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Everything fell silent. Nami dropped her gun and looked around, shocked.

"What… what just happened?"

Nami had missed that shot, and yet Luffy's body was kicked into a wall by a irritated, green haired man. He wore a tattered white shirt and black pants that had blood splatters here and there. Not to mention the pistol and three swords on his hips add more to his unsettling appearance. The man then turned his glare onto Nami. She fell back onto the ground and gulped in fear. He smirked, dragged a freshly killed deer into the house and threw it to Luffy, who started eating it immediately. Nami looked away in disgust and turned her attention back to the unknown man.

"You know, you should probably feed the guy if you don't want him to eat you."

Nami folded her arms and glared at him, "How was I supposed to know that would happen?! Besides, what do you know?"

"I've been looking for this idiot for a month."

"A month? You mean you couldn't find him for a month?!"

It was Zoro's turn to glare, "Hey! It's hard to keep track of someone when a zombie apocalypse is happening!"

"Ah~ That was good~!"

The two turned to see Luffy back to normal and patting his full belly. Unfortunately, he was also covered in deer blood, which caused Nami to gag.

"Ugh, Luffy…," she pulled a towel out of her bag and threw it at him, "Wipe yourself up, please."

Luffy smiled widely and wiped himself of as much blood as he could. After he was done, he finally noticed Zoro.

"Hey Zoro! Where have you been? You just wandered off a month ago?"

"I didn't wander off! You were the one who got lost!"

Luffy scratched his head , "Eh? Whatever. We're together again! We can go on more adventures!"

"Adventures?" Nami questioned, "I don't know about you, but I'd rather not go on some weird adventure with all these zombies stalking about."

Luffy stood, "But this is the best time to go on an adventure! No one can stop us and we can't stay in one place. So lets adventure!"

Zoro folded his arms and nodded, "He's got a point."

Nami sighed. She couldn't doubt the logic in that, "Fine. If you want an adventure, we'll have one."

Luffy jumped around in excitement, "However," he paused in his celebration as Nami continued, "if this adventure becomes too much then we'll need somewhere stable to stay when this adventure is over."


"Yes, everything can't last forever…"

The was a pause after Nami said that, as if they all experienced that phase before in some point of their life. Luffy was the first to snap out of it, "My brothers!"

"Your brothers?" Zoro rose an eyebrow at this.

"Yeah! They're really cool!"

"Well all because they're cool doesn't mean it's safe wherever they are," Nami said, "Besides, do you even know where they are?"

"Well, Sabo is a writer and Ace went to become an assassin…"

"An assassin!?" Now, Nami was even more confused by this kid.

"Yeah! He said he was gonna kill this guy called Whitebeard to prove his strength. Wherever Ace is, I know we would be safe with him," Luffy smiled proudly as he talked about his brother.

"Well, lets get moving," Zoro said with no hesitation and walked out of the house. Luffy was right behind him, face beaming with excitement. Nami just stood there, pondering what she had just gotten herself into. She dragged her hand down her face and sighed. Did she really have a choice in this matter? Her only two options would be to go with those two lunatics or be alone in this zombie infested world. She sighed again and joined the guys outside.

"Sooooooo hungry!"

The trio were walking through the abandoned streets, surprised how clear they were, and were tired and starving. It had been several days since they left that house. The sun was high in the sky as it heated the travelers, increasing their suffering. However, what was really bothering Zoro and Nami were Luffy's moans for food. It hadn't been too long ago when they had eaten, though it wasn't really much, just a can of beans Zoro had in his bag. They obviously needed to get food soon, or Luffy would turn on them again. The likelihood of that happening was low now, since they weren't near the forest any more, and the buildings were most likely already raided of anything useful.

"Ooooiii! It feels like my stomach's eating itself!" Luffy groaned in pain as he rubbed at his growling stomach.

Nami growled, growing more pissed as Luffy whined, "Luffy! I swear if you don't shut it, I'm gonna-!"

Before Nami could finish her yelling, a shot rang out.

Everyone stopped and looked around frantically for the shooter.

"Hey! Who are you guys?! Get out of here!"

The group looked up and saw a tall wall that seemed to inclose a large area, and on that wall was a lanky, long-nosed guy with a sniper rifle pointed at them. Even though the person had an obvious advantage, he was still shaking like a leaf.

Zoro, Luffy and Nami quickly snapped out of their shock and eyed the sniper with questioning eyes.

"Hn… Who are you?" Zoro asked casually.

"I'm the great protector of this fort! The mighty and powerful Usopp!" he posed like a superhero.

"Mighty and powerful, huh?" Nami sarcastically said, obviously not believing a word he said.

"Y-yeah! There are a thousands upon thousands of powerful fighters behind this wall, all of whom follow me!"

Luffy had stars in his eyes, "Really?!"

Usopp grinned in confidence, "Of course!"

Nami facepalmed, "He's obviously lying, Luffy…"

"Aww, really?" he frowned, disappointed.

Usopp looked around nervously, "How did you guys see through my trick?!"

"'Cause it was obvious." Zoro stated bluntly.

The sniper's shoulders sagged in defeat, "Man…," he lifted his head up and looked at them with pleading eyes, "but could you guys please leave? I really don't want anyone here to get hurt."

Luffy smiled, " We won't hurt anyone! We just want some food!"

"Food? Well… you guys do seem nice… Ok, you can come in. But if you hurt anyone, I won't hesitate in shooting you."

With that, Usopp climbed down a ladder on the other side of the wall and opened the door, allowing the others to enter.

Oh my! It seems our adventurers have found a friendly face! Usopp! But will their luck stick around? Time can only tell!