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Love is the Music of Our Hearts

Chapter 1

Sighing heavily as she placed her chin in her hand, Pomona Sprout stared at the short form of her colleague and friend, Filius Flitwick, turned sideways on the podium. People were milling about, moving toward the door after his seminar on Love and Music ended. Filius had given an excellent talk on the aspects of love in music through the ages. He had covered everything from courtly love and the songs of the jongleurs of Medieval Times to the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods of music. He had explained how love was reflected in their notes and phrases, and how the two were interwoven like the threads of a quilt.

Although Pomona didn't know anything about music, she felt she could sit and listen to Filius talk about music and love forever. Exhaling again she remembered Filius' concluding sentence for his Valentine's Day speech: "Every person who loves contains a symphony of their own, for love is the music of our hearts."

Secretly, Pomona had loved Filius Flitwick since she had been a gawky seventh year and he her professor. Back then, she had never dared to dream he would ever view her as anything but a student. And now, ten years later, the hope that he would see her in another light flickered. It had been burning over the past year as she began her post as Herbology mistress and worked up a repartee with the rest of the staff. She and Filius had hit it off as easy friends immediately, but Pomona knew in her heart she wanted more. She had been working on summoning the courage to say as much to Filius for weeks now. But every time the opportunity presented itself, she flopped.

Pomona's friends and colleagues, Rolanda Hooch, Minerva McGonagall, and Poppy Pomfrey knew how she felt about the Charms Professor. And every time she had failed at telling Filius how she felt, Rolanda had given her a shove in the arm. While she gazed at him, her courage withered again, and her arm began to sympathize for the upcoming shove from Rolanda. But she was determined this time. She would not falter this time. No, this time she would tell him how she felt… as soon as all these people left. Suddenly, Filius looked up, catching her gaze. An easy smile spread across his face as he hopped down off the podium and strode over to her. Pomona's heart leapt in her chest, and she blushed slightly. It was now or never.

"Pomona, my dear," he began in his jovial voice. "Did you enjoy the seminar?"

Nodding enthusiastically, Pomona exclaimed, "Oh, yes! Very much, Filius. I found the last sentence very inspiring," she stated, causing him to blush with pleasure.

"Well, you know how I feel about music, and love seems to flow along so naturally with it. It is so very near and dear to my heart." Gazing into her heart shaped face, Filius' brown eyes softened.

Pomona smiled at him. "Yes, that I do know. Filius, I was wondering…"

A slight crease came to his brow. "Yes, Pomona?"

"Did you have any plans for this evening?"

"Why, yes, I do happen to have plans. I finally gave in to Professor Sinistra. She has asked me to dinner, and she tells me there is a lovely Venus out tonight," he explained rather excitedly. "I have to admit, I am really looking forward to the star gazing. It has been years since I've been to the top of the Astronomy tower."

Looking over at her with a curious smile, he asked, "And what are you doing this evening, my dear?"

Pomona's heart shattered into small pieces at his excited statement. No, she wanted to scream at him. You should be with me, not that cow, Sinistra, she thought vehemently.

"W-well," she stuttered. "I—the girls and I are going to the Three Broomsticks. Madame Rosmerta is having a special Valentine's theme today."

"Ah, no gentleman caller then, my dear?" he questioned, sounding relieved.

Pomona's eyes shifted slightly, but she held his gaze, shaking her head. She put up a good front for him, but inside she was dying. She wondered vaguely if her heart was even beating anymore.

"No, not this time. Rolanda wants to celebrate Single's Awareness Day, so the girls and I are helping her this year." Pomona frowned slightly, thinking about how she would give up a night with her friends in a heartbeat if only Filius showed some interest in her. But he had already made plans, and they did not include her. Better that she was going with the girls, they would understand her need for a drink or two… or more; anything to take this wretched pain away.

Studying her, Filius was about to say something more but seemed to change his mind. Leaning over the desk, he placed his hand over hers in a friendly gesture. "Well then, I am off. I don't want to be late. And you know how Ro gets when she is delayed in her celebrations," he reminded her, causing her shoulder to ache in sympathy once more.

Sighing, Pomona looked at him and carefully tucked her feelings back inside. "Yes, yes, I know. Thank you for the wonderful seminar, Filius. I enjoyed it very much. Ha-have a good time tonight. And tell Celeste I said hello."

Briefly, he squeezed her hand and smiled. A light entered his eyes as he gazed at her, and Pomona's breath hitched in her chest when she looked away, unable to stare into his loving face which held the love of friendship when she wanted so much more. Then, to her startled surprise, he leaned in and kissed her lightly on her cheek. Another friendly gesture from him, but to her it meant so much more, and her heart kicked into overdrive in her chest. Her mind clouded.

How could he be like this? How could he be such a loving friend when it was killing her inside with wanting? Abruptly, she rose, and the desk skittered forward as it caught on her legs. Before he could incense her anymore with touches and caresses he clearly didn't reciprocate in the manner she wanted, she had to escape.

"Goodbye, Filius," she told him shakily. Turning quickly, she left the classroom, leaving Filius staring after her, a look of worry on his face.