This story is rated M for various reasons, including but not limited to: scenes of a sexual nature with OCs, violence, blood and gore, possibly some swearing down the line. If it's not your cup of tea, then you can't say that I didn't warn you. So don't get mad at me. Please? :)

Right then. So, this is my first ever fanfic (here's hoping it doesn't turn out to be a disaster).

I'm sorry in advance for my (very) short chapters, I don't like writing great long essays because I tend to get off-topic... So I'll write in little bite-sized chunks. That means I'll update every few days or so, maybe even more often :D

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Well. Here goes nothing...

Cold. Soaked. Alone.

Three things that described Dark Pit to the letter. He had been lucky to avoid most of the downpour that now thundered down outside the cave he was resting in, but the beginning had caught him. He now sat in a corner, water dripping off his nose and joining the puddle around him. Wet? Most definitely. Cold? It was autumn, so yeah he was cold. Alone?

Of course.

Not for the first time, he wished he had taken up Palutena's offer to stay with her and his lighter counterpart. He would be able to sleep in a proper bed, eat proper food, be properly dry...

He sighed. The thing he wanted most was to be able to talk with Pit. Despite his fa├žade of cold indifference and independence, he needed companionship just like anyone else, and he wanted the one person whom he considered family.

Eventually, he fell asleep, cold and wet and hungry and, above all, alone.

Dark Pit awoke with the sunrise. Last night's storm appeared to have blown itself out, and the sky was a clear blue, with not a cloud in sight. He got up, stretching all of the kinks out of his muscles (sleeping on a stone floor does that to you) and left his cave.

And so began another dreary day of walking.

Dark Pit wasn't actually heading anywhere; he was just wandering aimlessly, with nowhere to be. The sounds of the forest surrounded him: the whistles of wind in branches, the crunch of fallen leaves, the chittering of insects and the scampering noises of larger mammals. Not a person for miles around.

He didn't like it. He wanted someone to talk to, anyone to alleviate his boredom.

He looked up as he felt a tug on his spirit.

Not that anyone!

The Lightning Chariot found its way to the forest floor in a small clearing, the unicorns champing at the bit and their white-winged rider leaping from the contraption.

Dark Pit sighed. There would be no avoiding this now, but he could at least try and put off his inevitable agony.

"Pittoo! I know you're down here! Come on out!"

Dark Pit fumed. That name! It drove him so far around the bend, he'd done a U-turn.


He snapped. He stormed out of the undergrowth, growling, "don't call me that if you value your existence!"

"There you are!" Pit, entirely unperturbed by the threat on his life, ran to his dark-haired counterpart and threw his arms round him. Dark Pit froze, not resisting this assault. Eventually, he got his hands up to Pit's shoulders, and shoved him backwards. Hard.

The angel fell to the floor, looking reproachfully up at his twin.

"What was that for!?"

Dark Pit smirked. "You wouldn't let me go." He turned his back to the other angel, his smirk growing wider as he heard Pit complaining about grass stains and whites.


The dark angel half-turned, before he was wrestled to the ground by Pit. They rolled around, each trying to get the upper hand. They were both laughing.

Eventually, Pit managed to pin his dark counterpart to the ground. Dark Pit struggled a little, before the lighter angel held his wrists down to the floor. The winning angel blushed a little as he realised the position they were in: Pit was straddling Dark Pit's hips, pinning the other's hands to the ground, arms outstretched and noses almost touching. Dark Pit grinned, shifted a little and said, "Sorry, I'm not gay." Pit sprang up like a jack-in-the-box, letting go of the other and backing away a few paces. "I-I know that," he stuttered, "i-i-it was just... W-we were fighting, and..."

The darker twin got up off the ground, smirking. "Relax, it was a joke!"

"So you're not mad?"

"Nah. Just don't do it again."

"Awwh, thanks Pittoo!"

"Don't call me that."


"No buts, or I'll rip your feathers out and use them to brush the dust out of corners of rooms. Don't. Call. Me. Pittoo."

"Sorry! Look, I'll make it up to you. I brought food!"

Dark Pit shared his twin's love of food. He didn't quite stoop so low as to eat food from the floor like a certain white-winged angel, but, especially with his stomach growling like it was, he would come pretty close.

Grinning, Pit went back to the tethered unicorns and their burden, pulling his twin behind him. They clambered into the chariot, standing side by side.

Pit directed the unicorns to a field nearby, where they could eat, talk and fight some more. He glanced sidelong at his brother, realising just how pretty his features looked, accented as they were by eyes the colour of old blood.

Then he refocused on landing the Lightning Chariot, before he made strawberry jam of them all on the ground below.

So... First chapter, done and dusted. This story will NOT involve any PitXDarkPit (other than a little teasing now and then...) but it fitted with the story so... Yeah.

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