Hey guys! So this is a Rei x Nagisa fic for people like me, who can't find many anywhere else. This will be a three-part story.

Summary: Ryugazaki Rei has just been turned down by the track and field club and wanders over to see if the swimming club's offer is still on the table. What he gets out of the trip leaves him fully committed.

Disclaimer: I don't own Free! Iwatobi Swim Club.

"Come and swim with us!"

Rei stared down at the flyer in his hand, taking in it's sloppy design and bright colors; a horrible advertisment, really, but then again, what could he expect? The ones who'd put up this flyer were swimmers, not artists.

The sport or activity of propelling oneself through water via the use of one's limbs.

Swimming was something Ryugazaki Rei had only ever known by dictionary definition. It was a pointless activity, one he believed was only appropriate for children under the age of twelve to do while they were still naive and new to the world. The blue-haired young man had never seen any point to swimming; what was wrong with walking? Yes, walking was much better than swimming; he hated swimming. If an individual wanted to travel across a body of water? They should invest in learning how to build a boat in the event of a flood, not kick their feet through water and splash around. It was a waste of perfectly good time and energy. Yes, this was why the boy claimed to dislike swimming, but there was actually more to it than that.

Swimming was something he couldn't afford to like because he couldn't do it; he couldn't swim. And neither could his mother or father, so there'd never been anyone he trusted enough to teach him. Yes, young Rei had spent all of his summers either sitting quietly inside, reading a book with the air condition up as high as his parents would allow it, or helping his mother out in her garden, wiping the sweat off his brow every five minutes. As a child he'd never spent his summers having fun at the beach and whatnot; he preferred to stay at home; he was homebound.

During middle school, however, Rei had invested in a new and particular interest of his, and that interest was track. Running, jumping, leaping... He found he loved it; being able to move like the wind, clear hurdles by making strong yet graceful leaps overtop of them. Yes, track was an activity Rei liked, and very much so. After his first year of middle school was over, the glasses-wearing bluette invested all his vacation time during the summer in practicing to hopefully have a chance at joining the team once he got into high school. He ran for hours each day, his iPod strapped to his side and a water bottle constantly glued to the inside of his palm to help keep him hydrated as he ran. This went on for a couple of years, all driven by Rei's desire to join the track and field club once he was of the appropriate age.

And finally, after a couple of years of waiting, he was. He'd enrolled at Iwatobi High School as a freshman with high hopes for a strong and athletic future. It took him a day or two to actually try out for his dream team once he started high school, however, because of his nerves. After several peptalks from both himself and his mother, however, the young man gathered the courage and made an appearance at the tryouts after school.

Only to be shut down, rejected. For all his hard work to not come to fruition; to have been a waste. The rejection devasted Rei, to say the least, and after quietly thanking the team for their time, he'd stalked off to some place private where he could sulk.

And that put him here, sitting on a bench just outside the science building, staring at a flyer for a sport he'd never dreamed of being stapled to. Swimming, swimming.

Was he really going to reduce himself down from a runner to a swimmer? From someone who ran hard across blacktop and pavement to someone who splashed and frolicked around in water like a child? Was he really?

When he found himself standing, grabbing his stuff and taking the flyer with him as he headed towards the supposedly-recently renovated school pool, the bluette knew the answer was yes. He'd been asked to join by a classmate of his earlier that day, anyway, so he figured he might as well give it a shot. He couldn't swim, but well... Maybe that wouldn't be an issue. How much could there really be to swimming, anyway? Not a lot, he figured.

As the young man found himself getting closer and closer to the pool area, however, he found himself getting nervous. What if there is more to it than what I think? Rei pondered as he walked. It's not like I've ever studied up on it or anything. Maybe I should turn back?

But at that point it was too late. Rei found himself standing at the gate to the swimming pool, posed open and inviting him in. He slowly gulped, taking his first steps into the area, crossing the threshold.

"Hello?" The young man called, looking around. He didn't see anyone, but then, if no one was here, why wasn't the gate locked?

This club must have some very irresponsible members, Rei thought to himself, daring to wander around the area. He took note of the freshly painted lines decorating the pool and how clean the water was, nodding his head in approval. Well, they were a bunch of clean irresponsible club members, at the very least. This place looked like it was well kept up. It was recently renovated by the club, though, Rei reminded himself.

Unclasping the two front straps of his backpack, Rei laid the bright green bag down on a beach chair conveinently placed at the poolside, slipping the edge of the flyer he'd snagged just under the bag to keep it at rest. Then the male proceeded to approach the edge of the pool, looking into the deep water. He immediately found it mesmerizing.

The way the water reflected the mirror image of the slowly setting sun and it's light was breathtaking. The water in the pool was still and so the image was, as well, and Rei found himself looking up, straight ahead at the sunset, trying to compare the two. The water's image is much more magnificent, The bluette told himself, nodding a bit as he examined the water's reflection like one would examine and critic a piece of art.

As he stood there, taking in the sight and sounds of the barely moving water below, Rei found himself calm; at peace.

That is, until a high, cheerful voice broke that peace, his concentration, and nearly his neck as he whirled around to see who was there with him.

What he found was his classmate and the boy who'd asked him about joining the swim club just hours before, Hazuki Nagisa. The short blonde was smiling up at him, his eyes glossy and his hands folded behind his back. Rei tried to force the air back into his lungs, then let out a breath once he had succeeded, turning back towards the pool.

"Don't do that," The male said a bit gruffly and Nagisa laughed a little, moving to stand beside the much taller boy, still smiling. "Sorry, Rei-chan!" The blonde chirped, bumping his shoulder against Rei's arm as a strange sort of apology. The bluette hardly moved, save for the curling of his lips downwards into a frown.

The two stood in silence for several minutes, before Rei turned away, ready to leave. He wasn't going to go through with this. Nagisa blinked, then frowned.

"Hey, Rei-chan, wait a minute!" The blonde reached out, catching Rei by the wrist, letting his little hand attempt to enclose around it. He was just a few centimeters from being able to successfully accomplish the feat.

"What?" Rei asked, turning back towards Nagisa and inwardly making the pink-eyed boy feel pleased, glad the bluette had stopped for him. "Neh, Rei-chan," He began, smiling up at the taller male once more, "did you come here because you wanted to join the swim club?" He asked, eyes bright and hopeful. Rei cringed a bit at the hope the pink orbs held inside them. "No, not..." He began to reject Nagisa's proposal, but the blonde wasn't having any of that.

"Eh?!" Nagisa exclaimed, pouting and pulling Rei an inch or two closer. "But you came here, so you must've wanted to join! I also heard you were turned down for the track and field club," Rei's muscles tensed at the statement, "so why not try?" Nagisa insisted, gasping out in surprise as Rei tore his arm from the smaller boy's grip, storming off with a declaration of, "My affairs are none of your business, Hazuki-san, and I want no part in this club!"

"What?" Nagisa retorted as Rei moved back towards the beach chair, where he'd left his things, pouting. Then, as the sun sank lower and lower in the sky, casting a bright glow onto the blonde's pink hues, Nagisa frowned, staring hard at Rei's back. The wind moved his bangs, sweeping the blonde locks across his forehead.

At the beach chair, Rei picked up the flyer, unzipped his backpack, and crammed it inside, refusing to just toss it away like the trash it was, as he was opposed to littering and didn't see a garbage can anywhere in the area. He was just about ready to go, preparing to sling his bag back onto his broad shoulders, when he felt a weight against his back and gasped.

"Nagisa?!" The blue-haired male exclaimed, a hand flying to ward off the shorter boy as he felt the blonde's arms wrap around his waist, clinging onto him. He struggled against the boy for a moment, but soon found that, for a small guy, Nagisa had a strong grip. Rei panted lightly, soon admitting defeat against Nagisa's hold and instead opted to talk the boy into letting go. He opened his mouth, ready to demand Nagisa let him go, when the other boy spoke.

"But what if I want you to join?"

Rei's breath hitched. Nagisa's voice was quiet and smooth, soft and not at all like the happy, chipper one he'd been hearing up until now. It sounded like it was right in his ear, but Rei knew that to be impossible, as Nagisa couldn't reach that high.

"Nagisa," Rei suddenly exclaimed, alert, "What are you doing?!" He asked, unable to believe the situation he was in as he felt the small blonde's hands wandering across his torso, feeling him up. Nagisa breathed in deeply, inhaling the taller boy's scent. Rei smelt like cinammon and peaches; yum.

"I really want you to join the swim club, Rei-kun," Nagisa said in the same quiet, saultry voice as before, and Rei couldn't help but notice that the usual suffix after his name "-chan" had been changed to "-kun." He gasped out once more as Nagisa pinched his side through his clothing. "We'll treat you a lot better than those track and field guys would have, I promise," Nagisa purred from behind him, and this time Rei realized that Nagisa's voice really was in his ear. The blonde was on his tiptoes, whispering seductively to him. Rei felt his face growing hot and his thoughts becoming all muttled as the stress of the situation hit him like a ton of bricks.

"B-But," Rei stuttered, fidgeting, trying to get a little space between his ear and Nagisa's mouth, "I-I can't swim," The bluette admitted. He heard the blonde chuckle behind him, a soft, faint little, "Heh."

"That's okay, Rei-kun. We can teach you; it's really not that hard." Nagisa promised. Rei shook his head, relieved when Nagisa seemed to finally take the hint and back off, before grunting as he was whirled around and pushed into the beach chair they stood by, dropping his backpack in the process. He turned to look up at Nagisa, who smiled mischeviously down at him. "It's okay, Rei-kun," The blonde repeated, crouching down a bit to Rei's level, grabbing the bluette's chin in his hand, bringing their lips closer together.

"How about I do a little more than just stand here trying to convince you?" Nagisa purred, giving Rei a quick peck on the lips which, as someone who had never been kissed, sent Rei's heart beating a thousands miles a minute. Nagisa giggled, watching the other male, before dropping down onto his knees.

"Open your legs, Rei-kun," Nagisa requested sweetly before pushing the blue-haired young man's legs apart himself. He reached up, kneading Rei's groin through the school boy's pants. The taller male gasped, closing his eyes, and Nagisa grinned. "Get ready, Rei-kun," He instructed before unbuckling Rei's belt, unbuttoning his school bottoms and unzipping the zipper. The young blonde reached inside the blue-haired male's pants, bringing out his member, already half-hard. Nagisa licked his lips.

"Oh, looks like I got you a little excited, huh, Rei-kun?" Nagisa inquired, causing Rei to scowl and move to push the boy away. The sneaky blonde giggled and swatted Rei's hand away before taking hold of the other male's member, starting to pump it. Rei gasped.

"O-Oh," The bluette groaned quietly, shutting his eyes and turning his head to the side a bit, his hands gripping at his pants' legs. As someone who had read up on sex before but had never experienced any part of it himself, the sensations Nagisa's hand was bringing were new and powerful. He gasped as Nagisa sped up his hand, stroking his member faster and grinning up at him all the while. Rei gasped and groaned and panted, the muscles in his legs tensing and relaxing in a fixed pattern as he tried to contain his cries of pleasure. Nagisa laughed.

"No one's around to hear, you know? Make all the noise you want, Rei-kun." Nagisa gave Rei's member a hard squeeze, causing the boy above him to gasp out, before going on to purr out, "I wanna hear it."

That said, Rei let himself make all the noise he want after that. Usually he'd try to be more calm and composed, but right now he couldn't help it. He felt like he was on fire and a strange building was beginning to form in his lower stomach. He knew what the feeling meant, but that didn't make it any less strange to experience, especially for the first time.

"Say my name, Rei-kun," The young man heard the blonde below him order with a giggle and he gave a short, curt nod just as he felt his pleasure go to a higher level, Nagisa beginning to rub the head of his member with his small, dainty little thumb.

"Na-Nagisa," Rei murmured as the blonde brought his other hand up, kneading his testicles before bringing his initial hand back to the bluette's shaft, back to jacking him off. Rei finds himself thinking it's almost too much for him to handle.

"More," Nagisa said, to which Rei cried out his name again as the blonde sped his hand back up. "More!" He said again, causing Rei to cry out again, this time louder.

And then the blonde leaned down a bit, his little pink tongue darting out of his mouth and licking at the tip of Rei's member as he sets his right hand's stroking speed on ultra fast and roughly grabs one of Rei's balls, gripping it hard. Rei gasps out and begins a series of moans.

"Ah-ah-ah..." For a moment Nagisa wondered if the other boy was hyperventilating, but got his answer as the bluette's body tensed and a shiver wracked through his form. Nagisa smirked, sensing Rei's impending climax, and tilted the tip of the boy's member up towards Rei's torso just as the male came hard, gasping and groaning as semen shot out of his member, coating his nice, white school shirt.

After his climax, his first ever, Rei flopped back against the beach chair he was seated upon, panting. Nagisa giggled and stood, moving to lean over the boy. Rei looked up at him.

"Join the swim club and I promise there'll be even more fun next time, Rei-chan," The blonde said with a wink, pointing at his lips as a hint, before leaning down and kissing Rei briefly, slipping his tongue in the taller male's mouth for just a moment. Just long enough for Rei to take note that Nagisa tasted like pomegranate. Nagisa then stood and giggled, waving as he headed off, leaving the gate open and unlocked for Rei to leave whenever he wished.

After the blonde was long gone, the bluette remained on the beach chair, staring up at the now dark sky. He thought about what had just happened with Nagisa, the way the blonde had made him feel, and his promise for next time. That is, if he joined the swim club.

Rei scoffed, trying to locate the Big Dipper in the stars.

Nagisa hadn't left him with a lot to think about, had he?


Well? Was it okay? Hope so! Also, for anyone who didn't get it for themselves, next time around, Rei's getting a blowjob. Duh~ Bye for now!