Despair is contagious. It's much like a natural phenomenon, as a matter of fact.

No matter how depraved she was, Junko Enoshima spoke the truth.

This overwhelming "despair" had become a wave of violence and death that engulfed Japan, and soon the entire world. A world that the five surviving students of Hope's Peak Academy's 78th class had witnessed their friends kill to escape to. A world that, upon seeing it, made even Super-High-School-Level Hope falter.

Standing in the weak sunlight and taking in the ruins as they lay, the five teenagers wanted to scream that it was just too … too much like some shitty thriller movie. This couldn't be The Apocalypse because apocalypses didn't actually happen. That couldn't be real bloodstains dried on the street. But like Junko had said, and she always kept her promises, the air truly was thick with smog and who-knows-what and the streets were truly empty…the only movement in sight was a distant bird wheeling across the hazy yellow sky.

As if still being manipulated and tortured by 'motives' the group of five had quarreled, and eventually split into two and three. Hagakure yelled something about planting trees as he departed with Naegi and Aoi, their group determined to find out what government remained.

But Togami knew who had more power…..more power and more money to be burn exercising it. Even though Junko had been right so far, even a cataclysm like this couldn't possibly have crushed the Togami Conglomerate. It was simply too huge, too upstanding…..

Searching for hope… Making it one's goal to find hope… That's what hope itself is all about.

Refusing to follow the other group or leave Togami's side, Fukawa still dared to hope that she would be with him forever.

Byakuya-sama, her darling respite from the world. Byakuya-sama, her darling who could rebuild the world.

Writing was her first escape, tales of passion and love that eased stinging blows from her mother's hand. A woman cruel enough that Fukawa knew she was thriving in this chaotic new world. Perhaps even satisfied as she and the rest of Japan watched her daughter wrestle the demonic alter-ego born from mistreatment. That's right!…. the whole country had seen! Bah, everyone already hated her anyway.

But Fukawa didn't have to worry about that anymore. Togami was here and Togami loved her enough to indulge in her little games…yes… the pain of his rejection was like a tantalizing trail of breadcrumbs. He loves me he loves me not. And she knew that even a Super High School Level Failure like her would be of some use to him in the midst of this disaster.

Standing by his side as they both watched their classmates retreat, Fukawa swore on the spot to fight off whatever enemies wanted to harm his perfect body, guard him as he dreamed sweet dreams of them together, and possibly, hopefully, warm his bed on in the snowy winter nights that were soon approaching.

Would Togami's family welcome her with open arms? Or would they drug her into a stupor and throw her in a dark dungeon…..yes…Fukawa maybe even liked the second idea a little more. Byakuya-sama would drag her into a dungeon with chains and locks and dangerous thi- shut up Syo, I can hear you purring.

In fact, she was more glad to have this opportunity for what was surely going to be an adventure than being out of school. And as she watched Naegi and crew disappear behind a towering stack of rubble Fukawa even dared imagine that she Togami were the last man and woman on Earth.

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