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An Unexpected Confession

Sheamus sighed as he rolled around in the driveway as Kaitlyn finished carrying all of his things from his house to his new room. It had been a busy day, as the two had been moving his things for a while now. "You sure you want to put your house up for sale?" She asked as she wiped the sweat from her forehead.

Sheamus shrugged, "Why not? My new home is here with you so it can go to another person who needs a new house in the area." He rolled into the house and picked up Pugsley. "We're back little fella." He said with a smile to the dog.

"Suit yourself." She said as she moved the last box into her home that she now shared with Sheamus. Kaitlyn glanced at him for a moment before shrugging her thoughts off. She sat on the couch and turned on the TV. "I'm exhausted..." She mumbled.

Sheamus turned his attention the what was on the televison. "Go take a nap then. Tomorrow you have a flight to L.A. to perform. You need your rest." He said as he gave Pugsley a little kiss. He was way too preoccupied with the small dog.

Kaitlyn sighed, "I wish you'd just come with me... You're going to be stuck here alone." She pointed out.

Sheamus smiled, "I have this puppy with me. He can entertain me. Now go get some rest." He said with a small chuckle. After all, she had moved all of his things into the house, she had to have been exhausted. Hybrid diva or not, she wasn't superman.

Kaitlyn smiled and stood, "It'll only be a small nap. Don't be afraid to wake me up okay? Even if its the smallest thing, ask." She said with a serious expression. She then headed to her room and closed her door quietly.

Sheamus smiled and gave Pugsley as kiss on his forehead. "Looks like its just the two of us now." The puppy barked and stepped around excited on his lap. "You are so cute yet so ugly." Sheamus said with a light laugh. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Maybe I should get some rest too..." Pugsley curled up on his lap and looked up at him silently.

Sheamus smiled and rolled to his room. He set the puppy on the bed and got in the bed himself. He stared up at the ceiling and thousand of his thoughts ran through his head. His life has changed so much since this first happened. Two weeks ago, he was paralyzed waist down from an accident during his match with Randy Orton.

For some odd reason he had yet to figure out, Kaitlyn showed up in his hospital room and volunteered to take care of him. His thoughts then filled with the two toned diva. She is nice, the nicest person he had ever met. She was beautiful and he couldn't help but think about her a lot. He was getting attached to her. Was he falling for her? Or was it just the fact that she was being so nice, and he was blinded by that? Pugsley crawled onto his chest and licked his face, inturupting his thoughts.

A smile formed and he gave him a rub. "You're such an attention hog." Sheamus said with a smile. The puppy barked and panted as he enjoyed the rub. Sheamus soon drifted off into a light nap, and he was quite content with the way things were; Pugsley was curled up beside him, and the bed was extra comfy. An hour or so later, his green eyes fluttered open and he saw Kaitlyn perched on the edge of his bed, watching him sleep silently.

She chuckled, "Sorry, sorry... I didn't mean to wake you up." She apologized.

"No, no. It's fine, ya didn't." Sheamus replied groggily, his Irish brogue still thick with the nap he had just had.

"I made dinner." Kaitlyn said and stood up. But Sheamus was confused. Why had she just been sitting there watching him? Was something wrong? "I hope you're hungry!" She said and was about to leave the room.

"Kaitie, wait!" Sheamus called out and she turned back to face him, a small smile written on her pretty face.

"What's the matter?" She asked as she came back into the room and glanced over at the Irishman. Sheamus then got out of bed and hoisted himself back into his wheelchair, and made his way over to the two toned diva.

"How long were you in my room?" Sheamus asked.

Kaitlyn shrugged, "A while, I guess..." She admitted sheepishly.

"Why?" He replied honestly curious. He really wanted to know what was up with the diva. She had been acting different around him lately.

"Because..." She answered. "I had to tell you something." She admitted as she sat down on the bed so that she was eye level with the ginger. Sheamus knitted his eyebrows together in confusion. What was she getting at with this?

"Okay, go on." He encouraged as he grabbed her hand and squeezed it, showing nothing but comfort and support.

Kaitlyn exhaled, "So... You remember a while ago when you asked me why I wanted to take care of you?" The diva questioned as she looked up into Sheamus's eyes.


"Well, I've been thinking about that question and I think I finally have an answer." Kaitlyn said with a small smile.

He chuckled, "Okay, well, what is it?"

"The reason I wanted to take care of you... It's because I love you Sheamus." Kaitlyn admitted as she blushed and looked away. Sheamus couldn't believe what he was hearing. All this time, he was falling for her, and she loved him all along.

"Thank you Kaitie." He replied. "I love you too." He admitted in return and cupped the diva's cheek for a sweet tender kiss.

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