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Summary: 'scratchy asks Dot and Wakko what keeps there family together. Wakko remembers a certain sarcastic Warner who raised them himself.'

Warnings: possible O.O.C. really short drabble.


"What keeps you three together?"

It had to be the stupidest question Scratchy had ever asked them, but it hit Wakko deep.

What had kept them together and happy all those years? It was obvious to him.

He hardly remembers the day they first came to the Warner brother's studio. He was so young he could barely walk, and instead tottled down the street, talking in gibberish and eating everything his small hands could get ahold of.

He remembers griping onto huge, way baggy, brown pants that were practically strapped to the one wearing them. A baby Dot is curled up in his arms, sleeping peacefully, not knowing just how scary the world felt for the two brothers as they walked into the studio.

He remembered watching as Yakko unpacked made them as comfortable as possible in the (once) rickety old water tower, giving them the only blanket and instead sleeping curled around them.

He remembers growing up loving the bedtime stories Yakko would craft, speaking of magical worlds full of magic and humor and a good family and feeling special because he knew that he didn't buy some cheap book and read them some cruddy story but instead created his own and how much he still loved bedtime because of it.

He remembers Dot crying about a nightmare she about forgetting everything and how Yakko doesn't just grab her but also takes him out of bed so they can all curl up together.

He taught them how to mallet. He told them everything they wanted to know about mom and dad. He was there balance in there zany lives. He protected them, and nurtured them even though he was only a few years older than Wakko.

And so, when asked 'what keeps you together' he has a simple answer.


He knows that later Dot's going to ask him what he meant, leading him to try to tell her what little he remembers about when they were little and it would cause her to finally ask Yakko and it would lead to an afternoon of funny stories.

Wakko smiled; he couldn't wait.

Like I said, it's a drabble, so it's supposed to be short. I might put more on their later. Maybe not, I might just leave it as it is. REVIEW! It's not my best work, but I suppose it could be a lot worse.