It's been a long time hasn't it? I know this story is somewhat horrible, because none of the two are in character. But I updated since this story means a lot to Kazu. I don't have much to say, except that I got a headache and it's really bad. Here's the chapter for you:

Chapter 14

It's been a few days since Alex told Connie and Dan about her plan. Now was the right time to do it.
"Guys I'm gonna call Phil", she stated, the others knowing what it meant. Dan and Connie left the room, whilst Alex tried to reach her brother.
"C'mon... Phil please pick up", she begged silently when the beeping noise continued for a few seconds.

"Hello?", finally came the answer.

"Hey Phil! How are you feeling?", Alex greeted him happily.

"Could be better, but I'm okay I guess. And you?"

"I'm good. I just wanted to know if we could meet later on. So about... 6pm maybe?"

"Uh sure. Where?"

"The nearest park! That'd be great!"

"Okay. So I'll see you later?"

"Sure! Then bye!" The call ended and Alex put her phone down. The two others silently came into the room. An uncomfortable silence filled the air, making everyone in the room feel awkward.

"Let's uh... discuss the plan again", Alex mumbled, wanting to start up a conversation.

"Okay let's do that", Connie smiled a bit.

"So at 6pm Phil will be waiting at the nearest park, which is coincidentally the one where you met him", the black-haired young woman explained, "So Dan and I will stay hidden and intervene if necessary. Like if he tries to flee or do something irrational." Dan nodded.

"And I will try to explain the whole situation and hope he'll listen to me." The red-headed woman seemed a bit at a loss of words. She didn't really feel comfortable betraying Phil like that. He was a kindhearted person, Connie knew that, but somehow she managed to get him mad at her.

"Don't worry. It'll work out", Alex smiled. She had faith in her plan. Everything would work out, she was sure of it.


At exactly 6pm Phil was in the park, waiting for his sister. He was still a bit hurt. The bandage around his head helped ease the pain, but he still felt a bit lightheaded at times. For the time being he was living in a hotel and wanted to return home soon. Impatiently looking at his phone Phil glanced around looking at all the people passing by. He sighed. Why couldn't everything be normal? So many things happened all at once.

"C'mon Alex... where are you?", he mumbled and still looked around. Upon seeing a familiar red-headed girl in the crowd, Phil backed away. What was she doing here?! And she even walked straight towards him.

"What are YOU doing here?!", Phil asked rather unfriendly. Connie came to a halt in front of him.

"I came here to explain everything", she told him, her voice shaking.

"What is there to explain?! There's nothing you could tell me", he growled. He didn't have any trust in her. He just wanted to run away from her.


Dan and Alex sat a bit farther away. Both of them hid in a bush so Phil wouldn't see them. The black-haired girl looked at the scene in front of her. Phil and Connie talking to each other. Although her brother looked like he would rather run away.

"We should intervene or else he'll run away", she whispered to Dan, who seemed really tense. He nodded slowly and kept on observing.

"Let's go", he whispered and jumped out, rushing over to Phil with Alex following suit.

"Phil! Please don't run away!", she shouted, "Everything will be explained!" When Alex shouted, Phil seemed a bit taken aback. Questions ran through his mind, as his instincts screamed at him to run away, but Dan quickly got a hold of his arm and practically forced him to stay.

"What are you doing?!", he asked, his voice seemingly panicked.

"Phil listen to what Connie has to say!", his sister pleaded. He looked at Connie, analyzing her every facial feature. Her eyes were red and a bit puffy, in a sense that she may have been crying. The posture was slightly sunken in, showing how sorry she was. Slowly he started to relax and Dan could let go of him, reassured that Phil won't run.

"First of all... I'm sorry", Connie whispered, "Everything that happened is my exes fault. He's an obsessive abusive asshole. So I left him, but he seems to follow me everywhere I go. I should have warned you before... I'm so sorry." Phil couldn't help but stare. It was hard to take in what Connie had said. He felt bad for accusing her of things she hadn't done. The black-haired boy bit his lower lip, averting his gaze to the ground. Guilt was washing over him, because he jumped to conclusions before even asking or confirming his suspicion.

"I should apologize", he whispered and hugged her, "Forgive me for jumping to conclusions... I was so angry at you, but it wasn't even your fault! I'm so sorry, Connie." At first the red-headed girl couldn't quite comprehend what Phil said, but as soon as the words seeped in, she wrapped her arms around him and started crying. Dan and Alex stepped back a bit, giving them a touch of intimacy.

"We did good right?", Alex asked, grabbing Dan's hand as reassurance. He just looked at her and smiled gently.

"Yeah. We did good", he smiled and softly squeezed her hand, leaning his shoulder a bit towards her. The black-haired girl smiled and leaned her head at his shoulder.

"I hope it'll be peaceful for a bit longer", Alex whispered, "Nothing should happen. Not again." Dan just nodded and looked at his best friend, who just reconciled with Connie. Somehow he was glad that Phil was his normal self again. It hadn't been the same with Phil either being gone or on the edge. But at the same time it was scary that everything seemed so peaceful and fake. There was no use in denying. It was a creepy calm time.

"I hope so too", he mumbled, "I really hope nothing happens anymore."

I know it's short and it seems like in the middle that the writing style changed, which of course happened over the time I wasn't writing this story. Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed this chapter. It takes a while until I've finished another chapter.