On the first day of being captured Lauren cried. She fell apart. Freedom had seemed so close when she fled Taft's lab. She knew Dyson would be safe, that Bo had made it out. She knew her life with the Light was over but at least her friends would be ok. At least Bo would be ok. She knew she had compromised her friends when she partnered with Taft and she would only compromise them further by returning to them.

In the end Lauren barley lasted a week on the run. She'd taken every precaution. No phone, no access to her bank account, no contact with anyone she knew. She'd steered clear of major towns and slept in the cheapest of motels, the kind where everyone was seeking anonymity. She'd hitch rides to save the small amount of cash she did have using fake names and barley speaking with the willing drivers.

On the evening of her sixth night on the run Lauren had fallen a sleep. She'd hitched a ride and this drive was to be over six hours long. Lauren had struck up a conversation with the driver, a young women, at a service station. They were travelling in the same direction. North. As far north as possible. There were fewer Fae in the northern extremes. There was fewer anything Lauren had thought. The girl seemed kind, soft and quiet. Lauren had offered to split the cost of gas and the girl gladly accepted. They agreed to share the drive. Three hours each. The young women, named Lynn, had asked Lauren to drive the first leg. Lynn had taken the opportunity to sleep while Lauren drove. When they swapped roles three hours later Lynn had encouraged Lauren to do the same and she wearily complied.

When Lauren woke it was to freezing water forced like a tidal wave over her body. The shock. The cold. She gasped for air. When she tried to move she felt the sting of cable ties around her wrists which were forced behind her back. She wasn't in the car. There was no Lynn, no road, no freedom. Her mouth was dry and her head throbbing, Lauren immediately knew she'd been drugged. Lynn, did I misread her completely..? She quickly pieced together her situation. Flight not fight took over, she was desperate to run. I'm in a room, a cold dirty basement? She wiggled her arms and legs. Tied to a chair. She could hear voices but they were unfamiliar,

"Hello, is there someone there?"... All that followed was sniggering.

"Hello, can you help me?" she called out in an attempt to reach someone, anyone beyond the sound of the sniggering.

In those first hours, on that first day, in that dank dark hell, Lauren cried. Yes, she fell apart. All hope she held was gone. The more she cried and the more she called out for someone to help her, the more the sniggering of that invisible thing increased. Finally, when she was sobbing in the dark with her body convulsing in fear, it began laughing at her. Laughing so loud and with such glee that Lauren knew beyond a shadow out doubt that she was in the presence of evil. A thing of pure and utter darkness.

It wasn't until the physical brutality began that she found her resolve. The emotional was pushed to the side or perhaps just deeper down. She resolved herself to her fate, to the great loss that was about to devour her. She would never take another breath outside of this hole in the ground. If she was to die here, if this was to be the end she didn't want to beg. She had spent so many years in servitude, but not here, in this room she would not let this thing be the master of her.

When he first came out of the shadows Lauren could not hide her revulsion. He, it, was grotesque. A face of melted flesh and a mouth of rotten steel. She could smell his filth when he approach her first and she could not contain the wrenching from her stomach. He was large but hunched over with his face forced out in front of his trailing body. His arms were enormous as though they had been solely created for ripping and pulling and pulverising.

The first time he struck her deep into her exposed stomach. She gasped for air, winded and wounded, feeling as though her next breath would never come. When he brought his enormous first down on her face she felt the crack of her cheek bone as blood ran down the back of her throat. His laughter rang out until he looked up to see Lauren lift her face towards him and spit the blood from her mouth towards him. She felt the pain and tasted the metallic ooze drip from her mouth but she was alive and a slave to know one anymore. The beast's expression turned from amused to furious. As he moved back towards her with such fury that Lauren felt sure the next strike would end her. As she felt the air shift with the quick movements of his arms she thought her last thought of Bo. If this was the end then the thought of the succubus would hold her into the new world.