He heard voices amidst the darkness. They echoed in his head, sounding frantic. Slowly, Ren opened his eyes. He squinted as the bright light filled his vision. He could see blurred figures seemingly staring down at him.

He's waking up! Went one of them. Ren, can you hear me? Said the other.

Someone shone light into his eyes. He's alright, now.

Ren blinked weakly. "Uhn… what... happened?" he stared at the blurry figures. Finally, his vision cleared, revealing the Shadow Paladin healers' hopeful faces. Beside Healing Revenger was Tetsu and Suiko, who had both sighed. "Thank goodness, Ren." Suiko said.

Ren got up, which rattled the two healers. "Take it easy, Ren!" one of them said, "you still need to recover some more."

Ren ignored the two, scanning his surroundings curiously. It seemed that everything was back to normal. But… where was Asaka? His heart sank at the realization the she was missing. His mind rushed through the many dreaded possibilities as he tried to sift through each memory. Had Raging Form not gotten to her in time? Did she die from having the Reversed ripped out from her?

"Here's the antiseptic!"

His heart fluttered. He turned to the direction of the voice. Standing there was none other than Asaka, offering the white bowl she carried to the Liberator healer, who was tending to Blaster Blade's wounds.

"Thank you," she said, taking it from her.

Ren's face brightened. He got up from his bed. "W-wait a minute!" the healer demanded, placing her hand in front of him, but he shoved it away.

Asaka looked to his direction and her face lit up. "Ren!" she ran toward him excitedly. Asaka wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace.

He hugged her back, feeling a huge burden lifting from within him. He felt her warm body against his as she trembled. "You're okay," she said, and Ren realized she had burst into tears.

"You're back," Ren observed. Asaka laughed as she pulled away from him. "I'm sorry," she said, wiping away her tears. "I've been such a burden to you—"

Ren grabbed her and kissed her hard on the lips. He felt her body tense up. He smiled to himself, waiting for her to realize what was happening. Asaka finally relaxed, kissing him back with a hesitant moan. They savored their moment until finally Ren broke away.

He stared at her seriously. "Don't ever leave my side again."

Asaka's cheeks were bright red. "Y-yes, Ren."

He shot her a bright smile. "Good."

Blaster Dark got up, feeling his strength returning. He turned his head to the left. There were a few soldiers being tended to. Ren was sitting up from his bed, hugging Asaka.

"Master," Dorint called. Blaster Dark turned to him. "Dorint," he said, "What happened? Is everyone alright?"

Dorint nodded his head. "Void is defeated, sir. Our army is recovering. Eponine travelled back to our world to inform Cray of the battle that happened here. She came back to tell us that the Sanctuary seers are creating a portal to send us all back home." Blaster Dark furrowed his eyebrows at the mention of Eponine.

"The clan of Pale Moon," he said, looking around. "I do not see them." He got up from his bed. "Where are they?"

Eponine's portal appeared before Luquier, and she grinned. "Thank you for all your help, Eponine," she responded. She turned to her silver thorn servants. "Everyone, let us hurry off."

She watched as her servants hurried into the portal. Eponine stared at the dragon tamer's sad eyes. Beside them, Fullbau nudged his head against his master and whimpered.

Luquier tried to smile for him. "It's okay, Fullbau," she said, "This is for the best." She looked at Eponine after the last servant walked in. "Remember our plan."

Eponine nodded. With a distraught sigh, Luquier approached the portal.


The Millennium Elf's heart skipped a beat at the sound of Blaster Dark's voice. She turned to see her beloved Revenger, panting from the run she assumed he did.

"Blaster Dark," she said, trying to act calm, "I see the healers have done a good job with you."

He approached her with his eyes locked into hers. "What in the world are you doing?"

She looked back at him sternly. "I'm going home."

"Do not sugar coat it," he said, finally stopping when he stood only inches away from her. "You're running away, aren't you?"

Luquier flinched. It surprised her that the dark knight had figured out her plan so quickly. She broke away from his gaze. "My actions against the Sanctuary will garner me a death sentence from the King."

Blaster Dark's expression hardened. "That is not why you are running," he pressed, "Tell me the truth, Luquier!"

She fell silent, feeling the emotion she had kept inside her overflowing. She thought of the life she could have had with him, and she shuddered as she broke down in tears. "We can't," she said finally, her voice breaking, "We can't be together!"

"What are you talking about?"

Luquier shot him a glare. "Do you not see it?" she paused for a moment before turning away once more. "Our life is too different. I can never ask you to choose between me and your Revengers, as I to my Silver Thorns." She walked toward the portal. "Our love is doomed to perish."

Blaster Dark grabbed her wrist, which startled her. "Don't be ridiculous." He pulled her to him and she gasped.

"I will be there on your next show." Blaster Dark turned her to face him. "With flowers, and chocolate."

Luquier chuckled despite the tears. He wiped them away for her as he continued, "Promise me you'll wait for me."

She hesitated, shuddering as she cried. Blaster Dark held her firmly. "Promise me, love."

She looked up at him with watery eyes. Luquier breathed in deep and finally she nodded. Blaster Dark gave her a quick kiss. "I will never stop fighting for us," he crooned, caressing her white hair, "So don't you dare give up on me."

Luquier stared back at the Shadow Paladin knight with a half-smile. "Make sure it has caramel on it," she said, "Milk chocolate with caramel."

Blaster Dark laughed. Luquier returned his kiss with a softer, sincere peck, a symbol of her own promise. Finally, she broke away from him. "I'll see you later, handsome."

Blaster Dark smiled as he watched her leave, with his former dog Fullbau tailing behind her as they stepped into the portal Eponine had created.