Um hello. This is my very first story so I don't really have a clue how to work on this website. Please bear with me because I need to get back into writing. And this story will be my first try to get back into it. It's a DanisnotonfireXOFC. And Phil gets a girlfriend too (but that will be later on)

Chapter 1

She stood there in front of her mirror. A black eye and some cuts on her face. But these things were nothing. As fast as she could she tucked her hair into a ponytail and dressed herself in the most comfortable clothes. Then she packed her black bag with all of her necessities. Everything she needed. Passport, wallet with her money, some clothes, her toiletries and the key to her new life. When she was finished her bag was stuffed up and a bit heavier than she thought. The girl took her mobile, put her headphones around her neck and slung her bag over her shoulder. Now was the time to get away. She went to the bathroom to check on everything one last time. Her reflection looked back at her. These once so bright blue eyes, were now dull. Her chest-length black hair was messily tucked into a ponytail. She just silently nodded at herself, walked out of the bathroom and snuck down the stairs. The young woman could hear the snore from the living room. Although he was sleeping, she felt the urge to hurry up and run. But she resisted the temptation and got to the door. Right after she got out, she started running into the direction of a tall building. She knew exactly where she had to go. Without her father's knowledge she had bought an apartment for running away from him. For six years she had been saving her money to get away from his terror. And now she actually succeeded.

"I can't believe it", she muttered under her breath, "I'm finally free..." She had stopped running and walked along the street.


After half an hour she got to the building and walked in. The girl was listening to music and didn't really look so she ran into a young man, who was apparently her age. She hung her headphones around her neck and stared fearfully at the back of the man she had run into. When he turned around, the black-haired girl shielded her face as a reflex.

"I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!", she apologized hastily.

"It's okay", the stranger smiled and took her hands away from her face.

"Please don't hurt me!", she whimpered in fear. The young man looked at her with a puzzled look.

"Why would I hurt you? It's no big deal that you ran into me." He blinked and let go of her hands. The girl looked a bit ashamed of herself. After a few seconds of staring to the ground she looked up again. The stranger had dark brown short hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was a tiny bit taller than her, so there was no problem for them to stare into each others eyes. Suddenly he looked a bit confused.

"Why do you have a black eye? And what are all of these cuts?", he asked concerned.

"It's... nothing", she evaded his questions, "What's your name?"

"I'm Daniel Howell. But please call me Dan", he smiled, "Yours?"

"Alexandra... Just call me Alex", she smiled halfheartedly. Dan smiled. Still he was a bit concerned about that girl. Alex seemed pretty nice and she was really good-looking. But she somehow reminded him of someone.

"Uhm... I gotta go now", she awkwardly stated and made her way to the elevator. Coincidentally Dan got into the elevator with her and saw that she lived in the same floor as him.

"You live on the same floor? Why haven't I seen you before?", Dan questioned Alex.

"Because I just now got here. I bought it a few months back and I had to wait for all the furniture, so I couldn't move in", she replied shyly.

"Oh. Stupid question, but how old are you?"

"I'm 21. You?"

"I'm 22. So you are younger than me." The brown-haired boy felt like a creep for asking these stupid questions. For the rest they just stood there in an awkward silence. When the elevator opened and they got out, Dan looked down the hallway to his apartment.

"Um Alex? Do you want to come over for dinner? I don't think my flatmate would have anything against it so..." He looked to the ground, ashamed of his stuttering.

"Sure. I forgot to go shopping for food and I'm a bit hungry", she mumbled embarrassed.

"Then follow me!" Dan walked ahead to his flat, opened the door and got in with Alex following him.

"PHIL! I'M HOME!", he shouted. When Alex heard the name 'Phil' she backed away from Dan. It was the nickname of her father. Although it couldn't be him, she still felt scared when she heard that name. Suddenly a black-haired boy with blue eyes came down the hall.

"Who is that?", he asked Dan confused, "And she is hurt! Dan what did you do?!"

"I did nothing Phil! Alex ran into me when I was standing in the lobby and she was already hurt when I saw her", Dan explained. Phil looked at Alex. He seemed as pale as a ghost.

"S-So your name is Alex...", the black-haired boy stuttered completely in shock. The girl nodded. She was a bit taken aback from his appearance. Surprisingly they looked the same. Only girl and boy version.

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