AN: I am not Tara, I made this for fun, the last chapter of My Immortal was kind of a cliff hanger, so I though why not continue it? Enjoy!

"Avava Kedrabia" I screemed shmexily. But den sadly I missed agen. It was so hrd, I began to cry sexily.

"Itz okay, Eblody (get it, cuz im goffic?) Vanpir said sadly.

"FUCK YOU, VAMPIRE" I screamed hotly. "Why can't YOU do sumthing?"

"Ok" Vampire said. He den tok out his wand and began shoting Voldimort. Draco also began to shot at Snap with his sexy red eyes on da targit. Den Vapire moaned "EXPLESIYARMMIS!". But Vampire missed again (dat stupid fuk) den Draco shot at snoop, he den fell on top of da car.

Snap began to shot spells aimlessly, den I decided to help my sexy draco and vampire so I screemed "Perfectiuioroos Totyjlus!". Den snap was stuck onto da car. But den behind Vampir, was Voldimirt, he had a gun to his hed!111111111