~1948, Philadelphia, Diner~

Jasper's POV

Leaning against the wall of my house, I looked across the street at the diner. Hearing into the conversations inside, I was overwhelmed by numerous emotions. God dammit, I thought. It was bad enough being a vampire, but my "power" made life even worse. Numerous times I've thought about killing myself; asking the volturi to do the deed. Somehow I always talked myself out of it...

Turning my attention back towards the diner, I stood up off the wall. Even though I didn't eat anymore, I found humans... interesting. Since I was turned, I've wondered what it was like to be human. Your life isn't the only thing that disappears when you turn. Your memories do too.

I walked into the street, weaving my way through cars that came speeding by. I didn't bother using my speed. Heck, any chance I get I act human. It brings me a sense of comfort in a way... Now standing in front of the diner, I hesitated before going in. Maybe I should just skedaddle and leave Philly... I had already reached my time limit 2 months ago.

As a vampire, you try not to stay in one place for too long. People get suspicious. I had already been in Philadelphia for 8 years, and my leave was long overdue. Pushing away my thoughts, I made my towards the door.

Seeing that a woman was making her way out, I went and opened the door for her. She gave me a smile and said, "Thank you sir"

"Anytime mam" My southern accent slipping its way out. She nodded her head, and left. Entering the restaurant, I took in all the feelings around. Calm down Jasp, you can do this. Looking around, I noticed a number of woman smiling at me. Uninterested in all of them, I simply gave them each a smirk. Thats when I saw her...

Sitting in a stool at the counter, was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. Her face was covered by her short brown hair. She was dressed in a floral dress, that hugged her curves in all the right ways. It wasn't until she looked up at me that I realized... She wasn't human.

She hopped down from the stool, and made her way towards me. Once she reached me, her arms were instantly around me. Confused by her sudden action of affection, I put my hands on her waist; not objecting to hug at all. When she finally pulled back, she giggled.

"You kept me waiting long enough..." Her eyebrows raised as the words left her mouth. I tilted my head, but smiled at the small woman in front of me.

"My apologies mam" And for the first time in a century... I felt hope.

OK SO THIS WAS A REALLY REALLY SHORT ONE SHOT. Not really my best, but I hope you enjoy!