When demons are very young, they go through a monster cat stage. This is when they behave very much like a feline. They walk on all fours, speak in only cat sounds, have an unsettling craving for tuna, and other cat-like mannerisms. Despite this, they still know how to pick things up with their hands. Luckily for the parents, the monster cat stage always ends on the young demon's third birthday.

Except for Corey Riffin.

You see, Corey wasn't like all the other demons. He was already five years old and he was still in the monster cat stage. He walked on all eights (he had four extra arms), made cat sounds instead of talking properly, and still loved eating tuna. But he was a brilliant young demon. He could express his feelings through words and pictures. Even though he could pick things up with his hands instead of his mouth, he still ate his food on the floor.

Corey's older sister by four years, Trina, was very concerned about him. She grew out of the monster cat stage on her third birthday like all other demons, so why was Corey an exception? Why did he mature slower than other demons? Was he special, or just an unfortunate mistake?

From what she saw, Trina figured Corey was an unfortunate mistake. As the children of the Underworld king, Corey and Trina were expected to be VERY powerful demon spawns. Trina was already powerful, with powers that varied depending on her current emotion. Flames for anger, hearts for happiness, green slime for terrified, and storm clouds for sadness. But even with all of this great power, she had a hard time controlling it.

Corey, on the other hand, was a different story. No matter what emotion he felt, he only had control over electrical energy. But unlike his emotion-powered sister, he had better control over his powers. He was also incredibly skilled. If possible, he could challenge surface dwellers to any kind of game. As long as he used a small portion of his powers, he could very easily win.

But no matter how hard Corey tried, Trina was always Mr. Riffin's favorite. Not because she was the first born, but because she had great potential. Mr. Riffin knew that if he took over the surface world, Trina would become the next leader of the Underworld due to her great power. This enraged Corey since he knew there has never been an Underworld queen before, thinking he should be the next ruler because of tradition. But sadly, with him still in his monster cat stage, he knew it was never going to happen.

Then one day, Corey and Trina's lives changed forever.

"You want me to go to the surface world?!" Trina asked during dinner one night.

"Precisely," Mr. Riffin answered. "You are my pride and joy, dearest child. It is time for you to live among the humans."

Corey, who was eating tuna on the floor with his clawed hands, looked up and let out a small meow. "Yes, you too, Corey," Mr. Riffin said.

Corey happily meowed and resumed eating his tuna. "But dad, I don't want to go to the surface world!" Trina protested. "It's all boring up there!"

"Trina, you must do this," Mr. Riffin said. "Why else have I taught you and Corey how to disguise yourselves as humans?"

Mr. Riffin had a good point. His children didn't resemble normal humans. They both had bright red skin, all-black eyes with pale green pupils, an armored tail with a spade tip, ivory-clawed hands and feet, red and black bat-like wings, and sharp fangs. Trina had waist-length dark purple hair with pink streaks, a pink and black demonic pentagram on her left shoulder, a 'Demon's Child' tattoo on her collarbone, long black horns, and she wore a very revealing purple dress. Aside from his four extra arms, Corey had blue hair with silver streaks, short grey horns, and a blue and black demonic pentagram on his right shoulder.

"I thought it was part of our training," Trina admitted.

"So is you going to the surface world," Mr. Riffin explained. "Dearest Trina, you are a powerful demon with uncontrollable powers. Your brother only has electrical powers, but he can control them very well. Together, your abilities and skills compliment one another. He can help you control your powers, and you can teach him how to control other elements."

"I don't know, dad," Trina said, glancing at Corey, who was happily finishing his tuna. "Corey's different from other demons."

"Indeed he is," Mr. Riffin replied. "I have never seen him behave violently, not even with the other young demons. But I see greatness in him. Can you help him see that greatness, my beloved daughter?"

Trina looked at her feline-like brother again and sighed. "Alright dad," she said. "We'll go."

After dinner, Mr. Riffin brought Corey and Trina over to a door labeled 'Surface World'. "This is the portal to your new home," the demon king explained. "You are also allowed to use this same portal to visit me if either of you are homesick."

Corey looked at the door and squealed. But just as he was about to open the door with his tail, Mr. Riffin stopped him. "Hold on, Corey," he said. "You and Trina must first activate your disguises."

"Oh, that's easy," Trina said. Then multiple pink hearts appeared around her. A few seconds later, the hearts vanished, resulting in a change in her appearance. Her hair was shorter and bright pink, her skin was the same shade as a Caucasian human's skin, and her eyes were pink. Her horns, tail, claws, wings, fangs, tattoo, and demonic pentagram were gone.

"Wonderful, Trina," Mr. Riffin complimented. "Just wonderful."

Knowing it was his turn, Corey closed his eyes. When his eyes were shut, pale blue electricity surrounded him. When it vanished, Corey opened his eyes. He looked at his reflection in the door, but he couldn't recognize himself. His tail, wings, horns, claws, four extra arms, demonic pentagram, and the silver streaks in his hair were gone. His skin was the same color as flesh and his eyes were bright blue. He ended up growling at the reflection.

"That's just you," Trina reassured. "You should know since you practiced."

Corey calmed down, realizing his sister was right.

"Now before you go, I have a special artifact for each of you," Mr. Riffin said. He took out a pink book with a matching pen. "Trina, this is a special device that allows you to steal the souls of humans. It comes with an instructions manual so you can learn how to use it."

Trina squealed as her father gave her the device. "This is the Soul-Capturer Ten Thousand!" she exclaimed, pink hearts appearing around her. "I always wanted one! Thank you so much!"

Corey sadly meowed as if he was asking for an artifact of his own. "I also have something for you, Corey," Mr. Riffin said. He placed a red-yellow guitar near the cat-like demon. "This is a special device," the demon king explained. "When you play it, any mortal who hears it is drawn to its sound. You could even use it to control their minds."

Corey looked at the guitar. Curious, he plucked the strings with one hand. He purred, pleased with the melody. "There is one last thing you need to know about it," Mr. Riffin continued. "When the time comes for me to take over the surface world, you must play a special riff with this guitar to activate a portal that will release my army of demons. Do you understand?"

Corey meowed in response, too busy having fun plucking the guitar strings. Ever since he was very young, he always wanted to be a musician. He even spent most of his free time watching an Earth program featuring an animatronic band.

"So are we living by ourselves?" Trina asked.

"Of course not," Mr. Riffin answered. "You are going to live with your human mother. She is already waiting for you."

"Mom is on the other side?" Trina asked. "I haven't seen her in a long time, and I don't think Corey's ever met her."

"I have already told her about you coming to the surface world," Mr. Riffin explained. "She is looking forward to see you."

Corey let out a confused meow. "It's okay, Corey," Trina said, strapping the guitar around his torso. "Mom will still love you, cat features and all."

Keeping that in mind, Corey took a deep breath and nodded at his sister, indicating he was ready. "Okay dad," Trina said. "We're ready." Then she opened the door and she and entered the surface world.