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The Bet

Chapter 40 – A new day.

This is the last chapter of this rather long story. I hope you most certainly enjoyed it.

No one's POV

It was the first day of school for Hollywood Arts and Tori was looking forward to her senior year. There were a few plusses, one of which was the fact that she would no longer be known as "That annoying girl's sister" as Trina was starting at UCLA. For all of Trina's insight in dating, she rarely applied that wisdom to herself and was seriously deluded about just how talented she was.

Of course, the best part of senior year for Tori is her new girlfriend Jade. Though Jade pretended not to care about such things, Tori was hoping to be with Jade, an official power couple. Not that Tori really knew what being in a power couple meant; she just wanted to be in one.

Pulling her car in the lot she immediately looked for Jade's car. She had been hoping to park right next to it and found Jade standing in the empty spot next to hers. The Goth looked unhappy and was standing there with arms crossed. She was dressed as normal with a black skirt and a purple top with a black leather Jacket. Tori couldn't help but smile to see the pink streak in Jade's hair still present. Normally she changes the streaks every few days, the pink one hasn't changed since their first night together. As Tori glided into the spot, Jade moved aside.

"Vega, you're the one that wanted to get here early and what do I do, spend the last 15 minutes playing traffic cop. Keeping those goons from your spot." Jade said with a look of scorn as Tori got out of the car.

"Thank you Jade. I wanted to park next to you but, you didn't have to do this for me." Tori said flashing a smile as she walked up to Jade and pulled her into an embrace.

"Only when they were close, did Jade soften her voice and whisper in Tori's ear. "I need you near me. I love you so much."

Tori loved it more than anything when Jade showed her vulnerable and sometimes submissive side to her. Tori knew that side of Jade was for her eyes only. Tori even suspected that Beck never saw this side of Jade. Tori knew that Jade was welcoming her girlfriend in her own special way today.

Tori pulled Jade in for a warm and tender kiss and for a moment the world stopped.

"I love you too Jade. You're my world." Tori said as the kiss broke.

Only then did Jade take time to notice the cute blue and white outfit her girlfriend was wearing. Though not her style, Jade was quite pleased with her girlfriend's appearance.

"Sorry Jade, I overslept."

Jade grunted. "So why do we have to be here early anyways? I normally wouldn't be coming into the lot for another 15 minutes."

"Beck. I want…er I mean. I think we need to talk to him before school starts. I texted him asking when he was back the other day but didn't expect to get back until last night. I really want to put this behind us. I'm not sure about you, but I certainly need to apologize to him. I just want to start this year out right. I'm nervous about this, but I think we need to do this."

Jade sighed and nodded. "You're right."

It was just then did the pair see Becks car roll into the parking lot and park.

"Come on Jade. Lets go."

The pair slowly walked to the car and as Beck got out, he spied the girls walking up to him. Beck took several seconds to carefully study the girls and their somewhat nervous expressions.

"Beck, We need to talk to you. We hoped to catch you before school." Tori said as she nervously bit her lip.

"You two talking again?" Beck said cautiously.

Jade slipped her fingers into Tori's as the pair started to hold hands. "We're a couple now." Jade said.

Beck's expression was guarded but slightly hopeful.

Tori took a deep breath. "Beck, I owe you an apology. You came over that day in an attempt to say you were sorry to me for what happened. I was rude, didn't let you apologize and slammed the door in your face. I was completely out of line. My deepest apologies to you. I'm so very sorry. Beck. Please forgive me."

Beck stood there for what seemed like an eternity for Tori, about 2 seconds, he seemed to relax and nodded.

"I understand. Jade had burned you. You were angry. I'm just glad you two were able to work through it."

"Beck, I am sorry."

"Were good." He said with a nod.

"How was Canada?" Tori asked.

"I made some pretty decent money. It was nice to get away and be able to think. Come on let's get to class."

With that Tori took Jade's hand and smiled. "Ready to officially be known as Tori's girlfriend?"

Jade smirked. "No Vega, you have that backwards, you will officially be known as Jade's girlfriend."

Tori pretended to get annoyed. "Just when I thought I'd be able to bask in the glory of making YOU my girlfriend, you have to rain on my parade."

Jade leaned in closet to Tori's face. "I'm your girlfriend. It's my job to rain on your parade."

"Says who?" Shot back Tori, keeping up their obviously fake argument.

"Pretty much every guy I know who's ever had one."

Tori huffed and let go of Jade's hand. "So what exactly do I get out of having my parade rained on all the time?"

At this point Jade whispered something in Tori's ear that seemed to excite the Latina greatly. "Oh Goody." Tori said with a quick clap of her hands.

"Hey Chica, Jade." Said Andre with a friendly smile as he came up. "What's going on?"

Beck who had just finished rolling his eyes answered. "Their arguing over who can be labeled who's girlfriend. Then Jade said it's her job as a girlfriend, to rain on Tori's parade."

Andre nodded. "She's got you there Tori."

"Stop encouraging her."

At this point Sinjin walked by and gave his usually creepy smile and wave to Jade. "Hi Jade. You look beautiful today. Don't suppose you would want to…"

Before Jade could so much as even scowl, Tori got in his face. "GO AWAY, SHE'S MINE. GET YOUR OWN LESBIAN."

A look of terror on his face, Sinjin abruptly ran for the school. Just as the terrified boy disappeared into the school, Cat, Robbie who had Rex all showed up.

Jade put her hands on her hips. "Hey, I thought insane jealousy was my department."

Tori smiled. "Sorry honey, the insane jealousy department is now officially half mine."

"Not even married Jade, and Tori's taking half your stuff. I think you got a raw deal, what you need, is a real man like.." Rex never got a chance to finish his sentence, as Jade abruptly ripped off his head and drop kicked it across the parking lot.

"Hey, Rex just got that head." Robbie protested.

Jade growled at Robbie. "I'll bet I could remove your head too, without too much effort. Or is Rex going to keep smart comments to himself from now on. Like saying I need a man."

Robbie started to shake. "I'll have a word with him and set him straight."

"Yeah Robbie, you talk to Rex, that's wasn't nice." Cat said as she poked a finger into Robbie's chest.

A moment later, after Robbie had retrieved Rex's head Andre spoke up. "It's the first day of our last year of school. Let's make it a memorable one. Come on let's go."

As the group walked into the school, Tori leaned into Jade. "I have an idea how to make today memorable."

Jade gave Tori a sly look. "And how do you hope to accomplish that?"

Tori opened her large bag just enough, for Jade to see a very familiar pink item in it.

Jade leaned in and kissed Tori on the cheek. "Be still my beating heart. No wonder I love you so much. After lunch?"

Tori grinned and took Jade's hand.

The day went on and much talk was made about the new couple of Jade and Tori. Much speculation was made that it had something to do with their famous bet, but no one was really sure. All anyone knew was that Jade and Tori seemed happy with each other. Much to everyone's disappointment, her new love seemed to make her no less mean to everyone else.

Though it was the first day of school, neither Jade nor Tori was really thinking about it too much. They were more focused on their planned rendezvous later in the day.

During 5th hour Tori got a text from Jade.

How about during 6th our in the broom closet?

Tori texted back.

I have a better, idea. Meet me by the girl's locker room after 6th hour.

Tori found Jade leaning up against a wall outside the girl's locker room just after 6th hour.

"So what's your brilliant plan Vega?"

Tori leaned in close to Jade's ear. "Well why settle for a broom closet when you can have a shower. The last gym class of the day was 5th hour. The locker room is deserted. We can have some wet AND naked fun."

Jade looked at Tori intently. "You sure Vega?"


Jade grinned, took Tori's hand and lead her into the locker room. As soon as they were inside, Tori pulled out the strap on and Jade immediately started to strip.

"Oh look what I happen to have brought." Tori said with a laugh.

A gleam appeared in Jade's eye's. "You know Vega, you can't whip one of those out and not use it. It's a rule you know."

Tori started to unbutton her shirt. "May I ask, whose rule is that?"

"Mine" Jade said, as her skirt hit the floor.

Tori looked up and then back to Jade. "Well, I guess I'll have to follow the rules. I don't suppose you could suggest someone for me to use this on."

Jade quickly stripped off the last of her clothes and walked into the shower. "Come in here and I'll show you."

A few seconds later, Jade was under standing under one of the showers when Tori entered the shower wearing the strap on.

"Well Vega. It seems I'm the only one here and I have been rather bad lately, so…."Jade said in a rather sultry voice.

Tori grinning like the Cheshire Cat, walked up to Jade and pulled the Goth into her arms. Under the hot water they pair's lips met in a passionate kiss as they began to make love.

Not having too much time for foreplay, it didn't take long for them go get going. Soon enough Jade was bent like an L with her hands up against the wall. Tori was behind Jade, hands on her hips, pumping in and out with a wide grin. Both women were in their old little wet sex filled world, oblivious to anything else. Jade could feel her climax coming ever closer, as Tori kept up the rhythmic pumping in and out.

"You love this Jade, don't you? Naughty girl gets what she has coming to her." Tori

"Yes!" Jade shouted out without hesitation.

"Don't you love Jade, it that we don't get interrupted anymore." Tori said between thrusts.

"Do…Do…Do…n't…n't..ji..ji..nx..nx…us…us.." Jade in her orgasmic haze, managed to stammer out.

"EEK!" A high pitched voice suddenly shouted out behind them.

Turning their heads they could see a rather shocked looking Cat standing in the doorway, pointing at them.

"NO Tori, you're doing it wrong. That's the pooping hole." The rather innocent red haired girl pointed out in an attempt to be helpful, despite walking into an extremely awkward situation.

Mortified, Tori pulled out, turned bright red and curled up into a fetal position on the floor. A sexually frustrated, humiliated and angry Jade took off after Cat, who had vanished out into the locker room.

Jade returned to the shower a few minutes later, to find Tori sitting up against the wall. The strap on, now sat discarded to the side. Tori seemed to be staring straight off into space. Needing to comfort Tori and needing comfort herself, Jade sat down next to Tori and put her arm around her.

"Cat?" Tori said blankly.

"Cat had forgotten something in her gym locker from earlier. I took care of it, she won't say anything. Though to my utter humiliation, I needed to explain anal sex to her and why I happen to like it. I followed that by saying if she ever breathed a word of what she saw to anyone, I would chop her into tiny pieces." What Jade and Tori did in private, Jade very much wanted to stay private.

The pair, wet and naked, remained silent for almost 2 whole minutes. During this time they both stared straight ahead.

"Memorable, Andre was sure right about that." Tori said, breaking the silence.

"Not quite the way I hoped, though."

Tori almost made a smile. "Who knows, this may actually be funny someday."

Jade shot her girlfriend a doubtful look. "When would that be?'

"Uh…maybe our 10th or 11th wedding anniversary." Said Tori with a nervous laugh. It was a risky statement, but Tori knew Jade was the one and wanted to see Jade's reaction. Though she didn't want to, Tori tensed up in nervous anticipation of Jade's answer.

After an instant which seemed to drag on forever, a huge smile formed on Jade's face. "10th Hmm…No way." Tori experienced a brief second of panic upon hearing the words no way. But it passed as Jade finished her sentence. "Not to our 20th wedding anniversary at least." Like Tori, Jade knew she was with the one.

Tori, though still embarrassed beyond belief, grinned ear to ear. "Don't suppose you want to bet on it, Original terms."

Jade smirked, reached out her hand for Tori's and shook it. "You're on Vega."

"So Jade, what do we do in the meantime."

"Make sure the door's locked." Jade said Dryly.

Tori cuddled in closer to the woman she knew she was going to spend her life with.

"Sounds good baby."

The End.

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