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Power of Eight

Chapter One: Prologue

Long ago in a powerful city called Gongmen City. Lived the peacocks; a proud and kind people, who ruled fairly and justly. The peacocks did rule Gongmen City peacefully and they had a fascination with fireworks. These wonderful things were shown brightly in the sky covering the dark night with their colors of light and sound. Yet, the current peacock rulers had a son named Shen who also was fascinated with fireworks as well. Shen's purpose was much darker and his parents began to worry. They went to a Soothsayer, a wise old goat they lived in the Palace for many years. Begging for her help in seeing their son's future praying he would be okay.

The Soothsayer was old and kind, feeling sadness for the parents she looked into the future. Her words were if Shen continued on this dark path then he would be defeated by a warrior of black and white. Once she told them of the prophecy, Shen had heard it and vowed to change his fate. His first instinct was to gather up his wolf soldiers and go to the nearest village to Gongmen City. A small village full of panda farmers and merchants. But he wanted a second opinion so he went to go see another seer, a golden female leopard with golden eyes that could help him. Her name was Golden.

Golden was to be the Soothsayer's replacement after she had died but was banished for using dark magic and obtaining horrible powers or gifts as she called them. That night all alone Shen went to the lone cave outside the city gates to visit Golden. Now she was happy to have a royal visit and saw he wanted what she wanted power. Golden was still young and beautiful it was said once a man looked into her eyes he would fall madly in love. But it was not only her beauty that captured Shen's heart, but her powers as well.

He told her what the Soothsayer told his parents and wanted a second opinion and then if she said the same thing then he would kill all the pandas. Golden did have a vision but hers was much different than the Soothsayer's vision. Golden said if he continued on this path he would be defeated by a warrior of black and white but that was not all. Shen asked her to tell him more and she did. Golden said there were two warriors of black and white who would be extraordinary warriors naturally gifted in fighting. Now Shen was scared for now he had two warriors to deal with but Golden was not done. Joining the two warriors of black and white were six other extraordinary warriors. One would have the power of the shadows. Another would have an excellent memory; one would be a shape changer or be able to become other people or things. The other three warriors' one was to have the power to cause great destruction with a high pitch sound, another was to be faster than anything in the world and the last warrior was to be a healer and heal themselves.

Shen was fascinated by these warriors and Golden said they would be children at first and Shen thought it would be easy to find them and kill them all so they couldn't stop him. Yet, Golden gave him a much better idea. Instead of killing the eight they would capture them and make them serve Shen. With all eight warriors by his side he would be unstoppable. The young prince liked this idea and asked how they would find such warriors or children as they were currently. Golden had an answer to that as well.

Going into her books of dark magic she created an amulet that looked like a golden skull. It could sense when one of the eight was near and Shen asked if one of the warriors was near now. One was for once Shen asked the question the skull amulet glowed a deep yellow. The eager prince returned to the palace and summoned his wolf guards. They along with Golden went to find the first warrior of the eight. To Shen's utter surprise the skull amulet led them to the panda village. The very village Shen was about to destroy in order to save himself. Once they set forth towards the village the panda leader, Xavier was not pleased. He demanded to know why Shen was here and Shen told him he was looking for a panda child and will kill anyone who stood in his way.

The panda villagers were beyond petrified. All wondering what the cruel prince wanted with one of their children. Xavier told Shen to leave and never return saying no child was to be given to the evil prince. His wife Susan was holding their six month old son in her arms afraid of Shen and vowed to keep her child safe. Golden saw the amulet glowing brighter and looked directly at Susan and told Shen that the child in the female panda's arms was one of the eight. Shen ordered his wolf soldiers to seize the panda woman and bring the child to him alive. Wolves attacked as pandas fought to protect their home and children. Xavier ordered Susan to run and take their son with her.

Susan ran with the other mothers and children into the cold woods and a lone wolf soldier was hunting her. He snapped at her and she grabbed a branch and swung it at him and he fell to the ground. Giving her precious seconds to get away and she slid down a hill and found her son's chance to live. With a heavy heart she placed him in a radish crate and left him there but in her haste she accidentally nudged the crate too hard and it went into the river. The baby cried out but his mother was gone leading the wolf soldier away from her baby.

Shen's wolves killed any panda they saw but once Golden told him the child they were after was gone. He left the village in ruin feeling defeated. When Shen returned home his parents heard of his attack on the panda village and his association with Golden. He saw horror and sadness in their eyes and they could only do one of two things. Either they sentenced their son to death for treason or banish him. Most people wanted Shen dead but how could you ask a parent to kill their own child.

His parents could do only one thing and that was to banish him from Gongmen City. Shen left and vowed to return to seek his birthright. He took Golden with him to help find the eight warriors and make them his. For many years they were unsuccessful and Shen along with searching for the eight made a weapon that could destroy anything even Kung Fu. To this day he and Golden are still searching for the children and if they find them and turn them evil all of China will perish.

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