The Nuts weren't poisonous, I guess the nuts looked or are the same as a type they eat in district four. I didn't say anything because they are probably just as homesick as Peeta and I. We were going to start a fire even though it would of exposed us but Peeta came up with a better idea. The force field, all we do is throw it a few times and they come back sort of roasted, this made food safer but I think we may have angered the capitol even more so.
It's lucky in a weird sort of way that Finnick and Mags are here, I'm not glad that they are here, hell I wouldn't wish this on anyone... but Snow and the Gamemakers who can kill us off with a simple hand motion.
I rub my stomach hoping that some sympathetic Pregnant woman will sponsor me I wait yet nothing comes. I guess no one is feeling the generosity but a few hours later we hear something hit ground hard, at first we think its a mutt or something but Peeta notices the Parachute and runs for it as our thirst is all but unbearable, he opens it instantly but its just some sort of tube.. a spile!
"It's a spile! We use them back home..."
"Oh yeah!"

Everyone raves on about how little use it is to us when sap isn't going to quench our thirst not at the rate it grows. Sure their is millions of trees here but really, we could be here for weeks maybe even months. Then Peeta looks weirdly happy for someone who could loose his love and baby after fighting so hard for me and in turn our baby.

"The water isn't on the ground, or sea water! It is in the trees!" He exclaims
We all gasp and clap a little but then stop as we realise were in the games not at home.

"I'll go." I suggest expecting the bombardment of their 'no your pregnant' chorus but all I get is "Okay."
"Great!"I say almost smiling.
"Theres a tree right there!" Finnick exclaims smugly.

I grunt and take my knife out and begin to hack at the tree, the bark is useless, it's not a pine tree, or a oak tree... I don't know what kind of tree has bark tinted with blue or has water inside it. I name it a water tree so I still have some weird control over it.

After five minutes of hacking at bark I fall over as the sun is beating down so hard and it is so humid!

"KATNISS!" Peeta screams and dashes to my side with a thud as he drops to his knees to haul me onto his lap.
"I'm fine, just a little dizzy."
"You fell! That's it, you stay in the hut except from when you hunt, I can't loose you or the baby... I just can't." Peeta says on the verge of tears, I don't argue with him I just nod, as I can never argue with him when his so... upset.

I lay down on the green mesh and try to relax as they fill the bowls with water, we have four bowls one each and Peeta brings me mine and helps me sit up.
With our thirst quenched, we have dinner, force fielded tree rat chunks, a good meal for the first week.

I fall asleep quickly but sleep has been my enemy ever since my first games.


I'm on top of the cornucopia listening to Cato's screams, his garbled words. I can't see Peeta anywhere and suddenly I have my baby-bump but wait I wasn't pregnant then... I lean over to shoot Cato like I did in the games; an act of mercy. I look down and it isn't Cato wearing the Armour, its my Peeta. His bloody and gore fills the scene, I try to shoot but I can't, I love him too much to end his life even though his in so much pain his crying, begging me to leave, telling me that Cato is still around somewhere and I must save myself and the baby. I try to speak but nothing comes out. I feel tears on my face dripping onto the hot golden horn. I blink and then there is no cornucopia, no mutts no grass, I'm in the current area, in the sea. Peeta is not here, Johanna is nearby, she shifts toward me and then my bump is gone and she's got my baby! NO!

I wake up screaming for Peeta for help anyone and anything everyone wakes up except Mags and I realise that Peeta is ok, his cradling me in his arms hugging me, holding me close, I feel at ease in his arms, I don't usually have nightmares when he is around but here we are and I just had the worst nightmare for four months. Finnick walks over, he must have been on guard and no asleep, he looks concerned yet Peeta says something and he backs off back to the Water Tree his cooing me back to sleep but it isn't working I just want to go home. I want Prim, I want mom, I even want that stupid ol'cat!

I know that I should be happy that I'm pregnant and in a loving relationship but I just want to go back to the day prims name was called and take her name out of that ball but then I wouldn't have my Peeta or my baby but at least Peeta wouldn't have a target drawn on his forehead.
The baby kicks and I lurch forward, must be a boy because that was some strong kick, I rush off and throw up about a meter after the Water Tree someone comes and rubs my back but its not Peeta, the hand is too small, that rules out Finnick also... It must be mags, I start crying for no reason again and then Peeta comes and hugs me.

"Why are you crying?" He asks
"Because I'm crying that's why I am crying!" I bark.