"He's not here! Oh, no! He could be hurt, or lost! We have to leave right now-!"

"TOOTH!" The fretting hybrid was jerked from her rant by Bunny's roar. The pooka gave her a rare, reassuring half smile. "Don't worry, Sheila." He said confidently. "He probably just lost track of time in a snowball fight." Sandy nodded his agreement, his wild golden locks swaying with his head bobbing.

Tooth but her lip. Worry was swirling in her chest as though it was a blender, combing anxiety with dread, protectiveness, and pure motherly instinct.

The Guardians had been called to a meeting two hours ago, and still Jack Frost had not come. While it was expected that Jack may be a little late after only being a Guardian for a year, but not this tardy.

Uncomfortable silence rang in the big four's ears as they slouched awkwardly in the globe room. After about 90 seconds Bunny leapt out of the chair he had been reclining in and grumbled "Enough! So help me, I'll find that little gumby and hang 'im up by his ears if-!"

Boom! All four heads snapped up at the sound of the Globe rooms French windows bursting open violently and clobbering the walls. Through the opening flew a small, familiar figure, flipping out of control head over heels. With an almighty THUD! it met the ground head first and released a small moan of pain. "Jack!" Cried Tooth. "Are you o-!"

The winter sprite, his snowy hair ten times as unruly as usual, leapt up to his feet as if she was not there, and elated, childish grin on his fresh features. Facing away from the four, Jack suddenly stared in awe at the grand surroundings as if he had never seen them before. Then, quick as an ocean wave, he began to dance around the room, letting out bursts of ecstatic laughter. Bright blue eyes soaked in colors and textures, a hooked staff whipping through the air as Jack Frost twirled.

The guardians, of course, were hopelessly confused, simply staring with wide eyes, mouths agape, at the sight before them. Their young friend was spinning and springing around with the speed of a cheetah on serious steroids, making him out to be nothing more than a navy blur with a blip of white, releasing effervescent laughter. Even for mischievous, chaotic Jack Frost this was...unusual.

So Bunny, somewhat annoyed, reached out with lightning fast reflexes and wrapped his paw tightly around the thin arm of the joyous Shepard of winter when his absurd dance brought him close enough, stopping him dead in his tracks.

Jack stopped, his eyes sobered, but somehow his eyes stretched wider when he glimpsed who...or more like what he was looking at.

"Whoah!" He yelped. Wrenching his pale forearm from the tight grasp, he literally flew backwards, shoved back by the wind, his feet never touching the ground till he was at a safe distance. His irises, if possible, expanded further to the size of dinner plates when he spotted the four immortals he faced. "Ah...Sorry to bother you..." His voice was sheepish and he wouldn't look any of them directly in the eye. "But...can you tell me where I am? Oh-" he added as an afterthought. "And who you are?"