Chapter 10: Soothsayer's Message

After Golden was killed the Furious Five minus Tigress went off to gather up the other wolf soldiers and Camille, Snow, Speedy, and Dark Wind left to free the prisoners. Harmony, Tai-Lung, Po, Tigress, and Red stayed in the throne room trying to figure out what to do. Harmony was shedding tears looking at Shade's lifeless body. Po and her exchanged sorrowful looks both shocked to see what had happened to their sister. After many years of running and fighting off wolves and finding a safe place to end their nightmares. Po and Harmony relieved the nightmare and the terrible thing took their sister away. It was like a knife was plunged into their hearts. The only time Po had felt like this is when Harmony got sick and he thought she would die. Of course Oogway helped save her by buying her medicine. But no medicine in the world could bring Shade back to the Land of the Living.

Harmony only had Po has a family member. Then they met Camille, Red, Snow, Speedy, Dark Wind, and Shade. They were all misfits for each was different yet it was their differences that kept them together. Soon they became a family and nothing could tear them apart. Shade was the smallest of the group but Harmony never saw Shade see her size as a disadvantage. That little mouse hardly used her gifts for she never needed them. She got all of them out of trouble plenty of times. Shade was the kind of person who could care less what dangers they faced she was always there for her family. Harmony respected her highly for that and wished she got a chance to say good bye to her sister.

Tigress and Tai-Lung didn't know Shade for very long but they could tell you that Shade was a brave person. Quiet and shy at times but never gave up hope and was always such a sweet person. Tigress wished she got to know the mouse better and Tai-Lung wished it was him who was killed by that fireball. He was a true monster hurting innocent people because he was not given the title of Dragon Warrior. Shade from a young age had her whole family destroyed and hunted by wolves living in fear without knowing why. If anyone had the right to turn evil it would be her but instead she chose to help people and maybe she didn't intend to be a hero but in the end she was one. He vowed to do good for this small mouse who barely knew him gave him a chance and died saving his life so now he would redeem himself and do good again.

Red, still on his knees was holding Shade in his hoof. He tried many times for his healing powers to work but no matter how strong they were. His powers could not heal the dead. Tears streamed down his face as he looked down at the small mouse that captured his heart. Her kindness and loyalty is what drew him to her and when he made enough money he wanted to marry her. They were sort of dating but they never made it official but Shade was the only one for him and she was gone forever. He waited to wake up from this nightmare and be back at their farm and have Shade waking him up and going out to harvest their crops. But this was no nightmare Shade was gone and he was heartbroken. "I love you Shade," he whisper as a tear fell and landed on Shade's body.

Tai-Lung stood an inch or two from Red and said," I am sorry for your loss. She died with honor and was a sweet person". Red closed his eyes as he grew angry if anyone knew Red he had a temper. It got better over the years thanks to Shade for when he got angry he would yell and throw things and Shade was the only one who could handle him. She was gone now and Red was about to let out his anger.

"How dare you speak about Shade! This is all your fault!' Red roared as he lunged at Tai-Lung. He slammed his fist into Tai-Lung's jaw sending the snow leopard flying. Po and the others were too startled to move as Red continued to attack Tai-Lung, "She died because of you! It this is your fault! Red screamed. Tai-Lung kicked Red in the ribs and rolled over to dodge another fist.

"I am sorry I didn't know this would have happened. Believe me I wish I was the one on that floor instead of her. But beating me up will not bring her back" Tai-Lung said but Red was beyond reason. Po had to stop this and he pounced on Red as Tigress helped him and Harmony stood in front of Tai-Lung to keep the two males at a distance.

"Red calm down Shade wouldn't want this" Po said trying to ease him but it was not working.

"How do you know what she wants? Can you speak to the dead Po? I want my sweet Shade back now!" Red yelled and struggled to get free but Po and Tigress had him pinned. Soon Red calmed down as tears soaked his face. "I want her back," he moaned as he cried tears of pain. Soon everyone returned to the throne room and came upon the scene.

"If you want to save your mouse friend you will have to act quickly," said an elderly voice. Standing behind the others coming towards the front was an old goat lady. She stared sadly at the mouse that was lying on the floor. "Her soul is gone but there is a ray of hope" she said.

"Who are you? What do you mean there is a ray of hope? I can get Shade back?" Red asked breaking free of Tigress's and Po's grip.

"She is Shen's Soothsayer, a person who can see into the future," Tai-Lung explained.

"And I can do a bit of magic but unlike Golden's my magic helps but not harms. In order to save the mouse you must travel to the Land of the Lost only their can you find her. It is a place where all things lost go but be careful for if you go there Golden herself might be there as well and if she possess Shade's body then Shade will be lost forever so be careful. I can make a portal on how to get there but once there you will be on your own. So, who wants to go?" she asked.

"I am going I will bring Shade back," Red said firmly.

"I am going too," Harmony said.

Me too," Snow said.

"Don't forget us," Speedy and Camille said.

"I am going too," Po said and Dark Wind agreed to the trip.

"Not without me you are not," Tigress said standing to his side.

"I am going too I do owe Shade my life," Tai-Lung said. Red glared at him but remained silent.

"Okay the rest of you I need you all to return to the Valley of Peace and inform Shifu and our dad of what is going on. Keep the Valley safe and we will return as soon as we can," Po said looking at the rest of the Five.

"Be safe everyone," Viper said.

"Bring Shade back," Monkey said.

"Watch out for Golden, Crane said.

"Don't get killed," Mantis said. The Soothsayer muttered some words and a glow of pure white light appeared and a portal was made. Po, Tigress, and the others jumped inside as they soon journey to the Land of the Lost determined to find Shade and bring her home.

The end

Author's Note: Sorry there will be a sequel I just need to work out some ideas. Okay here is what I got each member has lost something and in the land of the lost I reveal what. Po, Harmony, and Tigress it is their past. Red it is Shade but if you have any ideas for the others let me know. Please review and till next time.