A/N Okay mellons and shippers, here is a completely random and FEELS drabble.

You can kinda read this in Robert Downey Jr's voice. This is based on the song let her go by passenger.

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"I love you Pepper", that's all I had to say. But no I'm Tony freakin' Stark, I had to balls this up.
Okay so it started right after Loki invaded, everything was going fantastic between us but then all this avengers rubbish had to come into it. I mean yeah, at first it was really good, I got loads of publicity and Stark Industry's business was booming. But, the more time I spent at SHIELD meant I needed to spend more time in the lab. Pepper understands the lab, it's who I am, but this SHIELD stuff confuses her. She knows how much I hate meetings, and the pirate.

She thought I was cheating on her with Nat, Nat for god sake! Natasha's like an annoying but lovable sister to me. Besides, she's going out with Bird Brain. Pepper came into a SHIELD meeting to try and get me to do some stupid interview about our relationship. She made an off hand comment about it's more important than this SHIELD meeting. I, of course, had to put her right by saying that I needed to attend this meeting because I was going to be going to Russia for some top secret mission and I needed to brush up on my hacking skills and what-not. That's when she got all hysterical accusing me of going off with Natasha. I tried to calm her down but it wasn't working. I thought maybe she's just not right for me, she doesn't understand, she doesn't trust me... I told her that it wasn't working, that we weren't right for each other. I tried telling her the usual BS, you know, the it's not you, it's me and I don't deserve you. But she knew me too well. She simply said "will that be all Mr. Stark?", with out waiting for a reply, she stormed off, her high heels clicking down the corridor. There was no remorse in her voice, only frost, shards of ice that cut me deeper than I thought possible. That's when Nat poked her head round the door to tell me to get my butt back in and stop snogging my girlfriend. To which I sullenly replied "She's not my girlfriend, not now". I went in and sat through the rest of the meeting, my face blank, as if I was the emotionless monster she had called me.

Two hours later and I'm a wreck. I fell too far, too deep. I had to let her go. I didn't realize how much I loved her until I let her go. I knocked back the drink, feeling tears drip down my face onto the photo frame I held in my shaking hands. I let her go.

The end...

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