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It's Hard to Love Your Enemies When They Keep Killing Everything You Love.

"Ugh, you have got to be kidding me," Jack said as she picked herself off the ground, "I honestly believe that I would have been better off in that prison." It has been three weeks now since she has been in London and honestly she feels like it has been three weeks too long. She had no intention of making this battle her own, but Shepard needed her and who was she to deny the love of her life. She hadn't seen Shepard since he took her out dancing on the Citadel, they spent at the most an hour together, and even that hour was not enough for Jack. She wanted to tell him so much, she wanted to do so much before they headed back to Earth; but he was so busy and she didn't want to seem needy or weak for wanting him around, so sadly that hour was all she could ask of him. But now those beautiful moments seem like years away, and she would give anything to just have him near her, holding her, telling her that everything would be okay.

However, she doubted that it truly would be okay. This war has made itself something beyond what anyone expected and honestly, Crucible or not, she truly doubted that they would make it. Despite the Turians, the Asaris, and the Salarians help, people were dying from left to right at an alarming rate, and all of this "uniting the galaxy" for this war was doing was nothing but uniting them in death. Negative yes, but true, as she looked around she felt that there would be absolutely no chance to survive this battle. Don't get her wrong the barriers were holding but if the students would have to keep the barriers up for a few moments longer, it would be hard for them to recover when time asked of it.

"Rodriguez, keep that barrier up!" Jack yelled.

"In a moment mam," Rodriguez yelled.

A Batarian was running the soldier's way and if Rodriguez didn't put up barrier, he would be dead in a matter of seconds. Jack looked to the solider; maybe she could throw a barrier his way, and her soldiers still needed protection.

"Rodriguez, put up that barrier," Jack yelled.

Rodriguez continued to look at the Batarian. What the hell? Jack thought, was Rodriguez in shock or just plain stupid?

"Rodriguez, listen to me you need to—,"Jack was silenced by shock.

Rodriguez all in once second bought back up a barrier for her solider in one hand and threw a throw in the direction of the attacking Batarian, ripping his shoulder-head off of his body. Jack stood dumbfounded. The rest of the attacking Batarians came to a halt in the run looked at one another and slowly back away from the perimeter. Shit.

"Jacqueline Nought?!" a solider screamed.

Jacked turned around.

"Jacqueline Nought," the solider repeated.

"It's Jack, dumb ass. What do you want?"

"We have a Commander Shepard, from the headquarters, looking for you," answered the solider.

It's about time he came back. Jack turned around to look at the perimeter, looks like Rodriguez had pushed all of the Batarians back, it would be a while before they decided to rush in again.

"Everyone, go back to the main tent and rest up, be back in five, they're not just going to sit on their asses because Rodriguez gave them a little scare."

Jacked looked at Rodriguez and gave her a wink. She then turned her back and started walking toward the tent that they set up for communications.

She activated the console, she saw nothing at first, and no one appeared. Then a pixilated picture of a silhouette she knew all too well.

"Shepard? Shepard is that you?"

Instantly the picture cleared and she was able to see the person she only fought to see.

"Jack, how are you guys?" he replied.

She loved to hear his voice.

"Good so far," she replied although she knew it was a lie "we're south of your position. Rodriguez ripped the shoulder-head off one of those Batarian things."

Jack thought for a second about how proud she truly was to see Rodriguez do that.

"It was great," Jack said.

"I'll see you on the other side," Shepard responded.

"Don't get killed dumb ass," please don't die, "When this is over, I'm getting laid," when this is over maybe we can truly be together.

"I love you too Jack," Shepard said.

As she savored his words the connection between her and Shepard were cut and she had to once again fight a battle that separated her from the one she loved.

"Okay guys out of the tent, your break is over," Jacked yelled.

Everybody stopped fighting and started to cheer. Shepard had taken down the Repear and given them more time apart from its lasers.

"Everyone, the Crucible is on the move, I repeat the Crucible is on the move," the solider from communications yelled.

Good, Jack thought.

"What about Shepard, any word on him?" Jack questioned.

"Yeah, he and Captain Anderson are heading for the Citadel."

"The Citadel, how the hell is he going to get there?"

"I don't know mam."

Great just what she needed, for Shepard to keep playing hero. She was proud of him but it was beginning to grow tired. He was always willing to put the great of the good ahead of himself, but this was not the time. He shouldn't need to go up there and pick a fight with whoever the hell was waiting. This battle was already unclear and he being up there wasn't helping her nerves. His selfness was beautiful; he showed it a thousand times. He showed it back with Sovereign/Saren, he showed it back in the Collectors Base, and he definitely showed it when he took his time to help everyone with their issues while working with Cerberus. And he is showing it now with taking down the Reapers, the problem is though it was beautiful, she could see what everyone including Shepard could not, his selfness was ultimately going to get him killed.

"Rodriguez, dammit your barrier," Jack yelled.

Nothing was really wrong with Rodriguez's barrier but Jack had to keep herself talking, she had to keep the feeling of being in control. It's had been an hour since Shepard and Captain Anderson had made their way to Citadel and an hour of being dark on their conditions.

"Have you heard anything about Shepard?" she yelled to the communication advisor.

"Not yet—wait." He replied.

He threw his hand up to his ear to get a better listen, and then his eyes shot down as if it pained him to hear what he heard.

"What? What's that look mean?" Jack asked.

"The ground team," he looked away "the ground team was taken down by a Reaper."

Jack was now all body and no mind. She was moving yes, keeping barriers, throwing biotic powers whenever it was needed but that was just instincts. She wasn't thinking because all she continued to hear was Shepard is dead.

"Ms. Nought? Ms. Nought? Jack!" the solider yelled.

Jack was thrown back into reality. She looked at the communication advisor.

"Reports are saying that one—no two people have made it to the Citadel."

"What?" she whispered.

But as if he read her mind he spoke up louder.

"Commander Shepard might be alive," he yelled.

Shepard might be alive, she kept thinking, that dumb ass might have survived after all. Thank god.

The solider telling her that Shepard might be alive was all that she needed. When it came to Shepard there was never a "might" it was always it is or it isn't; and she knew Shepard, there was no way he came this far just to let another solider finish the battle he started. He was up there and he was actually going to win this. Since she was given the good news, Jack and her body remained one. She hadn't for a second let it move on its own. She allowed herself to think, and in doing so, she thought of her future with Shepard now that the war would be won, she could imagine anything.

She wanted to have a life with him, maybe find a house on the Citadel. She hated to admit it but she loved it there, the peace bought the ease she ultimately needed. She wanted kids for sure, hell she would even adopt Rodriguez if she could once this all ended. And she definitely wanted to be his wife. A life with him would be the best thing for her now and now that she had gotten him she didn't attend to let him go. She wanted—

"Look," Rodriguez screamed pointing towards the sky.

Jack looked up.

"The Crucible is working."

Jack smiled. Well damn, he did it, Shepard really did it.

Jack's smile deflated and she spun around.

"What is the status check on Shepard?" she asked.

Despite the Crucible working the enemies still remained to breach the perimeter, which was easy being that everyone was too distracted by the sight of the Crucible to fight a moment longer. Jack threw a couple of throws and maintained the barrier of soldiers.

"What is the status check on Shepard?" she repeated but this time she demanded an answer.

The husks were still running into the perimeter.

"Dammit. What is his status?" she spoke slowly.

The communication advisor looked up.

"Mam, Commander Shepard has been reported dead," he finally replied.

At that moment Jack could feel her heart break into a million pieces and she had no clue where to start repairing it or if she would ever want it to be repaired. The truth was Shepard was the only person to care enough to fix it after Cerberus broke it, and now they have managed to ruin it again. Except this time they did not break her heart, they destroyed it.

Jack hadn't paid attention to the soldiers' barrier and she hadn't bothered to throw anymore husk. She only noticed she stopped fighting when she saw a green light pouring in from the distance and the husk who threw her back.

Jack woke up to the smell of the room, it smelled of paste, mothballs, and a hint sadness therefore she knew that she was in the hospital; which means that she sadly survived the blow made by the husk, she had hoped he killed her, but no such luck. She didn't want to open her eyes, plus she could feel that someone had been watching her. If she opened her eyes they would only want to talk and that was the last thing she wanted to do. If she woke up, she would wake up to the reality that Shepard did not survive. She would face the reality that they were never going to have that house on the Citadel or even have a child of her own. She would have to face to waking in the warmth of her sheets instead of his arms and she would wake up to the reality that he died being selfless. That was not a reality that she wanted nor was she going to accept it.

Her anger spurred up her biotics a little and whoever was watching, was watching her close enough to notice.

"Jack," the voice asked.

It was that voice that forced her eyes open; it was that voice that bought hope back into her life once more. It was that voice who gave her happiness, love, and repaired her heart again just like he did before.


"Hey," he happily replied.

-End Of Chapter One-