Hi everyone! This idea was given to me by I. y Menos! Thanks so much! Also, I borrowed Titans Europe from Hinn-Raven. Thanks to her, too! :D

I don't own the Teen Titans. Sadly.

"Hello my duckies!" Mad Mod cackled.

"Why is Mad Mod even here?" Hot Spot shouted.

"No idea." Kid Flash grunted, dodging one of his laser-happy sculptors. "Why don't you ask?"

Hot Spot gave him a look and went back to frying the robots surrounding him. Jinx and Argent were holding their own with a various hexes and plasma tools and Jericho was doing pretty well in hand-to-claw/laser/saw/other tool of destruction combat.

No one knew exactly when it had happened but when they turned around, Mad Mod was draining Jericho's youth with his cane.

"Crap!" Hot Spot shouted.

He and Argent made moves to break the cane, but were overwhelmed by the robots.

Kid Flash and Jinx also turned to help but got tangled in a net.

Jericho struggled, getting older by the second. Jinx stretched her hand through the net and sent a hex towards Mad Mod's cane, snapping it in half. A cloud of red smoke encased both of them.

The Titans watched with open mouths.

"Jericho?!" Argent called.

There was no reply. But a small figure came stumbling out of the smoke, tripping over his large shoes.

"Jericho?" She asked again, softer.

A mini Jericho looked up at the Titans.

" Who are you?"