We are all going back into the Arena, the other victors, Peeta and me but this year there isn't going to be just twenty four in the hell to come.
This year they will have twenty-five, Me, Peeta and our baby.

We thought we were safe when we won, we thought we wouldn't endure the games again so we got on with our lives, together. We were wrong, now because of our stupidity we not only have to fight for our lives but for our baby's.
We hadn't even told our families yet, until Peeta announced it on live television for the whole country to hear.

Haymitch may be chosen at the reaping but I know that he will not be going to the Arena, no Peeta will volunteer if he has to. I am all Peeta has after all and he will not let me slip threw his fingers, I hope.

We told Haymitch before the interview with Caesar better if he knows, more sponsors that way.

But do I really want to be just a piece in the Capitols games. No, I don't.

Every year they take twenty-four innocent children and slaughter twenty-three of them but last year things changed, last year two escaped and fell in love, this year will not be so lenient, this year one of us must die.