Light's POV


When I started my new job, I had no experience with those small monster humans. I only had a sister, which I couldn't even remember the infancy of. Even I didn't see many babies in my life for god's sake.

Maybe I could find another job, be a waiter and I would not have worries. Serving food and taking money would be much easier than taking care of babies. But babysitting would make me earn more.

Researching on internet, I learned a lot about babies. How to change their diapers, what to feed them with and measures for their safety… Still, it was obvious that it was going to be hard.

Walking to the address written in the paper in my hand, I thought about the money Lawliet family was going to give me with salary every week. I was living alone, far from my parents and money was all I needed. I was 16 and I had to take care of myself. Hopefully, I would have enough money by baby-sitting this summer.

"I hope you are docile, little Lawlie…" I murmured.

When I turned to the corner of the street on the paper, I saw the Lawliets' huge house in front of me. The house was white, huge and unbelievable to exist to people like me. I was sure that if they wanted, they could even buy me.

I entered the garden by the surprisingly unlocked gate and examined around. There were various flowers and trees around along with fountains, settles and a slide probably for the baby.

Not the same, but another nice garden's sight flashed in my mind. The one we had with Sayu, mom and dad. I would play with my little sister whole day. I would tease her sometimes and she would usually whine about it for hours, running to mom with teary eyes. Then father would come and talk to me. Talking with him was so important for me. He was speaking with me like I was an adult unlike anyone else. Mother was pampering us with big smiles.

I shook my head. I was away from them and it was better not to think about them right now.

I walked to the pink door and knocked on the beautifully carved iron. Within seconds, a woman with long black hair opened the door. She narrowed her colored eyes and eyed me. "What are you here for?" she asked with an arrogant hint.

"I am the baby-sitter, Mrs. Lawliet, Light Yagami."

"Oh, son of Chef Soichiro," she said and opened the door wider. "Took out your shoes. And follow me."

"Uh- okay!" I took out my shoes quickly and with a fast step, stumbled. I closed the door behind me and ran after Mrs. Lawliet. She was climbing the stairs with elegant but fast steps. I tried to catch her speed. Oh God. If his mother is a weirdo like that, I wonder how will her 1-year-old baby will be. He will probably choke me with diapers.

She stood in front of a blue door next to the stairs. On the door, there was a word written with colorful cardboards, Lawliet.

"Um… What's the baby's name?" I asked to the woman with hesitate. She turned her head to me and spoke as it was the most normal name. "L."


"Yes. Simply. L."

I'm in a house of a mental patient. Her husband isn't around anymore. She has an imaginary baby and she named him a letter. A letter!

"How a nice name…" I smiled nervously. I tried to think of an excuse to leave. I could find another job and...

She suddenly glared at me as I shivered.

"Why are you tossing around?"

"Oh... Was I? Sorry." I stood still and tried not to move. She reached out and opened the door. She pushed me inside gently and I looked around, trying to see in the dark room. The curtains were closed and there was a crib in the farthest side of the room.

"Good luck, Yagami. And take a good care of my previous baby…"

She closed the door behind me and I turned on the light speedily as if I was a kid.

I hope there is a baby in this room.

I walked towards the crib with slow steps. Than, as I heard a light sound of deep breathing I fastened my steps. When I saw a small hand in the crib, I was sure there was a baby (and a human one) in the room. I walked one more step, then I saw his face.

When I looked at L Lawliet's little form the first time, I was taken aback.

He was adorable and angelic without doubt. Little round face, pink small lips and hands, small everything... But what caught my attention were his raven hair which was rather bushy and his paleness. Also, the little dark circles around his eyes. Maybe that woman wasn't taking a good care of the baby. I had never heard of a baby with sleeping disorders.


I jumped with the high pitched sound coming from the crib. Baby was waking up. I leaned a bit forward to examine and watch his face as he opened his eyes slowly. His long eyelashes vibrated and he whimpered with a cute, thin voice. Well, if there was an adjective named 'cute' than he deserved it.

Then he opened his eyes wide. His eyes were gray and rather empty looking. But when he saw me I saw a shine for a second. When he saw me, he turned his head with arrogance. He was pouting. Like he didn't like my presence after waking up.

"Didn't like me?"

He eyed me with the corner of his eyes but didn't turn his head. "Oh…" I thought about the ways to get his attention. "How are you?"

He didn't move and didn't make a sound. He even stopped squinting at me and started to study his crib. Thinking about what could interest a baby, I decided on silly mimics. I pulled my lips' edges to sides and started making funny sounds. He finally turned his head, but with a condescending look in his eyes. That toddler was scorning me with his glance!

At least, he was looking at me. "I am Light," I said and smiled to him. He pouted and turned his head again. I felt my eyebrow twitching as I decided to try another way.

"Okay. If you ignore me like that, I'll leave." I said. He stayed still.

"Okay, then. Goodbye." I walked away enough to get out of his view. Then I turned and watched to see what would he do. A few sounds were heard inside the crib, then I saw his standing little form holding on to the iron of the crib. He was watching me quietly with dead eyes. But I saw a little curiosity in them. We stared at each others' faces till I smiled and got closer to him again.

Then he said his first word to me.


"Oh… What?!"


Mello's POV

An address was given to me for the baby-sitting. Like Light, I was also having that job. He, for money. Me, for being far from home. The baby was Jeevas family's only child. I was going to have this job with a low salary but I didn't care. Only thing I cared was having enough money to spend without needing my parents. I hated using their money as much as I hated them.

My family had a big finance company. I was the heir of the company but my father didn't like me. My haircut, my outfits, my behaviors… And I never cared about his opinions.

I went to the location where the house was. To be honest, it was one of the ugliest houses I had seen so far. It's orangeish color was faded, walls were cracked and weeds in the small garden looked unharvested for years. People in this house obviously had no respect to themselves.

I knocked the door but no one answered it. Then I knocked it again, harder this time. Finally a man with beard opened the door. "Maria! There's a girl…"

"I AM A BOY!" I yelled at him angrily. He stared at some certain places and nodded as if he was asked a question. I clenched my fists. I would kill him if I was not there for a job.

"He must be the baby-sitter!" a shrill voice called out inside of the house.

"Oh, come in then…" He let me get inside and stepped back. Inside of the house was as bad as the outside. We stood there for a few seconds. "So," I started, "Today is my first day. I need to see the baby. Where's he?"

"Baby?" he asked, "You mean Mail?"

I realized he was drunk then.

"He's upstairs. In the second room on the left." Then he went to the living room where a redheaded woman was watching TV.

How could these people were allowed to have a baby?!

I went upstairs and opened the closed, brown door. I was a bit uneasy and worried about what could I see.

There was a baby.

And he was lying on the floor, eyes closed.

I panicked and ran to his little body. I watched his chest and when I realized he was breathing I sighed with relief. I would not be surprised if I found out he was dead.

Then I examined him. He had red hair, so red and so beautiful. His closed eyes had long lashes. He had a few freckles on his nose. He was just lying there, still. "Cute…" I whispered. He was so cute with a small face.

And I looked around the room. No cribs. No toys expect the broken crocodile figure which was quite realistic on the floor. A crocodile figure for a baby? There was a sofa which was dirty and ripped at some places. It also had a thin blanket on it. How could parents be that irresponsible?

Mines were also uncaring but I always had expensive toys. I had a nice bed. And the baby didn't even have one.

He had a blue pacifier in his mouth and he sucked it suddenly. His cheeks were swelling up and going down. I raised his body gently from the floor and he dropped his pacifier with a whine. Then he opened his eyes and stared at me. His eyes were so beautiful, a bright blue.

He examined my face silently first. Then he started to giggle and raised his little hand to me. I was surprised but I allowed him to touch me until he held my hair and pulled it to himself.

"Hey!" I shouted angrily.

He laughed with cheer and pulled it more as it was a game for him.

"Let go of my hair, little brat!"

He made a happy scream and I reached my limit. I removed his hand from my hair non too gently and he fell on his butt to the floor. I looked at him, immediately regretting my harsh movement. I had forgotten that babies were sensitive, physically and emotionally. He looked surprised first. Then tears welled up in his huge eyes. He raised his arms and hid his head. Do his parents hit him?

I reached him slowly and stroked his hair. "Sorry. I'm sorry. I got hurt, so it was just a reaction. I didn't mean to drop you…" He seemed calmed down as I spoke. He looked at me and lowered his arms. I smiled and caressed his wet cheek.

Seeing me smile, he giggled and raised his hand to me again. I rolled my eyes. "Mail, that doesn't mean you can pull my hair again."

He crawled near me and fell to my lap. He giggled again and reached my vest. He made a meaningless sound and tried to pull me to himself. "How naughty you are!" I raised him again and he swung his legs. He screamed with happiness again.

"You like flying, don't you?" I stood and shook him in the air. I threw and caught him a few times. He was screaming with joy moving around with excitement. When I stopped he whimpered with disappointment. He tried to jump in my arms and made his meaningless sounds.

I putted him on the floor as he looked at me with request.

I looked around again. "This isn't your room, is this?" I asked and turned to him. I wanted to believe it wasn't. He was looking at me with wide eyes shining. He smiled and raised his arms to me in an attempt to be held and raised again. Sighing and sitting near him, I eyed his thin figure. Then curled up his t-shirt. Here it was, what I was guessing. A bruise.

He tilted his head and looked at his chest. He touched the bruise with a thin finger and raised his head to look at me. He was trying to show me the bruise.

"I am sorry," I whispered and raised his body. He made happy perky sounds. I kissed the bruise. He froze and looked at me.

"That was a kiss," I explained and put him to the floor again.

He crawled near me and held my hand. He touched my finger with curiosity and touched with his lips on it.

I smiled. "Are you also kissing me?" I leaned forward and kissed his cheek, continuing the kissing ceremony.

He kissed my palm. I kissed his forehead.

Then he tried to stood up. I let him grab my fingers with his small hands to raise his body. He stepped two shaky steps to me and with excitement he moved up and down like he was jumping, giggling.

Then he kissed my lips.

"Hey! Don't kiss people there!"

He giggled again and I raised him.

"Do you know my name? It's Mihael…"

How could a baby say that name? I tried to think of an easier name to say. Then it came out.

"Mello. Mello. I am Mello. Mel-lo…"

Mello? God...

I tried to think of another name instead of Mello. The baby looked at me for a few seconds.


Let it be Mello then.