Title: Naruto, the Rinnegan

Summary: At the age of five, Naruto is attacked in the woods. After being saved by an old man, who teaches Naruto what he knows and gives Naruto his eyes, the Rinnegan.

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Naruto was running through the woods trying to find a place to hide. It was October Tenth, anniversary of the Kyūbi attack and Naruto's birthday.

'Why do I have to hide? It's my birthday. I haven't done anything to be hunted and killed like an animal, so why?'

Unknown to Naruto he was being followed by a figure in the trees with red eyes. As Naruto reached a big tree he saw a hole in the tree and ran towards it. Right before he made it in the opening he was grabbed from behind by his shirt collar and tied up.

"It's funny that you actually thought you could get away Demon." The person shouted.

There it was again, that word that people seemed to think was his name. "Why do you call me that? What did I do to you?" Naruto asked on the verge of tears.


"I didn't kill anyone" Naruto cried "please let me go, I just want to be left alone"

"I'll leave you alone," Naruto looked up in hope, "WHEN YOU ARE ON THE GROUND DYING!"

Naruto looked into the man's red eyes and saw fury in them. He pulled out a kunai and began cutting Naruto with it. After a few minutes of cutting up Naruto, he got bored of it and started stabbing. As Naruto cried the man's smile only grew, "how does it feel to suffer demon?"

Naruto looked at the man with eyes full of tears. This act only seemed to piss the man off and he stabbed the kunai into Naruto's left eye, and he screamed in pain. Naruto forced his right eye open to look at the man moving the kunai towards his good eye only to watch him get sent flying by an unknown force.

An old man stepped out of the trees with purple eyes. The red eyed man looked at the old man in fury, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING OLD MAN!"

"Stopping you from making this poor boy suffer anymore Uchiha" the man spit out his name like it was poison.

"That isn't a boy, HE IS A DEMON!" the Uchiha shouted.

"The only demon I see here is you. If you want the boy you have to get through me" the old man said.

The Uchiha charged at the old man and prepared to stab him with the kunai. The old man leaned to the right to avoid the blow then slammed his fist into his opponent and sent him flying.

Right after he flew off the man's fist, he got hit by another unknown force and went through a tree with a sickening crack.

Naruto watched in fear as the old man walked up to him. He knelt beside the boy and looked him in the eye and said, "It's all right, sleep".

The last word carried so much weight to it, Naruto immediately felt his eyes drop and fell unconscious.

Naruto woke up in an unfamiliar surroundings and began to panic. As if feeling his panic an old man walked up to him, bandages covering the right side of his upper face.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked.

The man smiled and replied "a friend, don't worry. I'm the one who rescued you from the Uchiha, if you still don't believe me you will see that I gave you my eye when those bandages can come off."

As the events began to play in Naruto's mind he noticed something "you can't be the old man that saved me, he had purple eyes, not black like yours."

"Ah, you mean this?" he said as his eye became purple and rippled, surprising and scaring Naruto. "This is one of the dōjutsu I possess."

"Dōjutsu? What are those?" Naruto asked curiously, all fear gone.

The old man laughed, "I suppose I can explain, but I suppose I should introduce myself first, my name is Hashirama Uchiha Senju." Seeing the look on Naruto's face he quickly calmed him down, "relax I'm not with the guy that attacked you. Now dōjutsu are kekkei genkai's that appear in the eyes, mine is the Rinnegan, the Uchiha for example have the Sharingan. And I have a feeling you're going to ask, kekkei genkai are abilities that are passed down by family."

"Do I have a kekkei genkai?" Naruto asked hopefully.

"I don't know, you're still young so it might not have shown yet, some only appear in times of stress, although with my eye you have access to some of the abilities that the Rinnegan give."

"What do they do?" Naruto asked excitedly

Hashirama laughed "you are an energetic one aren't you? We will have time for that later, for now you must rest."

Naruto pouted, but nodded in understanding and laid down to go to sleep.

A week had passed since Naruto meet Hashirama, and it was a lot better than being in the village. When Hashirama learned of Naruto's birthday he baked him a small cake and agreed to teach him what he knew about being a ninja.

"Now Naruto, before we can get on with learning what you want to do as a ninja, you need to learn to access your chakra." Hashirama said. "Now put your hands like this and try to feel your chakra."

Naruto copied his hand positions and began to try to feel for his chakra. After five minutes Naruto felt his chakra and began to pull on it. Feeling it flood through him he heard a gasp from Hashirama. Opening his eyes and looking at him in confusion he answered, "You have a lot of chakra, I see it with the Rinnegan. You are definitely going to need a lot of chakra control due to your massive reserves. A nice way to start is by holding a leaf to your head with chakra."

After about two hours practicing the leaf exercise and getting nowhere Hashirama stopped him. Seeing Naruto's look he replied "although chakra control is important, if you want to be a ninja you are going to need to train your body and mind if you want to be great."

The rest of the day was spent doing basic training exercises such as running laps, sit ups and pushups, and basic punches and kicks, as well as studying which Naruto learned fast he didn't like as he had a hard time sitting still.

After the day was over Naruto looked over to Hashirama "Hey jiji, will tomorrow be like this too?"

Hashirama nodded, then laughed at Naruto's expression, "what you thought it was going to be easy? No it will only get harder from here."

Three years have passed under Naruto's tutelage of Hashirama, Naruto got his chakra under control, which was a challenge due to his massive reserves, with Hashirama constantly making Naruto do chakra control exercises even though he already had a good grasp on them. With his new control over his chakra, genjutsu and medical ninjutsu were now possible to him. Naruto didn't learn a lot on ninjutsu, mainly just elemental manipulation, although he did learn Kawarimi and Henge. Naruto also was descent in taijutsu, having great reflexes and natural speed.

With all of Naruto's training, it was time to put his skills to the test, he was told by Hashirama to take out a bandit camp a few miles away, 'I kind of hope there is someone that has some skill in this camp, that way it won't be completely boring. Should be a challenge anyway, I'm not allowed to release my gravity seals and I'm supposed to try not to use jutsu.' A grin came on Naruto's face as he thought of something 'he didn't say I couldn't use Soru, so that makes this easier'

As Naruto approached the camp, he saw it was relatively small. 'Only 5 men guarding the entrance to the camp, and there are probably at least double that inside. So should I do this quietly or just walk up to the camp. I'll do it quietly just to be safe.'

Naruto watched as one of the members left to go into the tree line. Making his way through the trees over to his position he walked up behind the man as he was unbuckling his belt, Naruto pulled out a kunai and slit his throat. Grabbing the man and carrying him farther into the bushes Naruto set him on the ground after he was hidden.

Naruto walked towards the camp and saw that there were three left, none of them paying attention to their surroundings 'One of them left, I should be careful and make sure that he isn't around.' Naruto quickly ran up a tree and saw that the man was walking in the camp. Seeing his targets below him, Naruto pulled out three shuriken and threw them, all of them landing in the heads of the victims, who dropped towards the ground.

Hearing a cry of panic in the camp Naruto thought 'shit, they must have had someone inside the camp watching the gate for this very reason. Oh well, I'll still try to remain hidden, but now that will be nearly impossible.'

Naruto made his way to the gate and pulled out a small mirror and used it to peek in the gate. Seeing bowmen armed and pointed at the entrance Naruto cursed. Taking another glance in the mirror he began to think 'five bowman guarding the entrance, there are more than likely more hidden around the corner waiting for someone to work their way past.'

Naruto jumped across the gate, throwing ten shuriken, five to knock the arrows out of the way and another five to take them out. As soon as he landed Naruto heard the running of feet, Naruto used Soru to disappear into the trees. Safely hidden in the trees he saw the bandit's look in confusion before an arrow hit him in the arm, causing him to yelp in pain.

Quickly locating the archer, he threw ten shuriken at him. The archer was obviously better than the grunts that Naruto already killed, probably the leader, as he was able to dodge all the shuriken, but missed the kunai hidden in the shadows of the shuriken which cut his bow string in half and stuck in his arm. The leader quickly abandoned the bow and drew his sword. Jumping over the wall the leader charged into the trees, the others quickly following. Naruto quickly pulled out the arrow then drew two kunai. Jumping over the group Naruto landed behind a bandit and quickly plunged the kunai in his throat.

The remaining for bandits, minus the leader, grew angry and charged blindly. Quickly ducking under the first bandit's strike, Naruto jumped away from the second one, missing being cut by inches. The leader ran up to Naruto and swung his sword, timing his swing to match with one of the four grunts. Naruto attempted to block, but wasn't fast enough to block the leader's attack and got a deep cut on his arm.

Naruto quickly jumped back and threw the kunai at the grunt that attacked him, which hit him in the skull killing him instantly. Naruto didn't have any time to recover as the leader quickly closed the distance, leaving Naruto only able to defend. As the leader struck Naruto found and opening in his defenses and stabbed him in the arm. Staying on the offensive, Naruto kicked the leader in the chest knocking him away. Before he could do anything else, the remaining two grunts attacked him from the sides, having no other option Naruto dropped to the ground.

As the sword strikes passed over him, Naruto spun on the ground, knocking them off of their feet, and stabbed his kunai into one of their heads. Getting up off the ground Naruto quickly made distance between the two remaining bandits.

The leader picked up one of his fallen men's sword and charged at Naruto along with the grunt. Quickly channeling chakra, Naruto used Soru to get behind the grunt and plunge the kunai into his heart. Naruto couldn't move in time and the leader stabbed him with one of the two swords, luckily missing any organs, but it was bleeding quickly and would still be problematic if not treated soon. Naruto quickly grabbed the leader's wrist so he couldn't move, and stabbed him in the heart. When the leader dropped Naruto pulled the sword out and went to check inside the camp.

Naruto quickly checked the camp and when he didn't find anyone, he pulled off his shirt and began to treat his wounds. After he was done Naruto searched the camp for anything of value and found some ryō, which he quickly pocketed and left the camp.

As Naruto walked into the house, Hashirama looked at him and said "welcome back, it wasn't too much trouble was it?"

"Nah it was pretty easy, would've been easier if the camp leader didn't have such keen vision, he made me go out into the open. After that it was mildly difficult as I had to take on three people at once."

"I see, did you use any ninjutsu?"

"None, the only technique I used was soru, but as that is taijutsu and not ninjutsu I figured it was allowed."

Hashirama smiled and replied "I was hopping you'd catch on. How is your skill with it?"

"I can get six steps in without the use of chakra and eleven with."

"Very good, you're progressing nicely."

"I don't think so I've been working on it for months, I-"

"Naruto" Hashirama interrupted, "the original users of this style spent years perfecting each technique, and I'm actually surprised that you can use it, even with chakra."

"I understand jiji, but I still feel as if I could do better."

"I understand Naruto, so how about we go train?"

The next two years Naruto progressed further, he had finished mastering water manipulation and almost mastered lightning, He learnt Fūton: Daitoppa and Suiton: Suijinheki and was working on Suiton: Suiryūdan. Naruto had mastered Soru and was working on improving it farther, he can use it easily without chakra and was working on being able to use it whenever he pleased. Naruto had also learned Magen: Kokoni Arazu (False Surroundings) and Kage Bushin. He couldn't use Bushin Daibakuha yet but he was making progress.

With Kage Bushin, Naruto could spend more time with physical workouts and sent the clones to go practice chakra control, learn jutsu, and study. Naruto was currently trying to learn fūinjutsu so he could interact with the Kyūbi and hope to make friends with it, but was having no luck he could barely understand the books were talking about, much less put them into practice, thankfully he had Hashirama to help him.

Naruto was currently sitting in a meditative pose as Hashirama was directing him to the Kyūbi so they could talk.

Feeling a change in the surroundings, Naruto opened his eyes to see a giant cage in front of him. Naruto looked up directly into the giant red eyes staring back at him.

"What does my jailer want, here to check out the scenery?" Kyūbi said.

"I was hoping to make a deal with you." Naruto replied.

"What are you trying to gain?" Kyūbi asked.

"I want use of your chakra"

Kyūbi laughed and replied "And what do you have that I could want?"

"Well what do you want besides being released?"

"Well I would want two things, first of all, access to your senses as it is terribly boring. The second is the story about how you came across that eye you have."

"They both can be easily done, I got this eye by my sensei, he found me when I was being attacked and felt it was his fault I lost my eye so he gave me his."

"Interesting, you have the lineage from both sides to be able to use it, but both are so weak you will not be able to use either, if you can get this man's blood and inject it into yourself, I can strengthen your blood so you can use both Senju and Uchiha techniques."

"And what would you want for this?"

"You're smart gaki, I'll give you that. Consider this a gift of sorts. I'm doing this for you as much as I am for me, I would be a laughing stock if I had a weak container, if you want to do something for this, make sure you become the strongest of the Jinchūriki."

"Sounds, easy enough. I'll ask him when we are done here, how do I give you access to my senses?"

"Simply will it and the seal will make it happen"

Naruto stood up and said, "Okay see you later," as he waved and disappeared.

Naruto opened his eyes and noticed Hashirama no longer was next to him. He got up and searched the house and found Hashirama on his bed.

"Naruto" Hashirama smiled weakly, "I'm glad you're here."

"What's wrong, jiji?" Naruto asked.

"I'm afraid my time is up, Naruto"

Naruto's eyes widened in shock "no! It can't be, you can't die, not now"

"I'm afraid so. I've known I was going to die soon for a while, you see I've lived a long life, but I never had the Rinnegan until recently. It activated just a few months before I met you. With that in mind I quickly came to the conclusion that the Rinnegan only activates when you are near death. So I've known for a while now, honestly I'm surprised that I have lived as long as I have." Hashirama explained.

"No," Naruto cried, "don't leave me jiji."

"I'm sorry Naruto, but before I die I want you to know. You're like a son to me, and if I had a son… I'd want him to be like you. You're my son, Naruto. As my son, I leave everything to you." Naruto nodded, not trusting his voice as tears poured down his face.

"Naruto, how did things go with the Kyūbi?" Hashirama asked.

"It went well, he let me use his chakra for access to my senses and the story of my Rinnegan eye."

"Hashirama smiled, "I'm glad, Naruto. If you can become friends with him, he will be your greatest ally. Was there anything else he wanted?"

Naruto nodded and replied "he said he can strengthen my Uchiha and Senju bloodlines with some of your blood."

"Take it Naruto, if he can make you strong I want you to do it, as long as you never lose sight of what is important to you. Along with my blood, take my second eye, with both Rinnegan eyes you will have the potential to be the greatest shinobi in the world… you know I never told you why I wasn't a ninja. I don't like fighting, I want to bring peace to the world. I know it probably isn't possible due to human nature, by I still wanted to try. But by the time I gathered enough courage to do it, I was too old. Naruto, do it for me. Bring peace to the land."

Naruto nodded and Hashirama laid still, the smile never leaving his face. Naruto broke down onto his chest and stayed there until he ran out of tears, then stayed there until he fell asleep.

A few days after Hashirama's death, Naruto took the blood and implanted the second Rinnegan. With the Kyūbi enhancing Naruto's DNA, Naruto discovered he was able to deactivate the Rinnegan at will. Naruto buried the body under the tree near the pond, Hashirama's favorite place.

Going through Hashirama's books, Naruto found his journal that explained everything that he discovered the Rinnegan could do. Naruto sealed all the books into a scroll then sealed the scroll into his left bicep, then set out after visiting the grave one last time.

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