Hello my lovelies. Welcome to the smutty five-shot I've been brainstorming with my beta Yana (queenofklaroline). It's set kind of after 4x18 (before everything turned to baby-shit). Enjoy the first chapter!

Caroline frowned down at the phone in her hand, absently keeping an eye on Elena as she bought a round of drinks from the bar. Where are you, love? The text from Klaus read, making her heart flutter in her chest. Caroline wracked her brain, trying to remember if she and her - lover? Fuck buddy? Definitely not boyfriend- had made plans.

I'm at The Grill with Elena. Did we have plans? Caroline smirked at the word 'plans'. Her and Klaus' 'plans' typically involved a lot of sweaty, naked, mind-blowing, toe-curling fun.

Over two months ago the pair succumbed to the sexual tension between them in a fit of slightly drunken, angry hot-hybrid-sex. Ever since, they hadn't been able to keep their hands off of each other. The only problem was they had to keep their hands off of each other in public. Neither Klaus nor Caroline had brought up the topic of going public, so their 'plans' were kept deadly secret.

"Who are you texting?" Elena asked as she clunked down a couple of beers on the table, plopping down on the other side of the table, across from Caroline.

"No one," She said immediately, eyes darting down to her phone as it vibrated, No, but I'd like to. Caroline felt her center clench at the words, some of their encounters flashing through her mind; leaving her praying that Elena couldn't smell her arousal with her heightened vampire senses.

Elena narrowed her eyes at her friend's strange behaviour, smiling slightly, "Sure, I believe you." She said teasingly, expecting the person Caroline to be texting to be Tyler.

"Quiet, you." Caroline muttered, eyes dropping to the glass bottle in front of her, "Beers, Elena? Really?" She said attempting to distract Elena by disapproving of her choice of beverage,

"What? It was all I could get Matt to give me!" Elena replied. Caroline rolled her eyes before quickly typing back a reply to Klaus, Me too. I'll swing round later?

Twenty minutes later Caroline checked her phone for the umpteenth time; still no reply. She sighed, setting aside the phone. Carrying on her conversation with Elena, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise and goosebumps spread along her arms. Looking over her shoulder slightly, she thought she saw a brief glimpse of Klaus heading towards the bathroom. Caroline immediately stood, "Sorry Elena, nature calls. Back in a sec," She told her best friend, heading for the bathroom she could have sworn she had seen Klaus go into.

Upon walking into the bathroom, she didn't even have the chance to blink before she was slammed bodily against the door, lock clicking shut as a pair of hands roamed her body and a familiar pair of lips smashed against her own. Caroline's hands immediately went to his hair, returning the kiss momentarily before breaking a part to find a smug looking Klaus.

Caroline smiled, "Couldn't wait?"

"You have no idea," He told her, lifting Caroline so she would wrap her legs up around his hips, rucking her skirt up to her waist as he pressed intimately against her.

Her eyes widened, "Someone's pleased to see me," She breathed at the feel of the sizable bulge against her already damp panties; she had been wet since he texted her.

Klaus merely growled low in his throat, diving in to kiss her passionately. His hands slipped under her top, caressing warm flesh making her shiver, fingers clenching into the corded muscle of his shoulders. Caroline rocked her hips into his, moaning at the friction, Klaus' grip tightening on her waist.

They continued for a while, kissing and groping against the door like a pair of teenagers. However, soon it wasn't enough and Klaus became impatient. He moved his hands along the back of her thighs, supporting her as he backed away from the door, hands moving to her ass as soon as he peeled her from the wood of the door. Caroline clenched her legs around him tightly, squeaking slightly in surprise as he set her on a hard surface. She broke their kiss to notice she was sat on the edge of the counter in between two sinks.

Klaus lunged for her neck, attacking it with bites, Caroline tilting her head back to give him better access. He unhooked her legs from around him, ignoring her pout he moved down to nip at her cleavage gently, giving her a devilish smirk as she gasped. His fingers traced up her legs, hooking into the elastic of her underwear, ripping them off at lightening fast speed.

Before Caroline even realised what was happening he had his hand between her legs and his middle finger was dipping into the wetness he found there. Caroline's hands went to the counter, gripping the wood tightly, almost making it splinter in anticipation of what was to come.

Klaus dipped his head to find the spot on her neck that he knew she liked, holding her chin to tilt her head to where he wanted her, causing her to gasp as he began to suck at the sensitive spot. Caroline's hips ground against the hand pressed against her in an effort to find more friction. Taking pity on her, he pushed the single digit into her, making her hips cant. His finger crooked inside of her and Caroline let out a gasp, eyes sliding shut, head tipping back as pleasure spread throughout her body, the slightest sensations from him making her blood boil.

Once Caroline was sufficiently worked up and bucking into his hand, Klaus pulled away from her neck, placing a quick kiss to her lips he withdrew his finger. She whimpered in response, eyes opening to look at him confusedly. Klaus gave her a grin in return and dropped to his knees. Tugging her legs he pulled her hips closer to him so he was directly in front of her sex, making Caroline's eyes widen as she realised what exactly he was about to do.

He began with soft nips at her inner thighs, just inches from where she really wanted him. Caroline groaned in frustration making him smile, delighting in the sight of her, flushed, glistening and completely ready for him in the short time they had been in the bathroom.

"Oh God, j-just do something!" Caroline cried out impatiently. Klaus jumped out of his daydream at her words, immediately diving into her by swiping his tongue through her soaked folds. She moaned as he did, hands sliding into his hair, watching the erotic sight of him between her legs. When his tongue swirled over her clit Caroline's hips bucked as she whimpered, grinding her hips against his face, desperate for the release she knew he could give her.

When she began squirming Klaus wound his arms around her legs in order to keep her still, her legs resting on his shoulders so his hands could hold her hips still with his iron grip. Caroline groaned in dissatisfaction at being restrained, hips unable to move an inch. He slid his tongue teasingly around her entrance, proving to her she was in fact unable to move an inch. She tugged at his hair, showing her discontent at his actions, leading him to push his tongue into her, sending a lightening bolt of pleasure through her.

Once Caroline's hips began to squirm with such strength that Klaus struggled to keep them at bay, he withdrew his tongue and began attacking her clit. The sudden force against the sensitive nub had Caroline on the brink of orgasm, so close-

Suddenly, the door handle was shaking as someone attempted to get in. Caroline's orgasm immediately halted in it's tracks, eyes flying open. Upon the handle-shaker realising they couldn't get in, there was a knock on the bathroom door, "Caroline, are you okay?" Came Elena's voice from the other side,

As Klaus continued his ministrations (she could feel him smiling against her) Caroline clenched his hair painfully in an attempt to get him to stop, heart racing in her chest, "Yeah, I'm fine!" She said loudly, voice coming out incredibly hoarse,

"Are you sure? You've been in there a really long time. Did Tyler text you something that upset you?" Elena asked, leaning against the wall beside the bathroom door, completely unawares as to what exactly was going on inside.

At the mention of Tyler, Klaus perked up, and upon hearing the name, his ministrations sped up as if punishing Caroline for even knowing Tyler Lockwood. She moaned as he sucked her clit into his mouth, releasing her hips a little so she could grind against his tongue,

"Care?" Elena prodded, jolting Caroline from her pleasure-induced haze,

"Oh, uh," She stuttered trying to remember what Elena had initially said, "No, no – it's nothing, I swear, you can go back to the table," Caroline managed to get out in a rush, torn between tearing Klaus away from her and jeering him on towards, what would surely be an incredible orgasm.

Just as she was about to reach her peak, Klaus withdrew all stimulation, keeping his magical mouth on her without actually giving any sensation – at least not any orgasm worthy sensation. Caroline's hips jerked a quarter of an inch before the iron grip was back, not allowing any relief. He peered up at her, eyes glinting devilishly as she tugged at his hair, mouth agape in shock; he had never left her hanging before.

"Caroline, are you sure you're okay? You're taking a really long time to reply to me!" Elena shouted through the door, reminding Caroline that Elena had said something previously that she hadn't quite caught in between the torture between her thighs.

Her brain practically pinged once she realised what Klaus really wanted to hear, and what would really get her that orgasm that she felt she desperately needed, "I– well, I just- I think I finally r-realised that Tyler and I are – Oh my God-" Caroline jolted as Klaus' tongue flicked out against her, warning her to be careful about her next words, "- really o-o-ver," Caroline finished. She hoped by telling her friend that she and Tyler were really over, it would make him relent in his torture.

And indeed it did. Klaus' tongue was immediately back on her clit, tongue flicking and curling in the most sensational way that Caroline was immediately pushed into the orgasm she'd been chasing, the pleasure singing in her veins as she shook and attempted to muffle her cries from her best friend who was stood mere metres away.

As she came down from her orgasm, Caroline blearily realised Elena was still talking to her through the door, "I'm really sorry to hear that, Care. I know you loved him a lot," Elena said sincerely, reeling from the revelation that Caroline was no longer holding out for Tyler.

Klaus stood, standing between Caroline's spread thighs, winding his arms around her waist, a smug smile on his face, "It's okay, 'Lena, I've moved on. Go back to the table, I'll be out in a sec," Caroline said, loudly enough for her friend to hear without using her vampire hearing. She distractedly heard her friend agree, followed by shuffling footsteps.

"You've moved on, have you?" Klaus asked silkily, thumb stroking against a small patch of skin between her skirt and top that had been released in her wriggling,

"Isn't that obvious?" She said with raised brows, eyes flickering between them.

"I suppose so," He said, smiling to himself as he leaned forward and captured her lips with his. Caroline groaned as her tongue pushed against his, tasting herself. Her hand drifted between them to stroke over his ever-prominent arousal. As she did, Klaus broke away from the kiss, eyes flashing as he grabbed her hand.

"Not now, love," He told her huskily, eyes darkened in stern arousal.

Caroline looked at him confusedly, "But you-" Klaus shook his head at her words.

"Not here. Back at my place. I want to make you scream." He told her, making Caroline clench for him longingly, nodding disjointedly as she was thrown head first into memories of how exactly he could make her scream.

He stepped away from her, "Make your excuses, and be back at mine in twenty minutes," He told her dominantly, leaving no room foran argument.

Caroline watched him go, door swinging shut behind him. She shook herself from her daydream, realising, now the door was open anyone could find her in her sex-headed, half naked glory. Hopping down from the counter on wobbly knees, she straightened her clothing before fixing her hair. After all, the sooner she got there, the sooner she would have him.

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