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"Ssssh!" I scowled at the redheaded little creature in front of me.

"Sssss..." He tried to mimic me and smiled. "Mellooo..."

"Mail, just keep silent for this night, okay? I promise I'll let you scream my name around later but shut your teeny jaw up for a night!" I looked at the door nervously and hoped that my parents didn't hear him yet.

He crawled near me on the bed and raised his arms. I hugged him and sat on the pillows.

"Feeling sleepy?"

He looked at me when I spoke. I leaned forward and kissed his forehead. "Let's sleep then, huh?" I wanted to teach him this new word. "Sleep. Sleep. Sleeep. Say Sleep, Mail. Sleeep..."

"Slip" He repeated softly.

"Good boy," I ruffled his hair and let him rest his head against my chest. "Sleep now."

He gasped for a few times. He tried to push me and squirmed around. "Mello... Mello..." He reiterated with an almost panicked voice.

"Calm down for a second, Mail. Please sleep..." I answered him tiredly. I really thought he would sleep for a moment.

"Nnnh!" He kept moving around.

"What's your problem?" I raised him and he looked down at me, bottom lip trembling.

"Hey, don't cry!"

I hugged him again and then, sniffled against an awful and new smell.

"Did you just...?"

He whimpered and tried to reach me again. He started to cry loudly and I panicked.

"Don't cry! Let's change your diaper, okay?"

I rushed to the wardrobe and took out the diapers and baby wipes I bought in the afternoon. Mail cried after me and I ran near him again.

"Shhh!" I hissed loudly with a hope he would mimic me again. He didn't stop crying or squirming, though. He repeated my name desperately.

I took off his small pants and opened the dirty diaper.

That horrible smell gagged me. "What did you do?!"

He swung his legs around and sobbed loudly.

I grimaced and held his small legs above. He tried to get away from my grip but failed. I raised his legs and wiped away the dirt. I pulled out the diaper under him and placed a new one. I couldn't find a way to tie the diaper for a moment and he continued crying loudly.

"Mail... I'll buy you lots of toys if you keep silent!"

Finally, I tied the diaper and let Mail lie there peacefully. He kept crying till I lifted and shook him. "Don't cry..."

Then, I put him back on the bed and reached the dirty diaper unwillingly. I folded the diaper but then realized that Mail's stool was quite solid.

I checked it again and turned back to Mail.

"Aww, you have constipation..."

I laughed and held his body again. "So it hurts when you defecate?" I kissed him and he smiled, seemed forgotten about the pain moments ago.

"It smells horrible. Let's get rid of this," I raised the diaper. "I hope I can trust you about keeping silent when I'm gone."

He stared at me curiously.

"Mail, keep silent, huh? Please keep silent." I almost begged him.

I put a pillow on the floor and made Mail sit on it.

I went out with his nervous stare. So I rushed to the bathroom for coming back early for him and not to face with my parents.

I wrapped the diaper with toilet paper and chucked it out. My parents wouldn't look inside of the bin and maids wouldn't poke it up.

Running back to the room, I thought I heard a cry and fastened my run. But when I opened my room, I saw Mail, trying to reach my desk.

"What are you doing?" I closed the door behind me. He stared at me wild-eyed and pointed the shiny hanging paternoster with excitement. "Can't you stand up? C'mon you're one! One years can walk, can't they?" Then I tilted my head. "Or they can't?"

He tried to reach it again. "Melllooo..."

"Take it yourself if you want it so much..." I smiled and sat on the bed. "Anyway, when's your birthday?"

He stood up shakily with holding the table and raised his hand.

"Keep it up!"

He fell.


"Meeeeeeeellloooo!" He cried out and pointed the paternoster again.

"Okay, okay..." I stood up and gave him what he wanted. He put it into his mouth immediately. "I'll teach you saying 'please' tomorrow." I raised him and took the pillow. "Also, you need to learn walking."

I shook his body lightly in my arms. "Don't suck the cross!" I take the paternoster back and put it on the commode. "Sleep, huh?" He smiled and touched my nose. "Mello," he whispered with happiness.

"I love you, too," I smiled. "Rest now..."



I embraced him and pulled quilt over us. I removed his socks and threw them to the floor. He raised his bare legs and giggled.

When I lied down, he climbed on me laid there.

"Will you sleep on top of me? K, but don't piss there."

I patted his behind softly and he closed his eyes.

"Sleep well," I ruffled his hair.

I slept just after him.

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