Bunny ran through his tunnels on his way to Jack's lake. Tooth had sent Bunny to check on the teen considering he had been acting strange and they hadn't seen him in a while.

The pooka emerged from the tunnel and onto the lake shore. It was mid June and about 60 degrees, this town never got a break with Jack around.

"Ohhh Jaaccckkkk." He called out to the forest as he started to wake along the lake shore.

"Go away." A yell came from behind a willow tree, with a sob that followed.

Bunny's heart sped up as he heard it. He ran on all fours across the lake to the willow leaves. "Jack?" he asked tentivly as he pushed aside the branches that covered a small entrance.

The cave was about fifteen feet tall, twenty five feet wide and probably forty feet deep. Light shined down from small inlets in the ceiling. A small stream went through the entrance of the cave and flowed to the back, creating a small pool of water. Walls of the cave and many small pebbles along the stream were decorated with interact frost designs that never disappeared.

These are amazing, Jack should help me paint easter eggs, bunny thought as he studied the walls.

His eyes rested on a blue shape at the foot of the left wall. They widened as the scene unfolded.

Jack sat against the wall about thirty feet away, facing away from the pooka kneeling against the wall, his shoulder pressed against it and arms in front of him. His familiar blue hood was on his head and both his sleeves were rolled up to his shoulder.

Bunny raised a hand to his mouth to keep from gasping as he looked at Jack's arm, tears started to well in his eyes. It was coved in blood, both of them were. With every stroke more crimson blood appeared on his pale flesh.

The pooka hopped closer to Jack and a tear fell as he heard Jack's voice whispering as he was sobbing.

"Worthless, unwanted! The guardians don't need you. No one even paid you any attention before! They didn't like you. They wouldn't notice if you died, they were forced into contact with you!They have been friends for hundreds of years and I just showed up! Children have always had fun, even before you came," he whispered to himself as the teen slumped against the wall, letting the tears keep flowing the blood coming.

"Jack no." Bunny walked up next the spirit and sat on his haunches. He was too shocked to do more then talk to him.

The teen looked up at him, his eyes full of fury, "Why not?!" He yelled, voice raised, "Just leave me to die! No one would care anyway." His voice going back to whisper. Jack looked back down at his hand, the blade flipping between his hands.

Why does it have to be Bunny? His heart sped up as the soft rabbit got closer and grabbed his shoulders gently, careful not to hurt him.

"We all care more then you know." The pooka told him, his green eyes filled with determination.

"No you wouldn't! I should have just died 300 years ago!" Jack tried to stand up, Bunny hands went up with his shoulders but Jack stumbled from blood loose. Bunny rose up to stand and put his arms around the boy's waist to steady him and set him back on the ground so the teen's back was against the wall and his legs straight in front of him. His hands were palm side up in his lap, the cuts were stopping with only a few still trickling. There were drops of blood on the ground and on his pants but nothing bad enough to kill the boy. The blade had been dropped beside him when Jack tried to stand.

Bunny sat back on his haunches and looked at him sternly with tears welling in his eyes. One shot, one chance to explain what Jack ment to them. One shot to give Jack to hope he needed. "Jack if you had died than nothing would be the same! Jamie, all children for that matter, wouldn't believe in us and the world would be run by fear. Pitch would be all powerful and we would be useless, weak and we would have failed at guarding the children. We would be as good as dead. Sandy gained a best friend when you came and he is alive because of your believers. You're like a son to Tooth and North, you mean everything to them! They will do anything to protect you." Jack only looked at him in disbelief that they felt that way.

"A-and you?" The spirit asked tentivly, almost afraid of the answer. Oh please don't let him be mean. He looked down at his arms while he listened for an answer.

Tell him, don't tell him, tell him, don't tell him. Oh Manny this better not backfire. Bunny gave a nervous laugh, "Oh, Snowflake. If you hadn't come," The pooka stopped as he placed a soft kiss on the boy's forehead, "I wouldn't have met the one person who was missing from my life."

Those words hit Jack like a ton of bricks. But it was like a weight was lifted off his chest at the same time. He likes me! He isn't against me and maybe he does care.

He heard a snap in front of him and jumped. "There you are Snowflake, thought I lost ya." Bunny had been sitting there for a few minuets as Jack's mouth was slightly open and his eyes were staring at him, filled with disbelief.

What if that was the wrong thing to say? He probably doesn't feel the same way. Bunny's mind raced with questions but he kept focused on the teen. His arms dropped back to his sides.

Jack finally came to his senses a few seconds after the pooka snapped at him. He closed his mouth and took a breath before blinking his eyes slowly. He basically shorted out his brain with conflicting thoughts before the teen wrapped his arms around the pooka's neck. The warmth filled him as Jack buried his face in the soft fur of Bunny's neck.

"Did you really mean that?" Bunny felt his fur dampen as Jack started to cry. The cold of Jack's body temperature filled him, in a comforting way. The cold filled Bunny with a sense of happiness and well, hope that things would get better. He wrapped his furry arms around the boy's small frame.

Bunny pressed his head against the winter spirit's shoulder as tears filled his eyes. "Forever and always, mate."

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