Trouble Maker

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Chapter Twenty: VVA

Sookie lay on the couch in Eric's office trying her hardest not to pout. Eric could feel her stress and came to her, straddling her bottom as he began massaging her back. The telepath sighed with slight relief. Though his ministrations did little to quell her thoughts, it at least helped keep the physical manifestations of that strain at bay.

"Do you want to talk about what is bothering you?" Eric asked gently.

"You know what's bothering me." Sookie replied quietly.

"Yes, but that does not mean that there are not specific points that you would like to address." He found a knot beside her shoulder blade and began working it out.

"Same old song and dance." Sookie shrugged awkwardly, "It's just now that this is all a prophecy, it makes me feel even lessin control of my own life."

"Sookie," Eric began softly, "a prophecy is not set in stone. Did you not hear what Dr. Ludwig said? We are being kept uninformed about the nature of our prophecy to prevent ourselves from swaying from our paths. The more one knows about the future- the easier it is for that future to never happen. Our choices and decisions have lead us this far, and apparently we are following the most optimal path right now. However, if we had not decided to Bond, would that have affected the prophecy? Would we have been ordered to do it? Would we have complied? Even a prophecy is not full proof. There is a chance that it has tried hundreds of times to be fulfilled and been prevented."

"So, you're saying that if we make some wrong choices and keep the prophecy from being fulfilled, it will just recycle and try again?" Sookie asked.

"In some cases, yes. Most are dependent on many events and factors. Many take centuries, if not millenniums, of preparations. But, Sookie, the future is never foretold. It is calculated and planned, but never preordained. You still have many choices to make that will influence them. You just forget that any choice, big or small, is not always yours, alone, to make." He was speaking so tenderly that Sookie wanted to weep, "Just as you are capable of influencing the outcome of another's decision, so can they influence yours."

Sookie was quiet for a moment as Eric continued to massage her back, "You're saying that whether I choose to be quiet or speak up about what I hear in someone's head, is just like me forcing them to make a decision or not?"

Eric smiled, "Yes, when you spot drainers and addicts in my club, we approach them. They are then forced to alter their preconceived notions about the evening. You have therefor altered the path of their life by a simple gesture to them. There is nothing different than the Queen summoning us, or you being a culmination of different magics that forced you to make a decision about your future. Everything is a decision, my lover, and not all of them are entirely ours to make. Sometimes the decisions we make only have a few options for us to choose from. Do not feel that you are being singled out. But, when you are to play a role as big as the one that we are all to play, expect your choices to have limitations and be of greater significance than most others must make. Sometimes those choices require great sacrifice for great reward. Remember that."

Reflecting on his words, Sookie asked, "Then why are there prophecies? What makes the decisions of a select few so monumental that they need to be called prophecies?"

With a sigh, Eric stopped working on her back and pulled Sookie into his arms to speak with her, "Have you heard the Shakespearian quote about greatness?" Sookie shook her head, "'Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.' The great are always called to do great things. Prophecies are seen as warnings. They show two extreme outcomes to a single impacting event. One where everything aligns perfectly as planned. The other where the outcome has been compromised and fails, or worse; it backlashes. A Seer has the opportunity to help along to one of these outcomes since they are sensitive to the future. Some are benevolent, some corrupted, and few benign. A benevolent Seer will try and lead the prophecy towards peace, corrupted will sway towards their own personal gain, benign will speak nothing and influence in neither direction- allowing nature to take its course."

"So, what is the Ancient Pythoness?" Sookie asked breathlessly.

"She is usually benevolent, but in some cases benign." Eric told her as he stroked her hair.

"How do you know?" Sookie asked in a whisper, "How do you know she isn't corrupt and has actually been a huge benefactor in the prophecies she's helped along?"

Eric smiled, "The Ancient Pythoness does not only see large events Sookie. It is impossible to lie to her. To do so would be foolish and completely pointless. It is almost like a human lying to you. As for knowing that she is mostly benevolent... I suppose it is a form of faith. Just as I have faith in you to tell me the truth about what you hear; the vampires have faith that the Ancient Pythoness is here to benefit us all, not just herself. There has never been an action she has taken in her two and a half millennia on this earth that makes us question her- what cause is there now?" He asked.

Letting out a long sigh, Sookie snuggled into Eric, "What do you feel, Sookie? Ludwig said your instincts would grow even stronger."

Taking a moment, Sookie responded, "I feel that I trust your judgment, and that it has never steered me wrong. I will trust that you will keep me safe, and that you know me well enough to keep me from falling into evil, or becoming evil."

Kissing her crown, Eric hugged her tightly, "I am happy you feel that way, Lover."


"Yes, My Bonded?"

"Am I corrupted?" She whispered.

Eric gave her a confused look, "What would make you wonder such an impossible thing?"

She shrugged weakly, "Well, you said corrupted Seers will manipulate a prophecy to best benefit themselves. So they're really selfish."


"Isn't the fact that all I'm thinking about in all of this is me? The choices I don't get to make, the way these things affect me-"

"Sookie, you are very young, and to have this much of a burden thrust upon your shoulders is more than daunting. That is why you have a strong, respectable, and steadfast bloodline of vampires to guide and protect you. We are not just here to protect you physically, but to teach you and help you achieve whatever it is you must." Eric told her, "And there has never been a more selfless person I have met in my 1000 years on this earth." He planted another kiss on her crown.

"What about Ghandi?"

"I never actually met him." Eric told her.

"Why not?"

Eric laughed, "Just because one is around, does not mean that they get to experience everything, or meet every notable figure from history."

Giving her Bonded a small smile, Sookie tilted her head back to offer him her lips, which he gratefully accepted, "How do you know what your role is? We don't even know what the prophecy is!" She giggled.

"Based on Ludwig's statements to us, it is easy to deduce our role around you. I believe that you are the star of this prophecy, Lover, and my bloodline is your back up."

Sookie shivered at the thought, "This is the craziest month of my life."

"I am certain that will change next month." Eric grinned at her, "And I cannot wait to be a part of it."

"Excuse my interruption." Godric came into the office, "However, we have many things to settle." Pam followed the shorter vampire into the room and locked the door behind her. "This office is enchanted?" Godric checked and continued after Eric's confirming nod, "I have a theory behind which prophecy we are involved in. In respect to Ludwig's command, I will not speak my suspicions, but know that it is older than I, and of the utmost importance that we fulfill it without error. Sookie, I would like to tutor you on a few subjects." He told her. "Particularly history and politics. I believe the knowledge will benefit you greatly in the very near future. Also, we need to start exercising your gifts. They should be expanding soon, and we need to help you find control of them."

Sookie nodded quietly. If God, or whatever Higher Powers existed, had put these vampires into her life- she would utilize every bit of information, experience, and suggestion they gave her!

"Eric, I will be attending your summons to the Queen this Wednesday." Godric told him, "Pam will continue to hold down Area 5."

"Yes, Master." Eric nodded his head, "We need to have an imposing force aside her."

"Agreed." Godric nodded.

"Master Godric, I have procured- ("I really hate that word..." Sookie muttered) - a temporary residence for you." Pam smirked at the telepath's mumbled statement.

"Good. I have contacted Isabel, and she has agreed to take over my role as Sheriff Interim. She will run my area while still deferring to me, although I have given her free range with the exception of dealing with the Weres." Godric told them, "Once I have those two groups working together, I will formally resign from my position."

"How long should that take?" Sookie asked.

Godric shrugged, "Hopefully our first meeting will go smoothly and the two groups can reach some understandings. Then my presence will not be required in the matter and I can formally resign."

"It's too bad this all came up during this big of a moment." Sookie frowned sadly, "I hope everything still works out even without you to help it along."

"I am sure that it will." Godric smiled at her, "Now, as for this meeting..." Everyone trained their eyes on Godric to listen, "In the last three hours, aside from making arrangements in Dallas, I was also contacting the Pack Leader of Shreveport. He referred me to a Herveaux that you seem to have contact with, Eric?" The Viking nodded, "Herveaux is sending his son in tonight to potentially work as Sookie's day guard."

Eric frowned, "He will have to do until we find more suitable guards. He is not trained for that type of work, but he should at least be able to deflect any current daytime threats. The Fellowship of the Sun is our only daylight problem currently. Hopefully any issues with them will only occur in Bon Temps. Sookie, are you agreeable with staying away from Bon Temps during the daytime?"

She nodded, "Yeah, for the most part. I'm gonna have to go there during the day sometime this week though, to clear things up with Bartlett's will."

"Who was Bartlett?" Godric asked.

"My Great Uncle." Sookie sighed.

"I am sorry for you loss." Godric offered condolences.

"Don't be. Eric killed him." Sookie sighed. Pam smirked at the girl's nonchalant response.

"Eric." Godric said sternly.

"He molested me as a child." Sookie interrupted softly, "Eric just handled the situation to the best of his ability. He also raped my cousin and aunt. I don't regret that kind of darkness being wiped from the earth." Pausing for a moment, she continued slowly, "I'm not saying that's how everything should be handled... I just can't bring myself to feel regret for him, or feel anger at Eric for killing him."

"I see..." Godric was frowning firmly now. "Regardless, be very careful while you are in Bon Temps, and alert Alcide to when you are going to go."

Sookie nodded, "If y'all think it's necessary, I am more than capable of doing that."

"We find it necessary." All three said in unison and Sookie shook her head amusedly.

"Y'all are gonna be the death of me." She smiled at her family, "So, we're not gonna do anything 'bout this prophecy?"

"We are going to do as we normally do." Godric explained, "We will follow our usual routines, well, you three will, I will need to try and discover what it is I would be doing if I did not believe that I was here for any other reason than to support my Child as he begins the journey of creating a Bonded Child. But you three should do as you normally would and follow your reactions as you would under normal circumstances."

"Why did Ludwig bother telling us we were part of a prophecy if we just need to do as we always do?" Sookie groaned.

"Because your friend was about to unveil a big piece of our future without realizing it." Pam replied dryly, "Ludwig had no choice but to intervene."

"If you say so." Sookie resisted rolling her eyes. "I still think they might as well have told us what's goin' on."

Eric smiled at his Bonded. He could feel her frustration, but her curiosity was much more prominent. "We have already explained why she could not."

"Okay, okay, I'm tired of talking in circles. Is there anything else to do before this Herveaux character gets here?" Sookie asked.

"There is not. You may go about your evenings as usual." Godric smiled his adorable, yet irritating, smile.

The four dispersed from the office, Pam to the bar, Godric to the employee parking lot to make more phone calls, and Eric took Sookie to the dais, perching her upon his lap when he sat down on his throne. Sookie did not miss the distinct sound of several fangs snicking into place as she and her vampire passed. Apparently she had left quite an impression the day of their Bonding ceremony.

"You are amused." Eric smiled at her.

"Just the reactions of some of the vamps." Sookie whispered with a smile, "I seem to have imprinted quite a memorable evening into their brains."

Eric growled his sultry rumble, "Yes, you did. Every vampire in the bar that night probably had to bed another vampire to avoid any incidents."

"How do you mean?" Sookie was confused.

"Your smell. The pheromones you gave off that evening were like an aphrodisiac for vampires. Godric and Pam ended up bedding each other for fear of what they would do to a human in such a state. You, Miss Stackhouse, caused a 2000 year old vampire to lose control to such a degree that he did not trust himself around humans. That is more than quite a feat."

Sookie giggled a bit, "But I thought Pam liked girls?"

"Oh, she is versatile. She prefers women, but she still enjoys a male companion from time to time. Although, it is usually male vampires she enjoys rather than human males. She only enjoys the mortal men when she is dominating them." Eric explained.

"Dominating..." Sookie frowned, "Isn't that the thing with the chains and riding crops and stuff?"

Eric's eyebrows rose, "I did not believe you would know of such things."

"I like mysteries, remember? That includes crime shows and stuff. You'd be surprised at some of the things you hear about from TV." Sookie smirked, glad to get a one up on her vampire.

Intrigued, Eric tilted his head, his hand running lazily up her bare thigh, "And did those glimpses into that world ever make you curious?" Domination was not all whips and chains, but he did not feel this was the time or place for an orientation.

Scrunching her face, Sookie replied, "I don't think so- isn't that stuff supposed to hurt?"

Eric gave the slightest of shrugs, "It depends. Some like a little pain, others like a lot of pain, but it does not need to be about that. Bondage, a branch of domination, is sometimes the lure for them. It does not have to be chains and leather. It can instead by silk ropes, blindfolds, and items of that kind."

He could feel her interest building slowly, and he could smell the increasing of her arousal as his hand continued to caress her thigh, "That seems to interest you." He rumbled in her ear.

"Well, y-yeah, but that sounds intimate and trusting, not scary and painful." Sookie pointed out.

"It is all about intimacy and trust, My Little Lover, even the things that sound scary and painful." Eric told her, "The intimacy of learning your lover's body and finding that fine line that borders between pleasure and pain, the thrill of being scared that you have no control over what will be done to you while you are vulnerable, but trusting your lover to take care of you and not do anything you would not wish to have done to you."

He could definitely feel her arousal in the Bond now, and the smell of her flowing juices was perfuming the air. Many vampires were becoming transfixed with the dais, gravitating towards it, but not nearly so intensely as the night of the Ceremony.

"Eric," Sookie whispered huskily, "I just ended my estrus early this morning. Please don't tease me so badly!"

Eric gave her an amused leer as her tiny hands fisted into the front of his shirt; he could hear the acceleration of her breathing, and the flutter of her heartbeat.

"I already told you, My Sookie." His hand that was at her back ran up to twist a piece of her hair, "I truly missed being the one to drive you crazy. I am going to thoroughly enjoy it now."

Sookie could not keep the moan from passing her lips. She stared at him longingly, her hand gliding across his clothed chest. It was not fair; she needed her mate so badly!

"Please, Eric?" She wriggled in his lap uncomfortably, her dripping arousal making it difficult to sit pleasantly. The growing bulge she was seated upon was not helping her plight either. "Eric?" She whimpered as she felt his hardness pressing up against her, "Please? Please?" She gasped, her thighs tensing and relaxing relentlessly.

"Sookie." Eric said firmly, "You are going to have to wait until the meeting with Herveaux is over. This cannot be helped. Also, you need to learn patience. If you continue to react like this, you will be sitting in my office with Pam until the meeting can begin." Sookie gave him a hurt look, and he felt the pang deep in his soul.

"I-I'm sorry." She whispered, "I don't know what came over me... Other than when I was going through estrus all last week, I've never felt lust that strong before. But that was a compulsion; almost another person experiencing it, this was... It felt like it was all me, but..."

Eric flinched at the description, and felt immediate shame at reprimanding her so harshly. What she had been feeling originated with him. Vampires had strong drives and emotions, but they learned to control their impulses and suppress their reactions to their feelings. Now with Sookie receptive to the Bond, she was not prepared to face the full brunt of his reactions, nor was she trained to partition them.

"There is nothing to apologize for, Sookie. It is the Bond. You felt my lust and desire, and you responded to it. That is what a good mate would do. I am the one that is sorry, for not preparing you on how to react to my emotions, and then faulting you for not knowing how to deal with them." He could not bear the thought of Sookie blaming herself, let alone being so confused because of what he had done. "We will work on it now, yes?"

Sookie nodded, "So, you're not gonna make me go sit in your office with Pam?" She asked desperately.

"No," he smiled reassuringly, "I did not realize what was happening, and regardless, I should not have spoken to you like that. I am sorry for that, too."

"You apologize to me a lot now. Before you were all 'I apologize to no one.'" Sookie told him in her best barrel tone impersonation.

"As do you." Eric chuckled at the attempted imitation, "Though it feels like I have known you all of my existence- in reality it has only been about a month. I suppose we should accept that we have much to learn from and about each other and that many times, we will say or do things that we will need to apologize for."

"I thought love was never having to say you're sorry..?" Sookie sing songed.

Eric shook his head, "Love is never having to be afraid to say you are sorry."

Sookie giggled, "I like that one better."

"As do I." Eric smiled at her, "Now. Any news on the mind reading front of security?" He asked.

Sookie rolled her eyes and did a quick scan. It was amazing how easy that was.

God, won't anyone here freakin' bite me!?

Where the fuck did Lisa go? She was s'pose to give me a ride-

Kathy was right.

Mmm, that's one tasting looking vamp. Who's the fangbanger in his lap?

Why can't I-

Sookie doubled back in the brains she sifted through. Kathy? Sookie had to find that mind again. Of course, it was ridiculous to give pause to the name Kathy. Hundreds of girls in the area could have that name! This Kathy could have been right about any number of things. It did not mean she was involved with Fellowship of the Sun, or that VVA meeting in Texas... But she still had to check.

All a buncha cows being wrangled for the slaughter. Looks like the dance floor is the best place to do it. More humans there to hit-

Sookie was out of Eric's lap and running for the dance floor. Eric was at her heels, but not knowing where to go he could only follow.

"What are you gonna do, what are you trying to do?" Sookie mumbled, trying to find the face that went with the thoughts. There were too many people clustered around the 'voice', "Where are you?!" She sifted through the brains around the terrorist. "THERE!"

Eric pounced on the young man in the middle of the dance floor, pinning his arm to the inside of his jacket. The music stopped and all of those on the dance floor backed away, forming a circle around Eric and his captive.

Rising up, Eric kept his prisoner's arm pinned inside their coat as he dragged him from the dance floor. Sookie and Pam were on his heels. As Eric threw him into his office, a full auto Glock 18 with a large magazine was torn from the man's hand.

"We seem to be running into gunmen lately, Lover." Eric said conversationally.

Sookie did not even reply to Eric, she immediately started in on the gunman, "Who is Kathy?" She demanded, ripping into his brain. She needed to know NOW, "How did you meet her?"

"Ah, annng." The gunman's mouth slackened, drool dribbling past his lips. His eyes widened and pupils dilated, nearly eclipsing their irises entirely, as the telepath captured his gaze.

The telepath bypassed asking questions after that. She had found the niche of his brain she needed to be in. An image of Kathy was there- the same woman she had seen in the Dallas gunman's head. Same woman, and Arlene had thought of a Kathy from a Fellowship meeting who had the same ideals as the Kathy both gunmen had known. Kathy was a brunette woman, probably in her mid to late twenties. She was not ugly or beautiful, just average, but boy could she talk. She had started a VVA support group out of Shreveport. She had picked up most of the members from the hospital- people who had suffered ravaging by vampires. Kathy had reached out to them. All this man knew was that Kathy's accent was Southern, but not from Louisiana. He did not know for sure, but something about how she talked reminded him of Oklahoma, but he was uncertain.

After she had the information she could get about Kathy, Sookie checked to see if the MO was the same. Yes, this man... Clint... Was at Fangtasia tonight to try and kill as many Fangbangers as he could before the vampires killed him. Again- eliminate the food source and vamps would show their true nature.

"He's empty." Sookie slipped out of Clint's head and the man's eyes refocused.

"What the hell am I doing in here!?" He started screaming, "I didn't consent to be your fucking dinner tonight!"

"No one here wants a drop of your blood." Eric snarled, leaning over Clint and capturing his gaze, "You will not recall coming to Fangtasia tonight. You have no real aversion to vampires, but you do not associate with them regardless." Eric finished glamouring Clint and turned to Pam, "Get him a cab and get him out of here." He ordered. Running into another gunman like this, in a highly vampire/fangbanger trafficked area was enough information for him to be more than aware that killing the gunman went against their best interest. Eric was not a firm believer in coincidence, and he had a gut feeling that if this man went missing, it would lead back to the vampire community.

Pam nodded and left the room, "Sookie what-"

"Same thing as the gunman in Dallas. There seems to be a girl named Kathy going from state to state, city to city forming VVA- Vampire Victims Anonymous- groups. She brainwashes the hole group into thinking that if Fangbangers didn't exist- vampires would show their true colors and start openly hunting again. I know what she looks like, but she's very plain. Brunette, female, average height, average weight, brown eyes. But she is very charismatic. That is why she's gaining people's trust so easily. And she's using supposed victims of vampires as her pawns."

"Sookie, this is good to know, but, I need you to focus on what you just did to that man. Normally when you listen to people, they are engaged and speaking as you listen to their heads. That man was vacant and looked lobotomized. Do you have any idea what you did?" Eric's voice was steady, but she could feel his intense curiosity.

Sookie shook her head, "No, I just wanted all the answers as fast as possible. I needed to know if there was anyone else in the club that was intending to hurt people. I needed to know about Kathy and where she came from. I just couldn't wait for him to get there so I cracked open his mind. Eric, it was so easy... It was like I was a worm burrowing through an apple or... I can't explain it. I didn't need him to take me to his memories. Once I started a line of questioning I got the general location I needed in his brain and just flipped through it like a magazine."

Eric nodded, "All right... This sounds like an expansion or increase in your power."


"The man did not seem impaired after your encounter with him, but you must not experiment with this until after we see Ludwig again. Remember what she said?"

"Yes." Sookie nodded slowly, "I'll do better to control myself."

"Thank you." He leaned down to kiss Sookie's crown. "You did well tonight. Did you learn anything else?"

Sookie nodded, "Kathy is associated with the Fellowship of the Sun. I don't know if she's recruiting these victims to join the church, or if the church has her doing this as a separate branch that cannot be associated with the church. Until I find Kathy, I can't be sure of her... I need to find out where they're meeting though." She stood from her chair and began pacing, "All I know for sure is Arlene knows nothing about VVA, she only knows her from the Fellowship... So if I can find a VVA meeting, I might be able to find Kathy!"

"Sookie," Eric was shaking his head, "no, you cannot... I cannot allow you to infiltrate the enemy lines. No-"

"Eric, I have to! We need to know how deep this goes. Who else are you gonna be able to send into this?" Sookie continued her pacing, her arms flailing as she argued, "There's already a chance that she's left Louisiana. She could already be on her way to Arkansas or Mississippi depending on the pattern she's moving in. If she started in Oklahoma like I think, then went south to Texas, followed by here, I think she'll continue east and hit those states before working north and then west again... But until I find her- I can't figure it out!"

Eric leaned against the door of his office, "Sookie, I do not know that I could... Allow myself to let you take this risk."

"Eric." Sookie said firmly, "I am going to find where they are meeting, and I am going to attend a meeting."

A warning growl came from Eric's lips at this proclamation, "I will tell your guard not to let you within 100 yards of that meeting place."

"Too bad I won't tell you where it is when I find out then." She crossed her arms over her chest. Another growl, "Who the hell are you going to send? Seriously?"

"I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT IT!" Eric roared, "I want you safe! And you are-"

"I have to do this!" She screamed back, "I can't just let it go and let innocent-"

"There is nothing innocent about those fangbangers-"

"So they deserve to get shot up and killed!?"

"If it means keeping you safe, then-"


Eric threw his hands up in frustration, "You are impossible."

"You're impossible-er!"

"That is not even a word!"

They both paused and stared at each other for a second before shaking their heads and chuckling. "I think we need a mediator." Eric admitted.

"Ludwig said to trust my instincts. I know I can infiltrate a meeting. I know I can do it without being recognized later or figured out while I'm there. Please, trust me. Kathy has hopefully only hit three states so far. I need Godric to talk to some more Sheriffs in Texas and ask if there have been any massacres or shootings of vampire sympathizers. If you can talk to some vamps in Oklahoma and ask the same things, we can hopefully back track the areas she's hit and find out where she's going from there."

"And how do you plan on finding a VVA meeting?" Eric asked calmly.

"I saw in Clint's head where they meet. Unfortunately, it doesn't look familiar to me, but I know it was in Shreveport." Sookie told him slowly.

"Describe it to me. I have a lot of real estate, I may have an idea about the location." He sat down at his desk.

"Umm," Sookie closed her eyes, recalling the room the meeting had been in, "there are phones ringing during the daytime, but they sound very muffled, like in other offices. The ringing comes from one direction, so maybe it has a front reception desk? I don't really hear much traffic, so it must not be near a busy street. There are windows on the west facing wall. Umm... The room is painted a pale blue; the carpet is an ugly brown, Berber carpet. There's posters on the wall, but they're all generic motivational posters."

"Stop stop. I believe I know that location. There is an office building a few blocks over that has a storage room that sounds as you described. It is separate from the office's lease, and the owner of the building rents it to be used as a conference room by different organizations." Eric explained as he grabbed a pen and piece of paper, "I used that spot to hold audiences with new vampires to the area until the enchantments were placed on my office and dais." He wrote down the address and handed it to Sookie, "You will tell your guard where you are. He will wait outside for you during the meeting. You will have his number dialed on your phone waiting to press send. If you are in danger, you will call him. Is this understood?" Eric asked before letting her take the address.

"Loud and clear." Sookie nodded seriously.

"There is an access to the conference room outside of the office entrance. It is on the south wall of the building." He explained as Sookie read the address. "Do you know when they meet?"

"Next meeting is this Sunday at 2 PM." Sookie told him.

"All right." Eric sighed, unnecessarily. "Give me a moment," he reached for his desk's phone and dialed a number, "Mike, this is Eric Northman. That property you used to rent out to me- has it been under regular use on Sunday afternoons?" Eric paused as he awaited the answer, "Any idea who is using it during that time?... I see. This is a regular group then?.. I was considering renting from you again for another of my businesses... Thank you, Mike." Eric hung up the phone, turning to say something to Sookie. Before he could say anything else, his intercom buzzed, "What?" He snapped at it.

"Herveaux is here."Pam's voice sounded over the speaker.

"Bring him back in ten minutes." Eric answered before calling, "Godric."

The oldest vampire was soon in the office and Eric quickly explained all that had transpired. Though most of the conversation had been hissed vehemently, they had both managed to keep their voices low enough to be shielded by the Secrets Sphere. Luckily the couple of times they had shouted were not forthcoming about their plans. When Godric was told about the situation, he was just as resistant as Eric had been, but that was an argument for a little later. Alcide Herveaux was on his way back.

"Herveaux." Eric nodded, pulling Sookie into his lap at his desk chair, "Did your father explain any of what is transpiring right now?"

Alcide shook his head, unable to tear his eyes from the beautiful blonde perched in the vampire's lap. She looked too sweet and nice to be where she was; seated on the Viking's knee. Alcide was disturbed at how innocent and young the woman looked. How the Viking would spoil and ruin her and then discard her and-

"Do you plan to answer my mate?" Sookie snapped. "Or do you plan on staring at me all night in pity?" She knew she was being rude, but she did not appreciate being pitied, and she especially did not appreciate being looked at like trash.

Alcide flinched at her accurate accusation, "Sorry, I... Mate?" He stared wide eyed at Eric, "You've taken a mate?" He could not have been more shocked if Eric had been elected as the new Pope.

"I have. Alcide Herveaux, meet my Bonded Mate, Sookie Stackhouse." Eric introduced. Alcide nodded his head carefully at the girl, "Now that you understand her significance, I think you will understand the role I am about to entrust to you. Sookie needs a daytime guard. I believe it is only a matter of time before her importance to me is marginally understood by humans in the area. I worry that fangbangers and zealots will take it upon themselves to attack me through her. Sookie is also telepathic. This is less common knowledge than her position by my side. It must not be made common knowledge, understood?" Alcide nodded, "You will only be guarding her temporarily, until a permanent, trained guard can be found. Are you agreeable?"

"How much of my father's debt are you going to wipe off for doing this?" Alcide asked.

"If you can keep her safe and without incident until your replacement can be found- consider your father's debt paid in full." Eric told him.

"Then I'm in." Alcide shrugged, "Gimme a run-down of how you wanna work this."

"Sookie will keep you informed of her movements. I do not wish you to know the location of our home, nor anyone else. It will be your job to meet with Sookie at a location before beginning her day. From there, you will stay within five feet of her at all times. At the end of the day, you will take her back to the location she met you at and be sure that she has not been followed before she begins her journey the remainder of the way home. The only exception to this will be this Sunday. There is a place you will not be able to go into with her, but you will remain nearby in the event that she needs you." Eric explained how she would contact him and Alcide nodded.

"I don't have any complaints, especially if it means getting my father out from under your thumb." Alcide crossed his arms over his chest.

"Just keep in mind," Eric's voice was a warning in itself, "if you lay a paw on her that is not a measure of her safety, I will remove it from your body. You can run three legged on the full moon from then on. Is that understood?"

Alcide smirked, "I understand the protocol around a Bonded human- even if there hasn't been one for as long as I've been alive."

"And if I get wind that you have disrespected her in any way, I will be happy to remove your tongue so you can never utter another offense."

Alcide's jaw tensed, "I understand." He spat. Sookie remained silent as Eric made himself clear. A shiver was running down her spine at her lover's words. "I hope that I can't be held accountable for any of my thoughts. I'd hate to think of what you'd remove for that."

"Amusing." Eric did not sound amused at all. He picked up a pad of paper and pen and wrote down Alcide's phone number, handing it to Sookie, "My Bonded has your number. Expect her call."

"And how long can I expect to be doing this? Since I'll be on call, it'll greatly affect my real job. I need to know how much time off I am taking for this." Alcide was growing steadily angry.

"Three weeks should be enough time to find an adequate replacement." Godric injected.

"I'll try to keep my daytime wandering to a minimum for the next three weeks." Sookie smiled politely at the Werewolf, but she could hear him wondering why she was trying to be polite now after her initial coldness. He quickly seemed to remember what he had been thinking about her when he first came in, and that tempered his initial hostility. At least the Viking's Mate did not seem to hold a grudge for very long, "And you'll have this Wednesday and Thursday off for certain since we will not be in the area."

"Do not avoid inconveniencing him too much, Lover, he is, after all, paying off a debt. I prefer that he earn it." Eric growled.

"And I'd prefer to be genuinely safe." Sookie replied, "You said it yourself, he's not a trained guard. The less I utilize him as one, the safer I'll be." Godric smirked at the Southern girl's observation.

"Very astute observation, My Sookie." Eric smirked at her, "Lucky for you, Pup, that she is going to make this easy on you."

Alcide rolled his eyes, "Are we through here?" He asked.

"We are. You may leave." Eric nodded and Alcide stood, nodded at the group in the room and left without another word, "Now that that is out of the way, what have you accomplished, Master?" He asked of Godric.

"I have contacted Virginia. One of the Sheriffs there has a very good standing with the local Pack Leader and has agreed to try and find a willing guard for your Bonded. She owes me several favors, but Eric, whoever she sends, I suggest you treat civilly."

Eric smirked, "I am quite capable of working with Weres that do not owe me money, and as my employees will testify, I pay and compensate very generously."

Godric nodded, "I will be taking my leave for the evening. Pamela, may I continue to stay with you while my new nest is being prepared?"

"Of course, Master Godric." Pam bowed her head, "My Maker's Master is always welcome in my dwellings."

Godric nodded and left the office.

"Pamela," Eric looked at his Child, "We will be going downstairs in a moment. Be sure to lock up at the end of the club's business hours. We will let ourselves out."

Pam smirked, "Of course, Master." She inclined her head to him and left.

"What's downstairs?" Sookie asked as Eric rose with her in his arms and went to lock his office door before doubling back and opening a door to the basement. Sookie noticed that there were two doors. She wondered where the other one went.

"I said I was going to tease you properly this evening, yes?" Eric smirked at her and growled at the rush of arousal and lust in her.

"... Eric..?" She whispered as he carried her down the stairs, shutting the door behind them.

It was dark once the light from the office was blocked and Sookie held tightly to her lover. She could see nothing, and the only sound was the soft padding of Eric taking the steps in his catlike grace.

"Eric?" She whispered again apprehensively. He still had yet to light a single lamp as he set her down on a soft surface. It felt like a mattress.

"You trust me, right, Lover?" Eric's voice was like liquid silk running from her ear, down her spine, and pooling in her sex.

"Yes." She breathed, trembling with anticipation and a small dose of apprehension.

"Take off your clothes." He instructed softly.

Sookie complied quickly, pulling her dress over her head and removing her undergarments. Sitting naked on the bed, she stared into the darkness. She could feel that he was standing in front of her, and soon he brought his hands to her body, moving her to lie comfortably. His body covered hers and she could feel from the contact that he had removed his own clothing at some point, though she had never heard the fabric rustle. Apparently vamp speed could make anything covert.

His body pressed to hers, Eric began kissing her gently, encouragingly. As her body relaxed, Eric took one of her hands into his own, lacing their fingers together as he drew it above her head. When Sookie felt a strap enclosing her wrist, her eyes flew open to the darkness and her heartbeat hammered anxiously. Eric paused before closing the restraint around her wrist, waiting for an objection, but she gave none other than her initial surprised physical response. When he repeated the same action with her other wrist, the telepath remained calm and relaxed, encouraging Eric.

"Yes, you look lovely like this." Eric purred, running his hand from her throat, down her chest, to her womanhood and back up again. His mouth was on her next, kissing and licking her body until her breathing was ragged. As his lips found her breasts, Sookie arched for their attention, but Eric licked and squeezed the area without paying any notice to her nipples before moving down her body further. Sookie cried out at the lack of play given to her breasts, and whimpered as Eric licked and kissed her abdomen instead. His tongue delved into her bellybutton, but Sookie bucked her hips trying to direct him somewhere that would give her relief.

"Please, Eric!" She begged, rolling her hips upwards, but Eric arched away from them, refusing to give her any stimulation where she wanted it. He continued downward with his mouth, skirting around her womanhood and along the outside of her hips instead. His hands massaged the backs of her thighs as he kissed his way inward, nibbling and sucking her inner thigh until a hearty vein was bulging with invitation. Grazing her skin with a throbbing fang, Eric licked the small trickle of blood it provided. Tempted by the flavor, Eric bit down and Sookie let out a scream of pain, but the Bond told him she enjoyed the bite thoroughly despite, or because of it. When he had his fill, Eric kissed his way back up her body, this time stopping at her breasts and plucking at her right nipple with his, now, blunt teeth. "Ah!" She bucked her hips with each strum of her nipple, still finding nothing but air as she did.

"Patience, My Lover." Eric crooned as he moved to the other breast and gave it a similar treatment.

"Eric, Eric, oh, Eric!" She hissed when his hands replaced his mouth and both of her peaked buds were being pinched and tugged in perfect synchronization. Hips rocking and twisting with the torture, Sookie whimpered and cried. Her pussy felt like it was going to soak the bed, but the torment was not enough to give her the relief she was craving.

The girl was unsure how long her Bonded ravished her breasts, but it felt like an eternity before it ended. A very long, arousing, eternity.

When his presence disappeared, Sookie pulled frantically at her bonds. Eric could feel her fright when he left the bed. She did not actually believe he would leave her, did she? Upon his return to the bed, Sookie let out a sigh of relief, but her mood was not altered in the least. If anything, when he came back, her body became more excited.

Sookie felt something sliding up her legs. They felt like straps, and the girl wondered if Eric was about to bind her legs as well. Instead, something hard, but strangely pliable, came to rest over her mound.

"Ummm?" Sookie rolled her hips experimentally, trying to figure out what was on her, but could not recognize it. Next, something was placed between her knees and a pair of straps fastened just above her knees to hold it in place. She could not shut her legs, "E-Eric?" She whispered.

"Shh, Lover. You will spoil the fun." Sookie could have sworn she could hear him wink. "When you are vampire, I will need to blindfold you to try and surprise you, and I do so love looking into your eyes." Eric ran his hand over her open thigh as he said this and Sookie whimpered. "And when I start the real fun, I do not want you to close your legs to me. I want to watch your pussy throb and pulse in excitement." He rumbled, making the girl tremble. Reaching between her legs, Eric pressed the hard, pliable thing against her mound, sliding it back and forth so that her juices coated it, and in turn coated her little nub that was swelling with anticipation.

As the mattress shifted again, and Sookie felt Eric leave the bed once more, she lay naked, open and exposed. Part of her thought she should feel embarrassed, but the only one here to see her was Eric. Another part of her thought she should feel scared, but Eric was the one with her, so nothing bad could happen.

The vampire was pleased as he checked the Bond. Sookie was excited, aroused, and experiencing a devilish thrill at what was being done to her. All the things he was hoping to accomplish. He had felt that darkness would be his friend in this. His Sookie was less likely to be intimidated by this room if she could not see all that it held. Not being able to see the bar that held her legs open had been a bit of unease for her, but not as badly as if she had seen it coming and not known what it was for.

Seated in front of the bed, lined up perfectly with his lover's spread legs, Eric waited a while for Sookie's anticipation to build then thumbed the remote control so that the butterfly that rested on her exposed sex turned on. He watched delightedly at Sookie's little jump and the moan that followed. Her lovely, round hips rocked back and forth, twisting against the object that vibrated over her lady parts. He enjoyed watching her pleasure herself on the video tapes she had permitted him to make. Now, he wanted to show her a little of what toys could do in the hands of a master...

The girl panted and rocked, keening every time the intensity of the vibrations increased. As she came closer and closer to climax, her breathing hastened and her body tensed. When the precipice was before her, the vibrations ceased. Sookie froze for a moment, dangling over the edge of oblivion, shocked when the stimulation ended and her peak was left unmet. Releasing a confused breath, Sookie made a displeased noise, but before it could end, Eric turned the vibrator back on and Sookie's body racked with pleasure, and she took another jump towards oblivion-

And hit a brick wall when Eric switched the toy off once more.

Weeping at being denied release, Sookie bucked her hips desperately, straining her arms against her restraints. When she was about to lose hope, the toy turned back on and she screamed with surprise and more pleasure. "AH! AHHH! YEEAAAAA-"

And he turned it back off.

"Nooooo!" She moaned with another sob which caught in her throat when she felt her Bonded ram his thick cock into her. Sookie cried out, straining against her bonds again, trying to wrap her arms around Eric. As he thrust in and out of her, he turned the butterfly back on and Sookie gasped, hiccupped and then shouted out her long awaited orgasm, clenching and flexing around his sizable portion. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my GOOOOD!" She howled as Eric pushed on the bar and forced her legs back further. She vaguely heard a "clink" sound and soon both of Eric's hands were holding her hips as he pounded into her. He must have hooked the bar onto something. "Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric-" She shrieked his name over and over.

"Good girl," Eric groaned in her ear as he continued to thrust against her viciously, "keep cumming. Your little pussy feels amazing as it keeps hugging my cock." Sookie mewed at his words. His voice was as good as sex to her. Distantly she wondered if he could make her cum just by talking to her like that. Her climax continued for nearly a full minute before her knees and arms slackened against their restraints. The butterfly was turned off again as Eric put his mouth to her ear, "Mmm," Eric stopped his movements, fully sheathed within his lover, "was that not better than several?" He asked.

"Uhhhh huuhhh..." Sookie was still trembling from the intensity of her orgasm beneath him. She felt one of his hands leave her hip and soon her legs were being tugged further up- closer to her chest. "Uhh?"

Her hands fisted as Eric slid from her pussy and pressed against her tighter hole. It took her a second to relax, but she had enjoyed him in there the previous week, and found no reason she would not like it now. He could feel her relaxing, welcoming him inside as the ring of muscles opened for him and he slid deep within.

"Ah..." Eric moaned when his entire length was encased, her rear squeezing him without the aid of a climax. Sookie moaned with him as he rocked back and forth, beginning to find pleasure in this penetration. As a reward, Eric turned the butterfly back on and growled at Sookie's response of clenching her muscles, "By the Gods!" He gasped for an unneeded breath before he picked up his pace and rammed into her bottom.

"Oh, oh yes!" Sookie cried as he took her vigorously. "Oh my, oh my!" She strained against her bonds once again, panting as she did. One of Eric's hands left her hip and his fingers dipped into her pussy, plunging in and out in pace with his cock filling her rear. "AHN!" Her teeth clenched as another orgasm approached. It felt different than the others, it felt like, "Oh, oh my God!" She screamed, feeling the pressure in her release, and warm fluid trickling down the curve of her back and dripping onto her chest.

Eric growled with approval, "I did not know you could do that." His jaw clenched as her walls clenched around his fingers and her bottom squeezed even tighter. He barely managed to ride out her orgasm as he slowed down. As she calmed beneath him, Eric withdrew gently from her rear and unclipped the strap that held her legs pulled up. "Relax a moment, Lover, I will get a towel to clean you up." He kissed her forehead as he rose from the bed.

Sookie bit her lip as she felt Eric leave the immediate area. Now that she was not deep in the throes of passion, she was mortified. Did I just pee myself!? Oh my God, I'm never going to have a shred of dignity around him again!

"Sookie, what has you so upset?" Eric came back quickly after cleaning himself up a bit and retrieving a towel. Her sudden shame and despair alarmed him, and the vampire feared he had taken her introduction to domination too far.

"Eric, I just wet myself!" Sookie cried out.

Eric chuckled and shook his head in relief, though she could not see the gesture, "You did no such thing. You just experienced another type of orgasm. I believe the term is "squirting" in these parts." He took the towel and wiped down her front.

"But... But it felt like it came from the same place...?" Sookie was unsure since it happened so fast, but she felt the distinct urge to urinate before it happened, only it felt really good.

"Men urinate from the same hole they ejaculate from." Eric shrugged, though, again, she could not see him do it. "What your body did is perfectly natural, and rather arousing, although many women are not capable of such an orgasm." Relaxing a bit, Sookie let out a sigh. "Now," Eric climbed back onto the bed, "did you wish for more fun, or would you like to go home now?"

Sookie knew that Eric had not cum once tonight, but she also knew that he had stated before that it was not mandatory, and mostly enjoyed pleasuring her, "Can you let me out of all this stuff? I wanna do it the normal way this time. I wanna be able to hold you."

Her sentimentality warmed Eric. He liked that she wanted to be involved rather than having things done to her. He said nothing in reply to her request, merely began removing the restraints and butterfly. Once her arms were free, Sookie wrapped them around Eric's neck and brought his lips to hers.

"I love you." She kissed him deeply.

"And I love you." Eric answered, returning the kiss with just as much enthusiasm. Slipping into her damp pussy, Eric rocked gently against her. He could feel that she was in the mood to make love now, and he also knew that it was more emotionally satisfying to her.

Their bodies pressed together tightly as their hips rocked back and forth, meeting for every gentle collision. It did not take Sookie long to reach her next climax, and Eric permitted himself to follow this time.

Rolling Sookie onto her side, Eric spooned up behind her, biting into his wrist and offering it to her. She drank deeply of him and, as always, Eric had to practically pry his wrist from her mouth. As the wound sealed up, Eric chuckled, "You have quite the taste for blood." He kissed the back of her head.

"Mmm, I have quite the taste for you." She answered.

Sliding his hand from her waist to between her thighs, he slipped his middle finger inside of her and brought it back to her lips, "Do you have a taste for us?" He asked, moaning she licked his finger clean of their combined fluids. "How are you so sexy?" He asked, kissing her throat.

"Because pleasing you pleases me." Sookie answered, snuggling back against his chest.

"Good answer." He whispered in her ear, hugging her to him, "We should start preparing to head back." He murmured.

Sookie pouted, "I wish we were home already, then you could keep snuggling me."

"I will need to acquire some sets of our own toys for home. That way we can enjoy ourselves there rather than needing to come here."

Sookie purred in reply, "That sounds like a good idea."

"You liked this then?"

"Mmmhmmm... Well, not the atmosphere so much. It smells like basement. Y'know, damp, cold..." She shivered a bit, "I mean, just because most of the world considers what we just did dark and kinky, doesn't mean we have to do it in a dungeon, right?" Eric laughed as he climbed off of the bed and went about collecting their clothes. He dressed quickly before helping Sookie do the same in the dark. "I mean, are there even any lights down here?"

"There are, but I already explained the darkness." Eric answered, scooping her into his arms to carry her back upstairs now that she was dressed.

"Well, I get the darkness, but it seemed rather thematic."

"It is supposed to be. Just like the floor of Fangtasia- this room was once an attraction. Those who were brought in here expected a certain type of atmosphere." Eric told her. He waited to feel hurt, or unease, but she surprised him.

"I don't need themes. I thought Fangtasia was hokey enough. So, why don't we keep the Fangtasia fucking in your office and Pam can commandeer the playroom? We'll have our own playroom soon enough." She giggled in his ear.

"You are not upset that I brought you to a room that I have had sex in with other women?" Eric asked.

Sookie shrugged, "The sheets were clean, right?" He felt unease with that question.

"Of course."

"Then who cares? If people seriously can't handle that their partners may have been with other people before them, then they need to marry virgins and should have to be ones themselves." She paused a moment, "I mean, what if I had slept with someone before you?"

"... Depending on how or why the relationship ended, I might have killed them." Eric answered as he reached the door and went into the brightness of his office. Sookie squinted at the sudden light.

"Why does that not surprise me?" Sookie gave him a faux stern look. Eric just grinned.


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