Chapter Six: Some Of Them Want To Use You

A/N: Rating has been upped to M for sexual content. Don't worry, this doesn't mean Chuck and Jaz are suddenly going to fall in love or anything. It's more complicated than that ;)

"This is amazing." Jazmine glanced around the cockpit of Striker Eureka. She had managed to convince Herc that she wanted to attempt a Drift, just in case Mako couldn't find Raleigh a suitable co-pilot. She knew her brother would protest vehemently, but this wasn't just about him. The cockpit was large and in pristine condition, despite the fact that the Jaeger had recently seen battle in Sydney.

"Only Mark V in existence." Herc smiled proudly at the girl's astounded reaction.

"You're good to go," Tendo called over the coms, "Jazmine, Herc, strap in."

Herc stepped into the harness and Jazmine followed suit, trying to suppress her nervousness. She knew what had happened in the simulations. She just had to believe that this time would be different. She took a deep breath in the DriveSuit she had been fitted into. She might not have been Drift-compatible before, but she thought that perhaps…perhaps things might have changed.

"Initializing neural handshake," Tendo stated, his voice crackling over the com.

"Remember, Jaz, don't focus on one memory," Herc warned her. There were a lot of things in his head that he hadn't wanted Chuck to see, let along Jazmine.

"Neural handshake initiated," Tendo stated, and suddenly Jazmine felt like she had been jolted out of her harness and catapulted somewhere else.

It was only one or the other, it had to be Chuck.

Nuclear bomb mushroom over Sydney.

You have to stop getting into fights if you want to be a Ranger.

I could kill Scott right now, I really could.

"Herc, her connection's dropping," Tendo stated, but he frowned as he checked over the scanners. Jazmine had gone still, but she wasn't chasing the rabbit. This was something completely different. Inside the cockpit, the girl had started shaking violently. This wasn't anything to do with the Drift. It was all Jazmine. "She's gone into an overload."

"Shit," Herc breathed, before speaking into the com. "I have to pull out of the Drift, it's too much for her."

"Don't do it manually, it'll be too much of a shock." Tendo flipped the control, powering off the Jaeger and shutting down the Drift. Herc tugged his helmet off and hurried over to Jazmine. He'd seen it in the Drift. He knew why she couldn't pilot, no matter how many times she kept trying to convince them otherwise.

"Stupid girl." He unstrapped her, easing her into a sitting position. "You didn't tell us about the fits."

"I can control it!" Jazmine exclaimed, despite the fact that her shaking was only just starting to ease. "I just need more time."

"I saw it in your head." Herc shook his head slowly. "That's why Pentecost won't let you pilot. Does Raleigh know the Drift sets off your epilepsy?"

"Don't." Jazmine pushed herself to her feet. "Don't call it that, and don't get Raleigh involved."

"He needs to know," Herc insisted, realising that Jazmine hadn't told her older brother about it. She was too damn stubborn to realise that she would never be able to pilot, that the Drift would only keep causing her to have fits.

"No he doesn't." Jazmine folded her arms. "Why does he need to know? It's minor, it's nothing."

She shrugged off Herc's restraining arm and climbing out of the cockpit. She walked down the steps of the platform and angrily kicked at a rail. Sensing her frustration, Herc followed her, raking a hand through his hair.

"The rail didn't do anything to you."

"It was probably funny seeing me have my little fit, when I couldn't handle the Drift," Jazmine spat furiously. She truly did enjoy being a mechanic, but she had always admired her older brothers and the other Jaeger pilots. She had kept trying, but she supposed that sometimes, dreams didn't come true.

"It wasn't," Herc stated, "I feel sorry for you."

"Don't." Jazmine gripped the rail so tight her knuckles went white. "I don't need or want your pity. I have epilepsy, so what? You don't have to feel sorry for me."

"I feel bad that you can't do what your brothers do," Herc said quietly. Deny it as much as she would, he had seen it in her mind. She wanted to be a Ranger.

Jazmine stared at her feet. "It doesn't matter."

"It does to you," Herc said, wishing he could reach out but knowing that like Chuck, she was volatile and would push him away. "It upsets you. I just feel sorry for you."

"I don't want you to feel sorry for me!" Jazmine exclaimed, hands balling into fists. She felt guilty for getting angry at Herc, but she hadn't wanted him or anyone else to see her weakness. She felt vulnerable and ashamed. She headed down the stairs as Herc watched, leaning over the railing.

"You should tell him what happened today."

Jazmine knew that he meant Raleigh. "He doesn't need to know."

"No, but you should still tell him," Herc persisted.

"And say what?" Jazmine's eyes narrowed. "Hey Raleigh, guess what! I'm an epileptic who has fits whenever she goes into the Drift!"

"You should tell him or someone else might," Herc said gently, "He's your brother, Jazmine."

"My business isn't his," Jazmine snapped, turning away from the older Hansen. "Leave me alone, Herc."

Sophia sat on her bed, reading through one of the many books she had been tasked to read through to establish another battle plan. Her fiery red curls were pinned up with a pin, with loose pieces framing her face. She felt weird wearing such leggings and an oversized jumper while working, but it had to happen while she was still meant to be resting.

"Come in." She called to the door when she heard a light tap She looked up to see Raleigh wander in. "Raleigh."

"How's the head?" He questioned, sitting down beside her on the bed.

"Stitches make it hurt." Sophia marked her page before putting the book down and crossing her legs.

Raleigh nodded, leaning back against the wall. "Remember anything from the other night?"

Sophia shrugged. She still didn't remember anything. "Bits and pieces. I was just really tired."

"Oh, so you do remember calling me attractive?" Raleigh grinned, nudging her with his shoulder.

Sophia bit her lip, her cheek turning a slight shade of red. "Oh. I was thinking it, I didn't mean to say it out loud."

Raleigh laughed at her embarrassment. She reminded him of a schoolgirl admitting her crush. "That's cute."

Sophia groaned, burying her face in her hands. "You weren't meant to know..."

"I didn't know you thought of me that way." Raleigh shrugged, sort of happy that he knew she felt for him that way. It made him feel wanted.

Sophia sighed, leaning back against the wall and drawing her knees up to her chest. "It's hard not to."

"Oh?" Raleigh raised an eyebrow.

"Well, you're a nice guy who happens to be very good looking." Sophia pointed out.

Raleigh nodded before grinning. "Thanks. You're good looking too."

Sophia flushed a dark shade of red. "Thanks."

"The others are being deployed." Raleigh told her, changing the topic of conversation before her face turned a brighter red than her hair.

"And you're stuck here?" Sophia frowned, wondering why he was stuck there.

"Unfortunately." Raleigh sighed, wanting to be out there instead of in the Shatterdome. "The others are all going out and...I'm staying here. Doing nothing."

Sophia nodded in understanding, but she guessed there were reasons behind it. "Well, I'm sure you can find something to do."

Raleigh raised an eyebrow. "Like?"

"No idea." Sophia answered after a moment of thought.

"I should be out there with them, fighting." Raleigh raked a hand through his hair.

"You'll get to fight soon enough." Sophia assured him. If they wanted to win this ongoing battle then she knew the Gipsy Danger would have to be put into combat.

Raleigh picked at the lint that was on her blanket. "Not according to the Marshall."

"They'll need you, whether they know it or not." Sophia smiled slightly, trying to cheer her friend up. She could see he felt put out about not being involved with the battle, but she also had a feeling it was because he wasn't quite ready yet.

Raleigh glanced at her. "How do you know that?"

"Because they will, if they want a tactical advantage. Cheer up" Sophia kissed his cheek, glancing around. " Well, what can we do to entertain you…"

"Inform me about your strategies?" Raleigh asked, sitting up.

Sophia nodded, grabbing the stack of paperwork that was sitting on her bedside table. "If you really want to know."

"It might give me something to do." Raleigh pointed out, not wanting to be sitting around and feeling completely useless.

Sophia sifted through the paperwork, looking for things that weren't equations or irrelevant. "I'm not meant to be working at the moment."She continued to sort through things, showing him bits and pieces of it that she knew he would be able to understand. She had found she had a habit of abbreviating things and having to decipher them later. Or explain them to her colleagues.

"Interesting." Raleigh nodded as he looked through it. He didn't realize how much work had to be put into what she did. "What did you do before all this?"

Sophia shrugged. She'd been involved with strategizing all her life and had been working overseas devising military operations. "Military stuff."

"The kaiju they're facing, what are the odds like?" Raleigh sat back, watching as she looked through her notes.

"Well, they're different to previous ones, however there are three jaegers' out there so that raises the odds. They have about a 75% chance of success if they follow the strategy in place." Sophia explained, running the numbers through her mind as she did.

"Even though Striker Eureka is just in defence?"

"Yep. Although, if they don't follow the strategy there's a 34% of success with the Striker Eureka in defence." Sophia estimated, though she wasn't completely sure. She knew it was around that mark

Raleigh groaned, flopping back on the bed, resting his head in Sophia's lap. "Fun..."

After Raleigh and Mako's failed demonstration in Gipsy Danger, Jazmine headed straight back to her room. What was going to happen now? She was worried for her older brother, and troubled when she thought who he might possibly co-pilot with. Heaving a sigh, she just about ran into an unwelcome, familiar figure. Jazmine scowled at Chuck as he stepped back, grinning at her. No doubt the asshole was happy about Raleigh and Mako being grounded.

"Hey, watch it," she snapped.

Chuck smirked. "Hey, little fireball."

"Little fireball?" Jazmine repeated incredulously. Was that seriously the nickname that Chuck was going to be giving her from now on?

"Yep." Chuck ruffled her hair, making her scowl. "You heard about Raleigh? He's not going out in the next fight. He's not good enough."

"Don't touch my hair." Jazmine replied flatly, catching his wrists. She could feel herself beginning to lose control of her temper. Chuck Hansen just seemed to have a way of adding fuel to the fire. "And he is so good enough. He and Mako are just having Drift issues."

"I wonder why…" Chuck muttered under his breath, causing Jazmine's eyes to narrow.

"What's that meant to mean?"

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it," Chuck said, offering her one of his lazy smiles. She wondered if all Australian boys were so irritating, or if Chuck was just a bad representation of his country.

"Don't patronize me," Jazmine said angrily. She tired of Chuck's constant disdain, as though everyone else was beneath him. Chuck stepped closer, raising his eyebrows. He was at least a good six inches taller than her, but she ignored that fact.

"Or what? You'll hit me again?"

Jazmine lifted her chin. "Yeah, pretty much."

"Go ahead and try," Chuck challenged. Jazmine knew that she shouldn't have taken him up on it, but she really couldn't help herself. She shoved him in the chest, but he gripped her wrists, easily pinning her against the wall. She thrashed angrily against him, narrowing her eyes as he laughed in her face.

"Let me go," she snarled. Before she knew what was happening, Chuck was kissing her. Although pleasantly surprised, Jazmine knew she couldn't succumb to Chuck. He was arrogant and horrible about Raleigh. She turned her face. "Nope. No way."

"Why not?" Chuck's breath was hot on her cheek. "You know you want to."

"Oh yeah?" Now it was Jazmine who was challenging him. "Prove I want it."

The frightening thing was that she did, but she couldn't admit it even to herself. Chuck kissed her hard, pressing against her and running a hand through her long brown hair. Jazmine gasped despite herself, tilting her head back. Chuck's lips found her neck and he sucked lightly as she ran her hands up his muscled back, moaning softly at his attentions. She fisted her hands in his hair and tugged hard.

Chuck bit at her neck, his hands rising to her breasts to grope her. Things were moving fast, but Jazmine had to admit that his dominant attitude turned her on. She moaned loudly, and Chuck backed her into his room, kicking the door shut behind them. He pressed her against the door, kissing her passionately again. Jazmine jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist and Chuck pulled his shirt off, groping her again when she copied him. Jazmine ran her hands down his muscular chest, smirking when her actions elicited a low groan from Chuck. He slid his hand behind her back to unclasp her bra, quickly tugging it off.

"Eager, huh?" she teased. She didn't know why she wanted him, why she was allowing this. But some part of her did want Chuck, even if she was still trying to convince herself that she hated him.

"Yep," Chuck admitted, tossing her onto the bed and crawling on top of her. Jazmine bucked her hips, grinding against him and causing Chuck to groan once more. He kissed down her chest and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking hard and making Jazmine moan, squirming underneath him and arching her back. She dug her nails into his shoulders and he reached down to undo her pants. Jazmine smirked up at him.

"You know, Raleigh is gonna kill you if he finds out."

"He won't." Chuck tugged her pants and undies off, leaving her naked beneath him. It was slightly embarrassing, considering she'd only been with one other man before. Jazmine squeezed him through his pants and he gave a guttural groan, undoing his pants and kicking them off. "You're not a virgin, are you?"

Jazmine scoffed as she watched him put a condom on. "I'm twenty-one."

Chuck pushed himself into her, gripping her hips and moving at a torturously slow pace. Jazmine practically writhed beneath him. She was never patient and although what he was doing felt so good, she had always liked it hard and fast. Her hands gripped his shoulders hard as her head fell back.

"Tease…" she said huskily.

Chuck's movements became harder, and he sucked at her nipple when she arched her back. Jazmine wrapped her legs around his waist, hands fisting in his hair. His thrusts became faster, and Chuck couldn't help but smirk as Jazmine moaned with each one. She was definitely enjoying herself. He pushed her legs further apart, the new angle allowing him to move deeper inside her. Jazmine's breasts pressed against his chest as he kissed her neck, biting lightly.

"You're going to leave marks," she said breathlessly.

The thought of that turned him on. "Good."

Jazmine bucked her hips against him, her moans increasing in volume as Chuck's movements became rougher, more careless. Chuck drew back and there was only time to disappointment to flicker briefly in Jazmine's eyes before he grabbed her and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. She gasped in surprise, before Chuck thrust into her once again.

Jazmine let her eyes flutter shut as she moaned loudly. Chuck kissed down her back and thrust harder, his new position behind her meaning that he was able to push much deeper. Jazmine fisted her hands in the sheets, unable to do anything to reciprocate. Chuck definitely was dominating, but she didn't care. His movements became hard and fast as he drew closer to his climax. Chuck pumped into Jazmine one last time, watching as she cried out in pleasure and collapsed against the pillows. Chuck reached his own climax only moments later with a groan, falling on top of her.

Jazmine pushed Chuck off her, getting to her feet and pulling her clothes on in silence. Chuck stretched himself out across the bed, watching her lazily. She did have a great body, even if she was a bit on the slender side.

"So?" Chuck asked, causing Jazmine to turn with raised eyebrows.

"So what?"

"Was I good?"

Jazmine rolled her eyes. Of course. "I'd give you a seven."

She tied her hair back, unsure whether she was right to be angry at herself. She had enjoyed sex with Chuck, but that was the problem. She hadn't thought at all about it. It had just been sex, nothing more. Like Chuck Hansen would actually want a relationship. Jazmine turned to face Chuck.

"I'm guessing I won't see you around."

He looked surprised. "Why not?"

Jazmine clenched her jaw. She had been used. It had been her own choice, and she didn't blame Chuck for it, but she didn't want him to act as though she was stupid. Jazmine had had sex without any romantic intentions.

"Don't for a second think I don't know when I'm being used."

"You seem so peaceful when you're not working." Raleigh observed as Sophia lay back on her bed, her hands resting on her stomach. He was watching her from where he sat at the opposite end of the bed with a book in his hands.

"Is that good?" Sophia opened her eyes, glancing at him.

"I think so." Raleigh chuckled, watching as she sat up. As she did she poked him in the arm playfully. "What was that for?"

Sophia grinned, poking his bicep again. "Damn, you have some fine muscles."

"Well, I have been working pretty hard." Raleigh smirked, flexing his arms.

Sophia ran her hand over his arm, feeling the muscle move underneath his skin as she did. "I can tell."

Raleigh pulled her closer, raising an eyebrow. "Are you hitting on me?"

"There's nothing better to do." Sophia grinned, kissing his lips lightly as she sat in his lap.

Raleigh rested his hands loosely around her waist. "What are you going to do when this is over?"

"Sleep. For a long time." Soph sighed, leaning back against him.

Raleigh nodded, playing with a strand of her hair that had fallen from her ponytail. "Fair enough."

"You?" Soph yawned, shifting close.

Raleigh tightened his grip, leaning back against the wall. "Not sure really."

Soph smiled, happily closing her eyes and leaning her head on his shoulder. "You could always go into the military."

"Trying to have a normal life sounds better." Raleigh sighed, wanting to get out of the military. It had caused him too much trouble.

Sophia grinned, her eyes glinting with mischief. "You could find yourself a girlfriend, which would be easy. Become a house husband."

Raleigh raised an eyebrow, shaking his head. "House husband? No thanks. I would work, just probably not military. been in it too long."

Sophia nodded, biting her lip. "I heard what happened to your brother."

"Yeah. It's difficult without him." Raleigh nodded, tracing patterns on the back of her hand.

Sophia watched him, and she could tell it was a sore spot for him. "What did it feel like?"

"He was still connected to me when he died. I felt his fear, his pain." Raleigh spoke softly, barely above a whisper, his head resting on her shoulder.

Soph nodded, kissing his cheek. "That would be horrible."

"Then I just left. I never spoke to Mum or Dad or Jazmine. I didn't even see her grow up."

"She still loves you." Sophia assured him, offering him a small smile.

Raleigh raised his eyebrows. "How can you tell?"

"You're her family." Sophia pointed out, knowing that no matter how much you wanted to hate your family, you would always end up loving them.