Disclaimer: I don't own Our Kenshins, Our Kaorus, Our Sanos, Our Megumis, and not even Our
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time and a part of mine and all author's imaginations. I would like to thank all the
authors who wrote such wonderful stories concerning her and her wild, amber-eyed wolf ^_~

Our Tokios
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She was a mystery from the very beginning.

We found her in one fragment of evidence that declared her existence and then suddenly,
without prompting, she came into life all by herself. She made her phantom appearance on
the trail to Kyoto, years after her own adventures had all began. By that time she already
had children, and a husband who was rarely home -- though she still loved him just as much
as ever. Still she was able to endure on her own without hesitation or regrets.

We imagined her as geishas and samurai-daughters, spies and consorts, because we knew she
had strength far greater than any average man or woman. We gave her a sword, a kodachi, a
naginata, and more, but still she persists to amaze us by going further with not just metal
and steel but her heart and her grace and her wit. We dressed her up as a princess, and
sometimes even masked her into becoming a man, but only for a short while because
eventually... eventually she falls in love. But we did all of this anyway just to see what
she'd do and where she could go. Even so, she never failed in going that extra mile just to
see the look on our faces when she was finished with us.

She was sometimes more foolish and rash than even the Tanuki, with enough of a temper to
match Our Saitous ruthlessness. She was sometimes elegant and calm, hiding her true
abilities behind a beautiful smile and a modest bow, but even then we could not ignore the
extent of her stubborness. She would defy the laws of society, taking up the blade and
taking up the responsibilities that many thought was only meant for a man. But she showed
them how much better she was than any other candidate they could come up with, man or woman!
And if they still turned a blind eye to her bravery and tact, we could not.

After defying demons, facing down with Our Kenshins in the dark streets of past-Kyotos, and
sometimes even clashing swords with Our Saitous -- probably because of another pointless
argument -- she still came out with a cheerful smile and an unbreakable will to go on to the
next adventure. We made her more cleverly devious than the Megitsune herself, and had her
flirt with enough men to drive Our Saitous up the wall with frustration and possessiveness
just so she could see that he really did love her and care for her, or just to prove to that
stubborn man of hers exactly what kind of power she had over him while she secretly admitted
the same was true for herself.

We had her play the innocent, the part missing in Our Saitous lives. Watching her with the
same amusement as her sarcastic, and sometimes even sadistic, husband, who soon found
himself unable to do aught else but love her no matter how much he denied it to himself. We
played games and bets just too see if he would ever say it to her face, sometimes we drove
her insane too just to see the look on Our Saitous face when he found himself in such
unusual traps and evil plots and other "interesting" situations in the domestic home that he
probably never imagined himself in.

She was rarely careless without cause, and she always fought for what she believed in, even
if it meant going head-to-head with Our Saitous, and only then did we discover how brave she
truly was. We called her names, not all of them nice or complimentary behind her back, and
Our Saitous were no exception to the crime. We laughed at what Our Kenshins, Our Kaorus,
Our Megumis and Our Sanosukes came up with when they stumbled upon the fact that Our Saitous
was married to her. But always we got the impression that if she knew she would find this
far more amusing than anything else we could come up with, but she never did more than hide
her smile when she did.

We made her bossy, but she couldn't help being that way after we had given her the task of
having Our Saitous as her husband. Later we came to envy her for the softer side he showed
to her alone, and if he wasn't in the mood for that, we envied her for the entertainment she
got out of him while she pushed all of his buttons just for the fun of it and somehow
getting away with it without a hair harmed on her head. Who'd have thought that in the end
it would be a woman that Our Saitous would be reluctantly forced onto his knees before, eh?
But she would only smile another mysterious smile for us and leave us to figure out how she
was able to do what no one else had been able to, not even Our Kenshins, even though
everyone knew how legendary the rivalry between those two were like.

We watched with aching hearts as she lost her family, her clan, her friends, her lovers, her
children, her life, and sometimes even Our Saitous! Still she fought back with teeth and
claws and whatever else she had, refusing to give in simply because that was what was
decided for her. She had given up titles, honor and her identities, just so she could join
Our Saitous and give him the support he needed when he finally came around to realizing
exactly how much he needed her. And even though he wasn't always there for her, and even
though he might never have expressed to her how much she held his heart, she still remained
his one, constant comfort; she was the home that he returned to.

Yet one aspect was consistently true: She made Our Saitous more human in our eyes than
anyone else could. She was his saya whether or not she loved him and when she did, she did
it in such a way that we could not help but love him with her. She saw him, all of him and
accepted the killer, the man, and the father of her children with a smile of knowing on her
lips. Through her we found them both to be equally complex, loyal, devious, sarcastic, and
witty, as well as unusually insightful and unexpectedly kind.

She loyally stood by him in the shadows, never once feeling the need to reveal her face to
anyone but him. Her silent presence advocated to all what he was, is and still stands for,
louder than any words she could have spoken (though she may not always choose to be silent).
We made her Our Saitous' weakness, yet she always ended up being his strength. There was no
mistaking it, but in the end her spirit amazed us all.

Just one sentence began it all. We are still amazed at how far one line had taken us and
how many different dimensions she gained through a tiny slip of the tongue from Our Saitous.
And still we ask ourselves: How did this happen? When did she come into our lives so
silently and leave such a mark? And through her we learned to see Our Saitous in ways we
could never have imagined possible untill she came along.

She started out as a mystery and we turned her inside out and outside in just to see what
she was made of. And yet, still, she hides behind her paper fan with her eyes alight with
merriment at our clumsy attempts to discover her again and again through a million different
tinted glasses; trying to unravel the mystery that is her.

All it took was a line, and we were hooked.

.The End.

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Saya - sheath
Tanuki - Raccoon (But Mara-san informs me that it really means "badger" and my on-line
japanese/english dictionary declares it to be "raccoon dog" so I think Mara-san's
probably right, considering the culture, but if you want to think of it as nothing
but a raccoon, be my guest ^_^v It IS the most popular version.)
Megitsune - Fox
Kodachi - Like a Katana only shorter
Naginata - Traditional choice of weapon for wives/daughters of samurai family
Tanto - A type of dagger; think "mini"-katana

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. http://www.megspace.com/arts/colorblue/aoi.html/ .

Thanks to dementedchris for giving me the idea and looking over this when I finished it. I
kept it for a long time and I wasn't sure if it was good enough and whether or not I was
good enough to write it. I must thank Mara for giving me her approval of it after I finished
it and also looking over it for me and liking my translation for tanto's. I'm taking a
chance with this and maybe took a bite off a bit more than I can chew ^_^v I hope you
enjoyed it!

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^_^;; but I think I've crammed a little of each into this short, short fic.

Yeah, I know, I probably didn't cover all of the Tokio stories. But I've re-read Our
Kenshins and Our Kaorus by dementedchris and also Mara's Our Saitous and realized, maybe its
not being able to cover all of Tokio stories, but just giving a bit of her and letting the
rest of you readers go rediscover her on your own and maybe come to love her as us
Tokio-fans do. ^_^v I hoped you enjoyed!

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