Chapter 6 - Surprises, Surprises, Surprises

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"Does this suit make me look fat?" Tevos asked, showing the dress.

"Darling, when's the last time you've seen an obese asari? They don't even exist," Glen said to her, grinning.

She grinned back, "I just heard so many ladies of your species ask that question."

Glen chuckled, fixing his Alliance Officer's uniform in a mirror, "Yeah, it's become the question of their lives."

Tevos walked up behind him, reaching in front of him, stretching out the two flaps on the collar.

"Hey, Handsome," Tevos said with a smile.

"Well, hello there, beautiful," Glen replied, smiling back, turning around to face her.

She backed up, grabbing both side of her dress, moving her leg behind the other to bow down.

Glen moved his hands to the front and back as he leaned forward, then back up.

"Shall we go, M' lady?" Glen asked her, gesturing toward the door with one hand out to her.

She giggled as she smiled at him, she walked over and took it, "Let us make way."

Glen smiled at her, stepped to her side, then they walked out the door.

Standing on a stage before a statue, Glen stood at attention next to Tevos. There was a very large audience of those who were able to attend. The Relays were being repaired by the Geth, and the leaders has called a victory ceremony.

The Statue, was composed of all of the species in the Galaxy, to honor those who lost their own individual battles against the Reapers.

Hackett, now promoted to General, was walking along fellow officers, important figures, as well as Glen's crew, his mother included, giving them the second highest Medal in the Alliance. There were other leaders, as well as the rest of the Citadel Council, who was giving Tevos the evil eye.

Steven got to Glen, who was saluting, the General gave him a very rare smile.

" At ease, Admiral Glen Shepard, I present you..." Hackett said as he brought up a black box, "The Medal of Honor."

Glen's eyes couldn't get any wider when he heard 'Medal of Honor', as well as his promotion, Hackett opened the case, and there it was. The Star, framed in a circle by wheat, with the Alliance symbol in the center, Along with a Everest-Class Dreadnought on the top, laid horizontally, looking at the top. In a box below, said the very word, 'Honor'. The medal was in pure gold.

Glen took the box into his own hands. He couldn't believe it, but there was something else...

"General, I don't think I deserve this, I believe..." Glen said as he turned to Tevos, who gave him a look, "She does," he said as he smiled.

Tevos stared at him, "'ve earned it."

"I wouldn't have earned it at all if it wasn't for you," Glen told her.

"I don't want to take it from you," she said to him.

"Please, Tevos, have it," Glen replied.

She hesitated, but reluctantly took the box.

Tevos was unsure about the value of the Medal, but she was going to keep it treasured.

Hackett nodded, "I believe she deserves it as well, Glen."

Glen nodded back, "Thank you, Sir."

"Is there something you wish to say?" The General asked.

Glen nodded once more, then made his way to the microphone at the head of the stage. Tevos followed and stood to the side, behind him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, today, we made it. We've overcome the hardest of our lives, We have succeeded where the older species failed. We shall not forget those who has fallen to bring us this victory, and honor their deaths by remembering," Glen started.

The audience all nodded, some clapped a bit, others murmured their agreements.

"Every single one of you, has somehow contributed to the defeat of the reapers. Everyone here, is a hero, as well as everybody else in the galaxy. The time has passed. Now, it's time to rebuild, and secure a future for our younger generations!" Glen said with a smile at the last part.

Again, everybody nodded, many stood, clapped, and cheered. Afterwards, they sat back down.

Hackett stepped up and activated his Omni-tool as a mic.

"And thanks to Glen Shepard for securing our future for our children," Steven said.

"But, My time is done," Glen said. Tevos looked at him, the audience, and the folks on stage gave a confused look as well.

"What do you mean?" Steven asked, but he already knew why. The Audience was going to ask anyway.

"I think I've done my part in this short life I've led. I've hurt, bled, killed, helped, and shot. I did what I could. I want to spend the rest of my life I have left with the Asari I love, "Glen said as tears swelled up in his eyes.

"She's the reason why I'm still alive, she's the reason why I brought victory home, she's the reason why I kept fighting, she's the reason why I bled, She's the angel in my heart, and last, but not least, she's the one I owe my sanity to," he finished with water flowing down his cheeks, he didn't care.

Tevos was in tears from the words he threw out there, and he wasn't finished.

"She may be a Politician, but she's Tevos, not a politician," he said, Tevos walked up beside him, and he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"And, this, is my resignation," Glen announced.

Hackett nodded, "And it is up to the rest of us to carry on what he has brought to us, We can rebuild, but we won't recover the souls of our fallen heroes and family, but they will have a place in our hearts."

Tevos stepped up to the microphone while Glen moved to the back and side, allowing her passage.

"This is also, my resignation from the Citadel Council."

Valern and Sparatus looked at her,

"What!?" Sparatus said.

"You heard the lady," Hackett said to the Turian councillor.

Glen stepped to the side of the stage, he felt a tap on the shoulder, and opened his hand behind his back.

Followed by, "Congratulations."

"Thanks, Kasumi," Glen whispered.

He kept the object in his closed palm as he walked back up to the infighting. They stopped once they saw Glen.

"And just to steal her away from you," Glen said to the councillors as he dropped to one knee in front of Tevos, who gasped beyond her limits with her hands covering her nose and mouth. Along with the other ladies around them gasping. She had tears watering up once again.

When he hit his knee, he opened the black box containing the ring. Embedded in the middle, was an Amethyst gemstone. Shining brightly in the moonlight, enough for the entire audience to see its shining violet. It also had a silver, polished frame.

"Tevos, will you marry me?" Came the question.

Hannah smiled at her son.

"Yes, Glen...! Yes!" Tevos answered through her cracked voice.

Glen's heart wanted to jump out of his chest, he stood up after taking the ring out of the box, closing, and putting it in his pocket. Tevos held her hand out, Glen slid it on her finger, and It fit perfectly.

Tevos immediately threw her arms around him, holding him tight, he even grunted, but he smiled.

She let him go, and before he could breathe, she brought him in for nice, long kiss. The audience stood, clapped, and cheered. As well as the others on the stage.

When she released him, Hannah walked up to Tevos and they hugged. Garrus even came by Glen and patted him on the back.

"Good going, Shepard," Garrus said as he grinned.

Glen shrugged, "What can I say? I thought this would be the perfect time to do that."

The Turian chuckled, "You certainly chose well."

"She's a great girl, She's not what she looks like as a politician."

"I'll take your word for it."

"You got a Quarian with a shotgun, I don't think Tali can get any more badass than that."

Garrus laughed, "Yeah, you're right."

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