Selena and justin bieber.

"Wasnt that fun?" Selena asked as she and justin walked through the front door to Selena's parents house. "That party was awesome! I loved the dj!" Replied justin. "Yeah me too.." Said selena a little tired out. Suddenly Mandy, Selena's mom walked in the room. "Im going upstairs to go to sleep. Justin, its really late you may want to consider staying the night." Said Mandy i. A sweet voice. "Sure i would be ok with that" smiled justin.

Now that Mandy was upstairs, selena and justin were finally alone. They say on the couch. "Im so lucky. I love you so much you are the most beautiful girl in the world" said justin kissing selena gently on her neck. Selena replied in a moan. Justin worked his way up to Selena's lips and made out with them. They were kissing for a while and suddenly she realized what she wanted. She grabbed Justin's hand, opened her legs and rubbed his hand slowly on her pussy. "Ohhh yes" selena softly moaned. Justin also realized what she wanted and he rubbed faster and faster and selena got louder and louder. "FUCK!" Moaned selena. Selena stood up, took off her shirt which showed her bra that said "kiss me". Selena took off her pants and teased justin by slowly pulling them off. "I want your pussy" justin said as he took out his large dick and masterbated to selena. "Ohhh" justin moaned slightly. Selena took off her underwear all the way and got right into action. She began sucking on Justin's big cock. "Faster" justin demanded to selena. Selena did what she was told. "OmAGOD" moaned justin. Suddenly justing couldn't control himself. He got up, and stripped down to no clothes. "H.O.T." Selena smiled. She rubbed her hand against his chest feeling his abs and suddenly was turned on. She jumped onto justin making out with him. While they were making out, justin slid his dick into selena. "OHH!" They both screamed as the dick went into selena. "That feels so damn good babe!" Selena whispered to justin. Selena began going up and down faster and faster. "FUCKKKKK YESSSS! DONT STOP! YES YES YES RIGHT THERE OHHHHH MY GOD!" Selena got off Justin's dick and justin lay selena down on the couch. He began eating her pussy. "Ohhh" selena moaned softly. Then justin started to finger her. "Oh justin. I love you so much! Mmmmm" selena said while getting one fingered. That's not what justin wanted to hear, so he stuck two fingers inside of her. "YES!" Moaned selena really loud "DAMN RIGHT OHHH MMMMM FUCK ME HARD!" Selena shrieked. That's what he wanted to hear. He two fingers her and began to lick her pussy at the same time. "OHHHHH SHITTT" selena screamed as she got fucked. "IM CUMMING!" Selena screamed as cum leaked out of her sexy pussy. Justin ate the cum. "Just because you cum doesn't mean shows over ;)" justin said and stuck his dick inside of her again. "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK SHIT OHHHHHH!" Selena shrieked. But as this was going on someone made a cough and it wasnt justin or selena. Justin stopped fucking selena and tired around. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?" Shrieked Selena's furious mother. Selena burst out in tears. "Mom im so sorry! I just love him so much!" "We'll sex isnt the only way to show love! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!" Screamed Selena's mom. Justin his behind the couch. "As for you bitch." Mandy said talking to justin "if she gets pregnat you will be in a load of trouble! Im calling your mom right now" justin started to cry "im sorry i really am" "we'll thats TOO FUCKING LATE! YOU JUST FUCKED MY DAUGHTER!" "Im sorry" cried justin.

Done masterbating you sluts ;) 3 part 2 soon (the sex will be in part 2 as well so dont give up on being Horny )