Since the dawn of time, the Silver Millennium Kingdom on the Moon looked after the humans on Earth. Peace and prosperity reigned, until the wicked amorphous being that would be known as Queen Metalia appeared and sewed her seeds of evil into the hearts of the people of Earth. Queen Metalia would stop at nothing to solidify her rule and establish her Dark Kingdom's stronghold on Earth, even if that meant destroying the Moon Kingdom. A great and terrible battle ensued.

In a last, desperate attempt to save the universe, Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom sent away the fallen souls of her beloved daughter, her daughter's human lover, and her kingdom's sailor guardians so that they may be reborn on Earth many years later. Then, using the Silver Moon Crystal, she sacrificed herself to imprison Metalia, hopefully forever.

The former Moon inhabitants' souls, though cast out, lost none of their powers or potency. They were indeed reborn in Tokyo, Japan as teenagers thousands of years later. When Queen Metalia finally escaped from her prison, their true identities were activated by the fallen Queen Serenity's guardian cats Luna and Artemis. These five young warriors came to be known as the Sailor Soldiers. They were destined to assume the responsibility of safeguarding the planet.

Usagi, the reincarnation of Queen Serenity's daughter, led the Sailor Soldiers in the struggle to defend Earth.

Using the nefarious sage, Queen Beryl, as her primary puppet, Queen Metalia resumed her quest for human and galactic dominion. Beryl dispatched her minions time and time again. It was up to Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask to stop them. Little did they know, they were not alone in their mission. Another creature, known as Carnage, an extremely powerful fusion of a human and alien symbiote, joined the battle against the Dark Kingdom.

In spite of the constant violence, love persevered. Along with the budding relationship, predestined by their past identities, of Sailor Moon (Usagi) and Tuxedo Mask (Mamoru), Carnage (Sean) and Sailor Jupiter (Makoto) developed feelings for one another too.

Working together, the Sailor Soldiers, Tuxedo Mask, and Carnage trained hard to grow stronger and defeat Beryl's minions. But they knew this problem would never be solved unless the root was eliminated. The much anticipated day came to face Beryl herself. While Carnage was doing his best against the monsters swarming Earth, the Sailors journeyed to Beryl's lair. Knowing it would give them a distinct advantage, Queens Metalia and Beryl merged bodies, forming the dreaded enity known as Super Beryl.

Before that though, one by one, the Sailors had fallen until only Sailor Moon was left. Using the same Silver Crystal nurtured by her mother and the enormous love generated by herself and her friends, Usagi managed to defeat Super Beryl and wish away the day's horrific death and destruction.

A few months later, the Sailor Soldiers were reawakened by the Guardian Cats, Luna and Artemis when the darkness Dark Kingdom struck again in the form of the Doom Tree. Soon after, Carnage and the Sailor Soldiers teamed up for round three when Gaap, the Prince of Demons, took control of one of their classmates, James. His possession deeply upset Makoto, who had been his friend for some time. Defeating him meant nearly losing their lives all over again, but they still managed to emerge victorious in the end. Once again, the shadow of chaotic darkness was sent back to the depths.

Tragically, Earth was now under attack from forces that weren't supernatural in origin: economic depression, warring countries, and crooked leaders. And just because Queen Metalia, the Figure Head of the Dark Kingdom was destroyed, that did not mean the Dark Kingdom was gone forever.

Taking advantage of the unrest on Earth, the resurrected Dark Kingdom manifested in other ways under new management: Apachite. He hooked his tendrils of manipulation into world powers and key players like terrorism groups and Edward Ashford of the Illuminati Counsel. Their growing threat was compounded at an alarming pace. Even with Carnage and Tuxedo mask on their side, the Sailor Soldiers needed help!

As if by magic, the Outer Senshi (Sailor Saturn, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto) appeared to join the fight. Together, they managed to defeat Apachite, but not before he unleashed nuclear missiles and other waves of incalculable destruction on dozens of countries around the world. The Sailors were too late. This was an adversary they were truly powerless to stop.

Sailor Moon was forced to call upon the Silver Moon Crystal, once more, for protection. The crystal heard her wish. It encased the group, and the rest of world's people, in enchanted material, sending them into a state of suspended animation for the duration of the environmental chaos to come. The missiles struck, obliterating all signs of civilization, but the Sailors and many of the world's population were left untouched. The explosions plunged Earth into nuclear Winter, otherwise known as the Great Sleep.

Nine hundred years later, the team awoke from their slumber. But the world they found wasn't the same. Nature had taken her planet back. Where there were once cities, there were vast empty fields with scattered ruins. The survivors were scattered, divided, and leaderless. The warriors knew their duty was not yet done: they had a purpose in this wilderness. The Sailors rallied the remaining humans together so that they may create a new Earth Kingdom. And in the middle of it all, like something from a dream, was Crystal Tokyo: the new world's stronghold for human civilization.

Love and life had survived. This was cause for celebration. At long last, Usagi and Mamoru, Sean and Makoto, were wed. Mamoru and Usagi were crowned King and Queen of this new age, assuming the names Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. The other Sailor Sailors and Carnage worked together to defend their benevolent majesties and their people from new enemies and dark adversaries. Love and life were not the only things to survive the Great Sleep.

The Sailors were needed more than ever. Even after the nuclear holocaust, wars were still being waged for territory and supremacy. Selfishness and greed abounded. Drugs were still in production. The playing field looked different, but humanity hadn't changed.

Eventually, the trouble brewed much closer to home. Carnage, known in his human form as Sean, began exhibiting strange, explosive behavior. It was as though he was having difficulty controlling the alien symbiote inside him. A hooded magician, by the name of Aldrich Reid, took the opportunity to attack Carnage and seemingly burn the last of his human side out of him. The Sailors had a real fight on their hands, a fight with one of their own!

Luckily, they had a secret weapon - Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Jupiter's love for her husband managed to save him in the end. Neo-Queen Serenity restored Sean's human heart, forming a new warrior creature known as Hybrid. Aldrich Reid was exiled. The destruction exacted by Carnage was a testament to how lucky they were that, before this incident, he had been on their side. From that day forth, Hybrid vowed to redeem himself by whatever means necessary and attended regular purifications by Neo-Queen Serenity at the Crystal Palace.

The new Earth was finally united under the rule of Endymion and Serenity.

The tandem births of Serenity and Jupiter's daughters Usagi and Terra marked the beginning of the new generation of Sailor Soldiers.

Unbeknownst to them, elsewhere, a new evil is about to rise. Together, the Sailor Amazon Quartet, Usagi, and Terra will become the heroines around which the security of Crystal Tokyo, and the balance of the entire cosmos, will depend on.

End of Prologue