This one is a little odd just to warn you...

Chapter.2: Die Kaiserliche Korps

Point of view: afrika korps

"What the hell happened?" Asked one of the soldiers

"I have no idea..." Replied another

"The terrain changed too!"

"I can see that we aren't in Africa"

"Look what the f**k is that!?" Screamed a soldier

A large cis gunship flew above the platoon of Germans.

"I guess you where right about that thing being from another world captain" said one of the men

"Let's follow that thing. Everyone move out!" Yelled captain Fokker

The men follow the strange craft and find a massive spire like base. Once the convoy gets near they are hauled by two battle droid guards

"Halt!" Ordered the first guard

"What the hell are you?" Asked Fokker

"That isn't the question are you working for the republic?"

"Republic? Me and my men are part of the deutsche afrika korps it's 1942 we found one of you buried in Egypt. My name is captain Hans Fokker"

"That is non existent you all are prisoners" replied the second guard

"You stupid machines don't understand that there's a bloody war going on!"

"You are mistaken"

"How can we be mistaken?! We only arrived here hours ago!"

"You will be held here until we figure out what side you are on"

"And if we don't"

"You all will be executed"

The german stared at the tan and red droid.

"Fine. Everyone Move out!"


"One thing, we would like to speak with your commanding officer"

"We can arrange that"

"Thank you"

The small convoy was led into the spire base, the Germans where led into a large command room with a holographic map. The men waited.

"Why do we have to wait in this damn hot room" asked one of the soldiers

"Want to see who's leading this?" Replied Fokker

"Yes but it's awfully hot in here"

"Would you rather be outside"


"Then don't complain"

Then a tall white armored cyborg entered the room

"Good evening gentlemen, I see you have gotten in" said the creature

"Maybe we could work out an agreement" replied Fokker

"What kind?"

"We fight for you as long as your army helps us, we can train them in tactics and in air/armored combat. We can also equip them with the appropriate gear"


"An introduction is in order then. My name is Hans Fokker these are my men of the 7th armored infantry division"

"I am General Grievous. your small army may be useful"

"There's more of us...many more"


"Back on our home planet...Earth"


"Yes it's at war actually the second major war sense the Great War of 1914"

"Your unit will now be part of the CIS and I will keep an eye on it"

"Yes sir"

The cyborg and the Germans leave to be trained