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"What do you mean you're going on a blood run? We've been planning our girly sleepover for the past week!" Caroline said, pouting at Elena.

"I know, I'm sorry. Look, I'll be a couple of hours, but Damon says this is the best night to go, or else we won't get any more blood for another week." Elena said, pleading with her friend to understand, "I'll bring you back some B positive," She sang, seeing Caroline's resolve weaken.

"Fine. But I'm starting The Notebook without you." Caroline said, crossing her arms and walking over to the bed in one of the many spare bedrooms of the Salvatore Boarding House.

"I'll be back before you know it." Elena said, seemingly excited over her first blood run with Damon. Caroline rolled her eyes waving her friend away, left alone in the house in her cute PJ's she had bought especially for the occasion. She briefly thought about going to raid Damon's liquor supply when a better idea struck her. A couple of hours. Caroline rolled on the bed to reach the nightstand where her phone lay.

What are you doing right now? She text, a devilish smirk overcoming her features.

Caroline impatiently waited for a reply, hands flying to her phone as it buzzed, Why? Her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

Elena ditched me to go on a blood run with her boyfriend. Want to keep me company? ;) Maybe the wink face was a bit much, but she needed to make sure he understood what she meant.

Be there in 5. Caroline let out a giggle at his response; dropping her phone to the bed she went to the mirror to check her reflection. Her hands fluffed her hair, fingers swiping under her eyes for any stray eyeliner or mascara. There was a knock on the window then, making Caroline jump.

She turned to the window, finding a smirking Klaus on the other side, balanced precariously on a tree branch outside the window. She grinned, speeding over to the window to open it for him, "You could have used the front door, you know," She said as he climbed in, Caroline shutting the window after him.

"I wasn't sure if everyone had left yet." He said, unable to take his eyes off of her. She turned with a smile, immediately going to his arms,

"Everyone's gone. We have at least an hour, maybe two," She purred, arms going around him, fingers slipping under the hem of his shirt to meet warm skin, leaning up on her toes to meld her mouth with his. He returned her kiss enthusiastically, lifting his arms for her as she pulled his shirt over his head, momentarily breaking the contact between her lips,

"We'll have to make the most of it then," He mumbled against her lips between kisses, flinging the lace trim tank top she was wearing over their heads, delighted to find she wasn't wearing a bra. His hands went to her breasts immediately, tweaking her nipples gently, making her groan. His hands smoothed over her chest to slip to her upper back; his mouth going to press kisses to her clavicle, his grip pulling her closer to his mouth.

Caroline's head tipped back, breathy moans escaping her lips as his talented mouth roved over her chest, shooting bolts of longing between her legs. As the pressure mounted, she became aggravated, taking a hold of his face and bringing his lips to hers, kissing him passionately. His arms were still holding her to him tightly, but she managed to slip her hands between them, fingers deftly flicking open the button of his jeans. Klaus was already kicking off his shoes once he realised her intentions, his jeans falling to his knees as she impatiently shoved his underwear down as well, leading to him shucking both layers off.

Before the fabric had even left his feet, Caroline had used her vampire strength and speed to shove him back onto the bed, her legs straddling his hips. In moments, she grasped his length, enjoying the hot, hard feel of him in her hand. Klaus' entire body stiffened, his eyes shuttering, growling as she squeezed him. She pumped him slowly, knowing he was always ready for her, but still wanting to tease him anyway. He opened his eyes slowly, his gaze meeting hers, and he noticed the wild look in her eyes she always got when she was with him.

Unable to take her teasing anymore he had Caroline on her back with her hands pinned above her head in a second flat. She smiled up at him coyly, knowing exactly how worked up she had gotten him. Klaus' eyes narrowed at her reaction, making her flutter her eyelashes innocently. Moving his hands from hers with a gentle caress he sat back on his haunches, hungrily taking in the sight before him.

Caroline lay before him completely topless, her hair a tangled mess of curls, eyes watching him intently with the naughtiest smile on her face. Her eyes would hover to his cock every now and then, only making her smile wider as she met his eyes once more.

Klaus had finally decided on what to do with her, with the first step being to remove the ridiculous, yet adorable, pastel coloured, owl printed pyjama shorts. He leant forward so that he was hovering over her, and trailed kisses between her breasts, trailing down over the slope of her ribs, making her squirm as he trailed lower, his stubble tickling the skin of her navel. As he reached the elastic of her shorts he looked up to her with a grin, noting hers had disappeared from her face and that she was watching him keenly.

"Cute PJ's," He rumbled, igniting irritation in her concentrated gaze. With the same grin in place, he leant back up, fingers hooking into the elasticated waistband of both her shorts and her underwear. Caroline lifted her hips to help him remove the maddening garments. She let out a sigh of relief as her soaked underwear was peeled away, revealing her to Klaus' hungry gaze.

In order to get him back where she wanted him, she hooked a foot around one of his hips in a tugging motion, pulling him to hover over her once more. He stalked back over her, like an animal stalking its prey, back into her arms, her legs winding loosely around his hips. Caroline leant up to him, her lips claiming his just as one of his hands rubbed over the wet folds between her legs. Her hips jolted at the sudden sensation, and she bit his lip in punishment for the sneak attack. He growled, their lips breaking contact, but their faces remained a hairs breadth apart as he teasingly pressed his thumb over her clit, just enough to give a sensation, but not enough to be pleasurable.

Caroline whimpered and shakily moved her hands from his shoulders to wind into the curls at the back of his neck. She brought his pouty, bloody mouth back down to hers and sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, moaning as his blood hit her tongue. He wordlessly understood her apology, and rubbed her clit slowly in reward, her moans increasing in pitch, her hips rising to meet his hand. Just as he poised a finger at her entrance her hips pulled back, her mouth pulling from his,

"I want you inside me," She murmured, her breathing rough, "I can't wait."

Klaus nodded understandingly, pressing a chaste kiss to her lips he pulled away, holding his throbbing cock in his hand, he pressed himself against her, rubbing up and down teasingly. Caroline swore in protest hips grinding in an attempt to get him inside her. At her struggles, Klaus gave in, pressing against her entrance until he was slowly sliding inside of her, cautious not to go too quickly and hurt her, vampire healing or not.

The feeling of her scorching hot, wet walls clinging around him as he pushed inside her almost made him lose it right then and there like a teenage boy. Instead of focusing on the sensations, he concentrated on Caroline, whimpering at the sensation of him stretching her, eyes screwed shut as her hands blindly reached for him. He shifted so he was on top of her once more, finally fully sheathed inside of her. After a moment, Caroline's eyes opened, and she pulled his mouth to hers, kissing him slowly and thoroughly, her arms holding onto his shoulders, whilst her legs tightened around his hips, closing the space around them.

In an effort to get him to start moving, Caroline clenched her muscles around him, smiling smugly as he groaned, "You shouldn't do that if you want to get the most out of our time together, love," He rumbled, her grin only widened as she clenched around him again,

"I thought you like it when I was in control, Nik," She murmured tugging on his hair a little for extra emphasis,

Klaus pulled his hips back and slammed into her, making Caroline cry out and cling onto him for support, her mind numbing, "Not tonight, love." He purred. Her hips push against his as he starts a slow, grinding pace, his teeth scraping over her neck.

There was a rawness inside her, an ache that only he fills with his presence, his touch. Caroline arched up, pressing into him more closely, noticing her own need reflected back at her as she leant to kiss him. She shuddered as their tongues met, each grind of his hips pressing deliciously against her clit, building her higher and higher.

Caroline's moans grew embarrassingly quickly in pitch, her nails digging into his shoulders as Klaus' hands worshipped her body. He did everything he could to drive her to the edge, from his deep, sharp, grinding thrusts to his whispers of her beauty and his wants of her. Feeling her release building, her hands desperately sought something to hold onto, her hands scrambling along his shoulders. Klaus coaxed her hands into his; threading their fingers together and resting them back against the mattress as her fingers gripped his tightly.

It was at that moment that Caroline realised; the slow pace, the whispers, the lack of dirty talk, the connection. They weren't fucking, they were making love. And it wasn't the first time. She didn't have any time to ponder the discovery, as the sensation of his fangs piercing the milky skin of her neck threw her headlong into a blinding orgasm. Taking a few mouthfuls of her wonderful blood, and feeling her walls fluttering around him, Klaus allowed himself release, groaning her name as they came together, hands still clasped.

He collapsed on top of her, rolling both of them so she lay splayed on his chest on top of him to avoid crushing her. Caroline murmured as she came to, her mind still hazy as one of his hands stroked along her spine, the other holding her head gently to his neck, urging her to bite. She did as he bid with a moan, lapping at the bite before collapsing against him.

Klaus' hand stroked through her hair, "I love you," He murmured. Caroline's eyes widened as she registered what he said, head shooting up to look at his smirking face as he continued to stroke along her back. She opened her mouth to-

"Caroline, we're back! Why is the door locked?" Was accompanied by sharp knocking at the door.

Klaus' confession was the last thing on her mind as Caroline realised her best friend was stood right outside her door whilst her kind-of-boyfriend was still inside her. She jumped of him and was half dressed by the time she momentarily stood still, "I'm just getting changed!" She called as she pulled on her shorts, hands flattening her sex hair as she turned to Klaus still lazing on the bed. She motioned for him to get up, pointing to the bedroom window,

"You changed before I left." Elena said from the hallway,

"I, uh, changed, and then changed again," She mumbled, motioning more vigorously for him to go out the window. Klaus merely smirked at her topless form, watching as her breasts bounced with her motions. In seconds she was crawling under the bed in the hunt for her tank top, squealing triumphantly as she found it.

"Whatever, you need to come downstairs." Fed up with his lack of movement, Caroline began throwing his clothes at him, yanking him from the bed.

"You need to go, now." Caroline hissed quietly, shoving him towards the window as Klaus realised she was serious, attempting to put on his pants.

"You can't be serious," He said, catching the shirt thrown at his face as she opened the window,

"Caroline!" Elena called impatiently from downstairs as Caroline panicked and forcibly shoved Klaus out of the second storey window. Klaus landed in the bushes with a groan, Caroline's head popping out the window,

"I'm sorry!" She whispered with a grimace, turning to leave the room, "Thank God he can't be killed," She muttered to herself.

Caroline bounced down the stairs finding Damon stood by the fire and Elena seated on the coach, a cooler box between them.

"Hey guys, what's up?" She asked brightly, attempting to appear as normal as possible, schooling her expression to hide how freaked out she was.

Damon watched her with an amused smile whilst Elena glared at him, "Nothing. What did you do whilst we were gone?" She asked,

"Um, nothing, just amused myself." Caroline said, feeling as though it was the start of an interrogation. They knew something, and she had a distinct feeling it was about the dirty little secret she had pushed out of the guest room window half naked.

"I bet," Damon said with a low chuckle, earning him a glare from his girlfriend. Caroline frowned at the strange way they were acting shifting nervously on her spot in front of them. They definitely knew something.

"Did you watch The Notebook?" Elena asked, her tone tight, giving Caroline a further hint that something was going on.

"Yeah, I started but I got bored." She said slowly, shifting on the spot, her brain already churning with excuses.

"Is that why Klaus joined you?" Elena asked casually, an innocent expression on her face,

Caroline's eyes widened, and she was certain her heart had stopped functioning all together, along with her brain. They knew. They knew what she had spent months hiding, and she had absolutely no idea what to say, "I – uh, I don't, he didn't, I… um…"

"There's no point in trying to hide it, Blondie. We've known all along." Damon said, looking very satisfied at Caroline's expression.

"I don't… there's nothing with Klaus." Was the best thing her brain could come up with, finding it impossible to gauge their reactions as alarm bells went off in her head.

"Seriously, Caroline? We're not stupid." Elena said, crossing her arms and raising a daring eyebrow,

"So, you know what exactly?" Caroline mumbled, stumbling over her words,

"That you and the big bad of Mystic Falls are playing hide the salami. The horizontal tango. Bumping uglies."

Caroline waved a hand to get Damon to stop, her cheeks reddening, her heart picking up to what felt like a thousand beats per minute, "Okay, I get it, you know. How long have you known? And why aren't you freaking out?"

This time Elena shifted uneasily, "I went to your house a while back and got a nice view through your open curtains. And The Grill. And Bonnie's party."

"Don't forget when I went with Stefan to Klaus'," Damon piped up,

Caroline cringed, "You knew then?" She asked, feeling completely horrified that her ultimate secret had been revealed.

Damon nodded, laughing, "My little brother was completely clueless. Made it even more hilarious."

"And why aren't you freaking out?" Caroline asked nervously, clenching her hands for the onslaught of a catfight, excuses at the ready to defend her actions, defend Klaus even,

Except Elena shrugged, "Klaus, he did a lot of things. But so have I. And whilst they don't always measure up… I don't know. I just don't like to think about it." She finished with a grimace.

"This is weird." Caroline said, feeling like a burden had been lifted from her shoulders, but still not ready to accept all was well, "So, who exactly knows?" She asked, already cringing at exactly how un-sneaky she had been,

"Us, obviously," Damon began,

"Bonnie heard you two in her bathroom at her party. Then saw Klaus sneak out the front door and put two and two together." Elena continued,

"And Stefan saw you pressed up against Klaus' bedroom window, butt naked. I don't think he's ever consumed so many bunnies in one sitting after seeing that." Damon said, struggling not to laugh at the mortification on Caroline's face,

"Don't forget Jeremy. He saw you two going at it in your car on the side of the road. He pulled over because he thought you were having car trouble."

"Anyone else?" The blonde squeaked, almost afraid of the answer,

"Oh and Elijah knows too. And he's pissed that you screwed on his desk." Damon said, grinning as she buried her head in her hands.

"Not Elijah." She groaned, collapsing into the armchair beside her,

"So now you know that practically everyone knows, will you go and collect Klaus from the bushes outside?" Elena asked, feeling resigned to the situation.

Caroline looked up at them sheepishly, "You know about that too?"

"Yes. Now get him to stop pacing on the grass so he can pay for my twenty years of therapy." Elena said, signalling the conversation had finished, and that she now no longer wished to talk about her friend's sex life.

Caroline slinked off guiltily, Damon smarmily waving at her as she ascended the stairs. She entered the guest room, the scent of sex hitting her immediately. She was stupid to think she could hide this from vampires. She walked over to the window, feeling somewhat light-hearted. Opening the window, she stuck her head out, finding the hybrid pacing the lawn as Elena had said, "Klaus!" She called, his head immediately turning to her, his face lighting up.

"Can I come back up?" He asked, keeping his voice quiet, knowing she could still hear him. Caroline nodded with a smile, and she was helping him back inside the room in seconds.

"What happened?" He asked, checking her over for marks, ready to tear her friends apart if there was a single scratch on her.

"They know." She said, keeping her face neutral.

"How?" He asked, shocked that anyone a part from his incredibly nosy sister had found out, but ultimately worried over her reaction.

"We're not good at sneaking around." She told him, a small smile playing on her lips,

"And? Are you okay? You were the one worried about going public." He asked, frowning, worried she was going to freak out on him,

She moved closer to him, inside the circle of his arms, taking his face in her hands, "I don't care. I love you, and I couldn't care less what people think." She said softly, smiling, her expression was one that could only be described as pure love.

Klaus looked stunned, and she was momentarily scared he hadn't meant his earlier words. But when his face broke out into a grin, and she felt like her heart was soaring. "I love you." He muttered, pulling her face to his to kiss her thoroughly.

Everyone knew. And neither of them cared.


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