Amy turned around to face Jake, who was under the stair case, holding a familiar silver dart gun in his hand. Ian's dart gun.

"What are you doing here?" Amy hissed at him. She stood up and glared at him as he smirked again at her. Just like the last night she saw him, when they were fighting and her was treating her like she was five and he told her what she was going to do. How she was going to quick school, get married to him, and be his wife for his to control because 'God knows someone has to keep her in check.'.

"What have you done to Fiske?! Why do you have Ian's gun?!"

"Oh Amy," Jake snickered at her like she was stupid. "Always worried about others. Never about yourself." He then aimed that gun straight at her face and smiled more. Amy wanted to kill him there.

Amy remembered her dagger strapped to her ankle. She had to keep him talking and then detract him long enough to get it.

"Don't make me ask again." Amy said as meanly and threatening as possible. Jake didn't even blink.

"Okay then." He said as he began to circle around her like she was his prey.

"I shoot your dear uncle with some poison. I don't know what it does. I was just already in your boyfriend's toy here." He shook the gun like it was nothing.

"So I thought it had to have something deadly in it." He smiled even more, making a psycho's grin appear on his lips. It made his eyes pop with his insanity showing through them, shining dangerously bright. He aimed the gun back at her, at her heart, with that same look. He really did look crazy and frightening.

"But to answer your very first question, I'm here to say goodbye." Amy's heart stopped as she saw him put his finger in the trigger. Then slowly remove it, chuckling. He was playing her.

"This, my dear sweet, is probably the last time you'll ever see me again. I have done my part and now it's time for my partner to do his. No Amy, I'm not going to kill you, even though I have though about it a great amount if times as I was stuck with you. No, I'm just here to warn you."

Amy took a breath. She was surprising clam durning this. She wasn't as scared as she should have been and has been in this type of situation before. She was relaxed and confident, and it had nothing to do with the house.

"Warn me about what?" She asked him sweetly, like she was the one talking to the idiot. She was turning the tables on him, out witting him at his own bloody game. "Do you have a friend who will do it for you cause you can't? Just like always, right Jake?"

She was going to hit in where it hurt the most. His pride.

"What?!" He demanded, angry now.

"You were always insecure about yourself, Jake. Always paranoid of being second best. Losing by one instead of being the glorious winner of the game."

Now Amy was circling him, making him the prey, the weak one. He might have the gun, but Amy had the words.

"But that's what you get when you are the son of a famous dad and a genius brother, right?"

Jake was shaking slightly, from anger no doubt. He always played this game with her, making her cry in the end and feel like shit, but now it was his turn. He was going to pay for doing all of this to her, even if it was the last thing she ever did.

Amy lowered her hand and lifted her ankle to get the dagger. Then Jake snapped out of his weak state and looked at her with that same insane look in his eyes. He was just more angry now. Damn, and she was so close to get her weapon...

"DON'T MOVE!" Jake then screamed. Amy obeyed. She slowly moved her hand away from her foot stood on both feet again, jake watching her the whole time. She couldn't do much with the dagger anyway. A knife in a gun fight could only do so little anyway.

Then it was deadly quiet between them for a moment. Amy was at gun point and she could help but think that she would actually take a bullet for him at one point, and now he was right behind the trigger.

Amy realized then she never loved Jake. Or at least, he never felt the same about her. She was tricked to caring for him, loving him. A cruel prank played on her by someone she trusted with all her heart and soul... At least she had Ian now.. That is, if she doesn't die tonight. But still, she was tricked by him... But why?

"Why?" She suddenly asked. She could feel herself get more outraged every second that passed. She felt betrayed, embarrassed, and just so mad. She was hurt or sadden but the news, she guessed she always knew, but never admitted it to herself for the flaming wrath steaming up inside her. She was reaching the point of screaming, of bursting out into madness.

Jake stared at her for a moment and then bursts out into a whole smile and laughed like an insane person. Like he really thought this was all funny as hell. Amy blew.

"WHY?!" She bellowed at him. He stopped laughing but stilled smiled.

"You really don't know." He said to himself. "You really don't know how much your worth..."

Amy was confused beyond belief.

"Oh well, it won't matter anyway. I have done my part, and as long as I get my half of a trillion, I'm fine without you."

He finally turned back to Amy. "Your warning: Good luck. He's after you."



Atticus was on his twentieth lap around the building with Phoenix when he started to worry and when they were on there thirtieth, he was really worried. Then the 39th lap came and he was scared for not only them but himself.

Atticus and Phoenix were behind the building when the came across him. They were just walking in total quietness when there he was, standing there with his feet and stared straight at them.

Atticus and Phoenix stopped dead in there tracks, both of them knowing this guy was nothing but bad news.

"Can we help you, Sir?" Phoenix asked in a gentlemen way, not showing any sign of fear or concern.

"Cut the crap." He man had a rough voice with an exotic accent that Atticus couldn't recognize. It wasn't like anything he ever heard before to be honest. It was like a mix between a British slur and maybe a little Australian sound but there was something else in there. It was like someone threw a huge dash of sugar or cream into a simple cup of black coffee. It made the result sweeter yet strange tasting.

"Okay then." Atticus finally spoke up. "What do you freaking want then?"

The man snickered. Atticus couldn't see his face or clothes for his back was to the moon, making him darker then the night sky. Then Atticus noticed something about his face that questioned him.

The man was wearing... a mask?Yes, yes. Atticus could make out were the points at the top and at the chin stick out from him face.

The mask covered his whole face and was darker then night. It drew no place for a nose or mouth or such. It was plain, smooth, black, and only showed his eyes. His eyes that were red. A dark, rudy red color. Like a rosy ebony, a bushy onyx... Amber.

"Oh," Said the old man as he walked towards them. He had a bad limp. "Don't mind me, I'm just seeing if the kid does his part."

Atticus knew he was talking about Jake, he just didn't know what he meant but 'his part'.

Atticus kinda wished that this old man was Jake. The Jake that was always happy and funny. The Jake that was his brother before both of them discovered about there guardian title and learned about the Cahills with there 39 clues and there evil enemies, the Vespers.

Jake was so happy before any of that stuff happen. Now... Atticus didn't even know who he was anymore. He knew old Jake was still there inside him, but this new person that has tool his body over is someone Atticus doesn't care for, someone he doesn't want to know or be around. Where was his Jake?

"What are you talking about?" Phoenix asked. Both him and Atticus were 15 now and trained for these kinda of problems they could run into. Phoenix was using the bad attitude act to distract him as he moved his hand to his pocket to get his dart gun. Atticus was stupid and left his inside with Ned and Ted.

The old man took another painful step towards them. He was only a few feet away now. Atticus couldn't see to be sure but he thought the old man smiled. He looked straight at Atticus.

"You'll find out soon." That's when the mystery man threw two grey balls at Atticus and Phoenix. One ball bounce off Atticus chest and popped into a black gas. Atticus covered his face as the smoke like essence travel around him and Phoenix. When Atticus didn't cough or go blind he open his eyes and saw the man start to dash off into direction of the woods. Atticus grabbed Phoenix's shirt.

"Get him!" Atticus ordered to not only Phoenix

They chased off the man. Atticus had trouble seeing where he was if it wasn't for the moonlight, for he blended in perfectly with the blackness of the night. Atticus knew what he was doing then.

"Get him before he gets into the woods!" Phoenix cried. It seemed he and Atticus had the same thought.

Phoenix and Atticus then kicked it into hight gear and ran closer to the old man. But it wasn't good enough. The mystery man ran straight thought the entree of the Forest and disappeared. Atticus and Phoenix stopped completely went they took one step into the forest and saw nothing but gloomy black. They heard nothing as well. The wilderness acted as if it was never touch. Like the man didn't just ran through there.

Like the mystery man just vanished on the spot.



Once they all arrive at the main house, Ian started to plan on the strategy to enter in, for it was clearly seen by all of them that something was going on inside.

The back door that entered into the kitchen was slightly open, the golden knob on the ground. It had a huge bent on one side that made it half of the size. It was shot with a bullet, which would make the door swing wide open.

"Looks like the person with the gun is gone. Hopefully." Dan whispered as he and Ian examined the item.

"Or maybe not." Madison said. She was beside the window peeking in. "The person is shockingly Jake. And he's inside. With Amy."

Ian scrambled over to the window to see for himself. His temper about to burst in rage at the sight he saw. Jake was pointing a gun at his lovely Amelia. And smiling about it too.

"Fuck." Ian muttered as Dan stood beside his, seeing the same view Ian saw, having the same reaction to it.

"I agree." Dan said lowly. "Fuck indeed."

"What are we going to do?" Nellie Sinead asked, which seemed very bizarre for she was an Ekat. Her dress was torn down her leg which shown a long cut that was hurtful to look at. Ian could tell but the look on her face that she was trying to keep on that she was on the edge to brawling from the pain of it. He was sure Amy would be the same way about it, so he did not say anything now the matter.

That and he didn't want to embarrass her as he saw that her hand was still locked with Hamilton. He could tell she was happy about that over everything else.

"I have a plan," Ian said. He turned to Dan. "What rooms are on this floor?"

"Only the kitchen and the living room." He answered. He raised a brow at Ian, but not in a distrusting manner, but more in a mischievously curious way. Well, that was new. "What are you thinking?"

"Is there a window in each direction on this floor?" He ignored his question.

"No, I don't think so."

"Is there any windows on the East and West side on the next floor?"

"Yeah, right in front of both the stair cases?"

"Is the front door on the north side?"


"How is knowing what direction the windows are going to help us save Amy?" Reagan asked, annoyed.

"Because it's where you and Madison will me making y'all crashing entrees." Ian answered. Both Reagan and Madison grinned once they figured out what he meant as Ham scowled at him.

"Oh don't worry, Ham." Madison reassured him, smacking a pat on his back. "We have done this a million times before. We'll be fine."

"Are y'all sure that you can climb up to the windows in those dresses?" Nellie asked.

Madison only shrugged at the twenty-seven year old collage grand. "They might slow us down a little, but,oh well. We can still do it."

"Here." Ian shook his right arm sleeve and two thick, red ink pens fell out, landing into his pawn. He pulled out the writing utensils for everyone to see.

"Use these." He handed one to each of the twins as they stared at him dumbfounded.

"This is a pen." Reagan stated, holding it up to him.

"Point it up." Ian ordered. They both did.

"Click it." They did and the ballpoint end that was just simply suppose to came out slightly shot right up into the air like freshly set off rockets. Everyone watched as they shot up straight into the air to where they almost disappeared from Ian's there sights

"Click it again. Quick." Ian demanded calmly. They obeyed yet again and the end points came back down in the same speed range. Before the ends went back to inside the pen, they stopped at the opening to show that they were not ballpoint ends at all but were hooks of hang guns. They formed back into there convincing disguise and became nothing more then a pen again.

Ian took Madison's new toy and hold it up to everyone. "This is a hang gun."

He gave it back to the Holt.

"Go to the windows on the second floor and use you phone as a wallow talkie. I'll give you two the commands when everyones ready and the times right." They nodded and went off to there quarters.

Ian turned to Dan then. "You take Sinead, Nellie, and go to front door and wait for commands. Try to say out of sight and make as little noise as possible. He doesn't know we're here yet, so it gives us the element of surprise."

Dan nodded. Nellie followed after him and Sinead soon behind. She didn't look so pleased about her being away from Hamilton but Ian needed him with him for the plan. And if this all works out in the end, they could cuddle all they want and Ian would never disturbed them ever again. As long as Ian gets his lovely Amy back alive, everything will be fine again.

Once Hamilton was by the door and Ian was watching the killer and his dear love in the window, Ian ducked away from the glass and call all the others.

"Stationed." Reagan checked

"In position." Madison said.

We're in set." Dan whispered. "What now?"

"We wait and listen." Ian said. He went over to Hamilton and listen to what was happening to his beloved inside.

"Do you have a friend who will do it for you cause you can't? Just like always, right Jake?"

"What?!" He demanded, angry now. Ian was going to make him suffer for yelling at his sweetheart.

"You were always insecure about yourself, Jake. Always paranoid of being second best. Losing by one instead of being the glorious winner of the game."

Ian knew the game Amy was playing, he had done it himself many times before. And, somewhat surprisingly, she was doing it very well.

That's my girl, Ian thought happily then quickly return back to listening.

"But that's what you get when you are the son of a famous dad and a genius brother, right?"

Ian peeked inside and saw that Jake was no longer steadily holding the gun a distance to her chest but was shaking completely as Amy went slowly around him in circles. Amy then left up her right ankle up to her reaching hand. Ian saw the tip of her dagger from under her skirt and knew right then and there what she was doing.

But she was too slow as Jake then looked at her with red eyes. But they were not from madness, but from tears.

"DON'T MOVE!" Jake then screamed. Amy obeyed.

Amy moved her hand away from her knife and Ian notice something certainly strange about Jake's gun. It was his.

Ian checked his coat pocket to find it missing from his possession.

"Damn it." He cursed as Hamilton looked at him with concerned. Ian pulled out his back up golden dart gun and went back to watching to find Jake laughing crazily.

"WHY?!" She bellowed at him. He stopped laughing but stilled smiled.

"You really don't know." He said to himself. "You really don't know how much your worth..."

Ian had no idea whatsoever of what he was talking about, but he knew for sure he didn't like it. The way Jake said it made it sound like Amy was an animal being hunted for some cash price.

"Oh well, it won't matter anyway. I have done my part, and as long as I get my half of a trillion, I'm fine without you."

He finally turned back to Amy. "Your warning: Good luck. He's after you."

He saw Jake's finger go to the trigger.

"Now!" Ian cried into his phone and jumped straight into action. He ran into the living room with Hamilton behind him. Dan, Nellie, and Sinead came out running like they did and when they all entered into the room, surrounding Amy and Jake, Reagan and Madison crashed through the windows, causing for some chaos to be let out and distract Jake as they stop him from escaping.

Reagan and Madison landed on the first floor level, both in front of the staircase with the hang gun pen in there hands.

Once Amy and Jake came up for they took cover front the falling glass, they saw all of them. Amy made contact with Ian- Amber to Jade- and smiled at him. But, strangely, so did Jake.

Jake laughed again, like this was a funny prank pulled on him, and looked around at all of them. Ian had his dart gun, Sinead had her small reviver, Dan with his brownie knife, Hamilton and his bear fits, and Nellie with her nunchucks. He turned back to Amy and shook his head at her like she was a stupid, little girl.

"Remember my warning, Amy." Then a cloud of black smoke blew up and quickly cover the whole room. Once Ian could see, he searched for Jake. He was gone.

The smoke was completely gone then, and Dan ran up to his sister. "AMY!"

He tackle her in a bear hug that she returned. Then Nellie and Sinead joined in and she almost fell to the floor. Ian smiled with joy in his heart at the sight of Amy happy with her family. He turn to Hamilton with his sisters, they both grinned.

Ian walked towards the group and hold out his arms. Amy came through and hugged him.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Never better." She kissed him on the cheek and pulled away. She went back to hugging Dan.

"Okay, Cobra." Dan said. "I won't kill you tonight. But I will if I need too."

They all laughed. Amy then turned pale as she looked pass the Holts. "Fiske!"

Ian then turned to find Fiske passed out on the floor. He dashes off the old man like everyone else.

"Jake shoot him with whatever was in you dart gun." Amy said. "What was it? Is he going to be okay?"

"Oh yes, he'll be fine." Ian said as he took out the antidote for poison 22. He shook the vial that hold the liquid and poured it into Fiske's mouth. "The poison only knocks him out for a few hours. This is to make him not have a bad headache when he wakes up."

"How did Jake get your dart gun anyway?" Dan asked.

"I'm not sure." Ian didn't get close to Jake at any point of the night. Not close enough to seal his gun right from his chest anyway.

"Let's get him up stairs." Nellie said. Hamilton carried him up to his room and came back down.

"So," He stared to ask. "Is Jake gone forever?"

"He said this was the last I'll see of him." Amy answered. "His partner would take over now."

"Partner?" Sinead asked.

"Yeah, he said he had a partner." Amy repeated.

"Great," Dan muttered. "Another Jake."

"Was that what he meant but his warning?" Sinead asked. "The whole 'He's after you' thing?"

"I guess so." Amy said and looked at Ian. "He said that I didn't know what I was worth either. What did he mean but that?"

"I'm not sure, Love." He really didn't.

"Maybe we should sleep on all of it." Nellie suggested as she checked her watched. It's almost two so the party ended about an hour ago. I'll drive over and get the others. We'll all discuss this in the morning."

No one had the nerve to disagree. They all headed up to bed as Nellie went out to get the others.

Ian went up with Amy to her room but told her he was going to stay down stair till Nellie came back and lock down the place for safety. She agreed but told him to come back to her room afterwards.

Once he done what was need, he did. She was already in her pjs and in bed when he return. He climbed in with her and felt her fall asleep beside him.

Ian was happy that she was safe. And that's all that mattered at that moment. She was there with him in his arms, and she was his. All his. And she was safe.



Hamilton woke up at about ten or so, only getting about eight hours of sleep. He recalled everything from last night immediately and groaned. He remembered the ball where he saw Sinead in her pretty yellow dress and dancing with Ian and Dan to the hammer time song. Then the crazy car tag that Dan, Nellie and Sinead almost died from. Then how they ambushed Jake at the main house when he had Amy gun point.

He still had no idea how Jake vanished into thin air after the smoke bomb. He knew Jake didn't escape from the back door for he was in front of it and would have felt or heard him pass beside. Maybe he went through the front door, even though the door looked untouched after all of the chaos.

Hamilton got out of bed and did his morning stretches. Normally, Hamilton would wake up every morning at five in the morning and do his daily run and body building exercises but he knew he couldn't do so today, he was too tired.

He soon left his room, not bothering to change out of his blue plaided pjs and his soft, fur-inside-the-shoe slippers. He had been staying in Grace's manor for about a little over a week now and knew the way around the mansion pretty well. He went to the dinning room for starved breakfast, located on the third floor. His tummy grumbled, goodness he was hungry.

Hamilton walked into the dinning hall that had one long and tall wall was taken up by only windows which left in a great amount of light. In the dinning hall was a twenty person seating table was filled with an ungodly amount of food that made him drool. There were eggs, biscuits, sausages, pancakes, waffles, fruit, bacon, ham, coffee, hot chocolate, milk, cereal, and so much more. Hamilton would have drove right in if two other Cahills were already there.

Sinead Starling and Jonah Wizard sat cross from each other with almost nothing on there plates. Sinead was into a huge book and Jonah was drumming his fingers onto the table. Sinead looked up from her reading and gave Ham a small smile, then went to her book. Jonah smiled at him as he sat down beside him.

"Hey Ham."

"Hey." He greeted. "Where Is everyone?"

"Probably still asleep. We all got in late last night. Hey did you see-"

"Tell him what you told me." Sinead cut him off in a slightly frightening manner. Jonah glared at her for a second but then turn serious when he spoke to Hamilton again.

"I don't know what happen here with y'all and Jake last night, but all I have to say is that he has a friend playing along and he ain't too shy. Or at least he wasn't with Phoenix and Atticus last night."

No wonder his mad, Hamilton couldn't help but think to himself as he listen to the angry rapper beside him. Jonah was like a older brother to Phoenix, his younger yet smarter cousin. Jonah would bloody murder anyone who so much as pinches Phoenix.

"What happen?" Ham asked.

"Atticus and Phoenix were talking the guarding ship when we all left them at the ball. They were walking when then random guy was just there and said some stuff. Then he took off and when Phoenix and Atticus chased after him, he disappeared into the woods."

"Oh my god." Ham gasped.

"And the more shocking part about it," Sinead finally spoke up. "Is that when they ran inside immediately afterwards, and told there story, Nellie came and got them."

Hamilton didn't understand what was the big deal at first. Then he started to think about if the man was Jake and the process...

"It couldn't have been Jake." He finally realized.

"Unless he could be at two places at once." Sinead agreed. "Or run very fast."

"Do the others know about this?" Ham asked.

"No, I told Nellie and she said that was like what happen to y'all last night" Jonah answered. "When I asked for more, she told me everyone was going to get together and talk about it."

"Talk about what?" Ham, Jonah, and Sinead turn towards the door to find a very sleepy looking Dan. Behind him were Phoenix and Atticus, who wear just as droopy eyed.

"You're learn soon enough." Sinead said in her pretty strict yet unbelievably cute voice. "Sit down and eat something while we wait for the others."


It wasn't till an hour later for everyone to wake up and come down for breakfast. Fiske and Nellie were at the heads of the table like always with Amy and Dan close by. Then Ian, who, shockingly, sat next to Amy. And then Atticus and so on.

Hamilton was on his fifth plate of ham and eggs went Fiske finally broke the ice in the silence room.

"Okay," He spoke in his low voice. "Tell me everything."

Amy did. She told him and everyone else about what happen on that night a full week ago and her deal with Ian for his protection when she was with Jake. Then about how she stayed at him home and plan to do so for a while, explaining why they went to her apartment when Ham,Dan and Jake was. Then the other day at the dress shop when they were chased but Sinead and the girls. And then lay night.

Amy told everything about her standoff with Jake and all the little yet scary hints about Amy being 'worth' it and how Jake's 'partner' was about to pay them a visit.

"He already has." Atticus spoke up and told his experience with the mystery man last night. Sinead jumped in to explain why it couldn't be Jake and that left the whole room quiet afterwards.

The sound of forks and knives vanished and was replaced with awkwardness. The air was so thick and deadly, Hamilton was afraid to move for a possible chance of getting a cut from it.

"So," Hamilton's sister, Madison, broke the ice. "What do we do now?"

"We wait aside. But we also keep an eye out." Amy spoke up, using her leader of the Madgricals voice. "But most of all, we keep each others out of Jake's harms way. Safe."

"Then we will." Fiske said and all the Cahills knew that this was now serious.

Dan through, being the clown of the group, broke the ice and made every okay again... To be continued.


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