(Cloves POV)

I do not belong here allright i will admit i should but i dont want to. I wish i was normal which im not thanks to my parents. The two guards beside me are carrying my bags that got searched for anything that could hurt someone or myself then put through an x ray then i got checked seriously i can control myself. " well clove this is your room 2-A, the bathroom is at the end of the hall boys on the left girls on the right, then also you must be in bed by 10:00 an atleast trying to sleep by 12:00 everyone wakes up at 9:00 and this afternoon at 12:00 lunch is served so you have to go to the cafateria then after lunch is group meeting then after that is free time" says effie the woman who will be an escort to me like to all the new kids. There is 4 floors here bottom is the lobby offices cafateria the tv room activity room and group room. The 2nd floor is the rooms for the younger patients and the bathrooms for us then 3rd is older patients like 25 and up then 4th is storage. Effie goes to open the door and faintly i hear green day playing i know we get roommates but i have no idea who. Once effie opens the door a i walk in with the guards directly next to me. I seen a very large spikey haired blonde muscular boy that sits on a bed with a dark green comfiter. He has a ipod in his strong sturdy hands. " Cato this is Clove your new roommate now i have to go so please behave" Effie says and leaves i get m bags and sit on my bed I'm quiet i just unpack things and put things in the table that has drawers in it. The boy never takes his eyes off me the whole time. His eyes are beautiful but very tense it seems , they are a perfect shade if green but a bit aggressive. "Alright what? Why are you staring at me i know you have seen a girl before. What do i look stupid or something?" I say. He doesn't answer but his nostrils flare. " can you talk?" I ask with a bitchy doesnt do anything but keep his eyes on me. " wanna known what i dont want to be here anymore than you want me here so can we atleast try to get along and yes that means speaking terms it doesnt have to be a a big conversation we dont need to be friends i dont have friends but seriously can you stop staring at me like my hair is hot pink and my face is bedazzled and tattooed and like blue or something" i say. Then the boy gets off his bed and he is so much taller than i thought he has to be atleast 6'3'. He sits next to me on my bed " im Cato and your Clove? Right?" He asks and this is the first thing he has ever said to me. I nod i was right his voice is strong but not really gentle he sounds nervous and angry. " well i should let you know i have a multi-emotional disorder which means my emotions constantly change so i set off easy. I also have angerment issues and how effie puts it are mentally unstable im not good at controlling myself i have a few other things that are wrong we me but i dont know the scientific terms something about my anger and inability to socialize without it ending up with the other person covered in their own blood" he says." Whats wrong with you?" He asks. " i have angerment issues i used to cut myself i get nightmares all the time i set off real easy and i almost killed my brother." I say. "Hmm i guess we have one thing in common" he says.

Then cato gets up and leaves. Now im alone and strangly how used ti it as i am i dont like it right now. Then two attendents come in to bring me to lunch. The lunch that is served is some kind of pasta covered in tomato sauce and pamisean cheese then corn some mashed potatoes and a small chicken drumstick. I have no where to sit so i sit alone. I look at the other people here a tall a bit muscular but now where near to cato brunette boy walking next to a tall curvy blonde who has a pink sparkly tank top on with matching nails then a brunette with a braid sitting with a blue eyed blonde in a orange shirt then a red headed girl with really long is sitting next to a small dark skinned girl with dark brown hair an eyes to match. Also a tall dark skinned boy who has to be cato's height maybe taller then a blonde haired athletic looking boy with sea green eyes sits with a brown haired girl who looks like she is staring off into space. All of a sudden 3 people sit next to me. Cato, the blonde girl with the pink top, and the tall brown haired boy. "Hey clove do you mind if we sit here?" Cato asks he is only being nice because i have a knife in front of me and he knows i set off easy.i shake my head no. " oh this is glimmer and marvel." Cato says. " hi" glimmer says with a not so open mouth smile because she is afraid she will smudge her red lipstick on her teeth. Marvel just gives me a quick smile and looks back down at his food. " so why are you here?" Glimmer asks me taking a bite out of her food. " uh why are you?" I ask. " many reasons" she says and takes another bite of her food. "Drugs , and hooking plus not getting enough attention all the time" Marvel says his voice kinder than i thought. " excuse me?" I say. "Its why glimmer is here" he says with a smile and pokes his mashed potatoes with his fork. "Ass hole" glimmer mutters and Cato laughs a little. " so newbie you have cato as a roommate. You wont last a week his last roommate left in an ambulance" the brunette with a braid says and sits down with the red head and the blonde boy with the orange shirt next to her. " piss off Katniss" Cato says and stabs the chicken on his plate while his other hand tightens into his fist so hard his knuckles turn white. " so your name would be?" She asks me. " clove and yours is katniss sounds like a cats name Katniss" i say the last word slowly thinking about it it sounds like catnip. "Do your parents i dont know hate you". "No why" katniss asks me. "Then why did they name you katniss" i say. Marvel laughs." Do yours your what clover isn't that a flower or leaf" katniss says. " its clove and clove is a spice and do NOT say i am a spice girl and also it is better than something that sounds like catpiss" i say and smile. Cato smiles and Glimmer smiles causing her lipgloss to smudge a little . Katniss and the 2 others get up and leave. " well isn't she a bundle of joy" Glimmer says. " More like a bitch" I say. " well i highly doubt that you couldn't take Katniss" Cato says . A bell rings "ugh!" Glimmer says. "What" i say. "Group" marvel says as he gets hoo i think to myself this should be fun.