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Clove's P.O.V: OH MY GOD! WHAT AM I DOING?! I yell at myself, you should never get this close to someone! Ugh I am so dumb! I stand up.

"Clove what's wrong?" Cato asks me.

"Please, just don't." I say trying to get him to shut up and look away. "Let's just go to sleep okay?"

"O-okay?" He stutters, getting into his own bed. I lay back down on my bed. Oh god what did I do? I start to finally drift off to sleep.

At 9 o'clock sharp, I'm up and in the shower getting ready for the day. OMG last night I kissed Cato! I am so excited! (A/N: I know this is probably a little confusing, but remember shes bi-polar!) I can't wait to see him! I towel dry my hair, put on some pink yoga pants, and a t-shirt, and walk out of the bathroom smiling.

"Why are you all smiley?" Cato asks me with a small smile on his lips. His perfect lips! man I just wanna kiss them again!

"Because of last night."

"Oh yeah last night." He smiles. "Clove, will you go out with me?" he asks me sweetly. Wow I've never seen this side of him before!

"Of course!" He takes my hand, and we head down to breakfast! When we sit down Glimmer says

"Awwwwwwww look at you 2! You are so adorable!" she says.

Finnick then turns to me. "Are you 2 dating?" he asks, and I nod and he smiles. "You guys will be a good couple! We can call you Clato!" I laugh at the strange couple name.

"Alright you do that Finn!" I tell him. I turn back to Cato who seems a bit... Different now. His mood must have changed... Darn!

"Hey, Cato." I smile at him.

"Hi." He grunts, as he's glaring at Thresh.

"Ready to sing today?" I ask him sweetly. He just grunts, well okay... I turn back to my food and scarf down breakfast and head to group.

At group everyone shows up, except for Cato. I bet he's at the tree.

"Miss Effie?" I ask the brightly colored woman.

"Yes dear?"

"Can I go find Cato? We have to sing together." I tell her.

"Yes, but go quickly." I nod, and start down the hall. I head out to the tree, and sure enough, he's up there. I climb up there.

"Hey." I say. He stays silent. "We have to go sing now!" I say enthusiastically.

"I'm not singing!" He yells.

"Come on Cato! It will be fun!" I say. He grunts. Then I feel him push me, and then everything goes black.

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