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Erik answered the door in his sheep mask. "We were expecting you." "Where's Daniel?" Kane fumed. Erik gestures inside and Kane brush past him, barreling into the house. "Obey! Obey! Obey! Obey!" A voice came from a closed door to his right. A blonde girl swept past him caressing his upper arm as she passed. "You followed the buzzards." Bray stood grinning from a doorway in the dark end of the hall. "The one you seek lies beyond that door." He added, pointing towards a door to Kane's left.

Kane turned the knob and stepped inside, his gaze never leaving Bray's face. "Go away." Daniel sputtered. Tied to a pipe, he sat on the floor in the corner of the room still in his ring gear. "I'm here to get you." "I don't need your help! I've got this." Daniel spat. Kane squatted down near him and observed his bloody face. A busted lip, both eyes swelling and beginning to turn purple. "Sure you do." "I know you had them do this." "What?" Kane replied, taken a bit aback. "You had them attack you just so you'd win the match. You know you can't beat me. You had then gang up on me." Daniel spat. Kane made a motion to untie his wrists and he kicked at him. "Fine! Stay here!"

Kane stepped back into the now empty hallway and proclaimed to no one in particular that they could keep the bastard. Curiosity took over and he walked back towards the doorway Bray had stood in earlier. He was no stranger to this house. He had walked these hallways before. Just as always there was a rocking chair in the corner that Bray occupied, just as he had when he was a boy. "Welcome back Kane." "This isn't me anymore. This place is barely more than a memory anymore." "You're back to walking on all fours again my brother! Walk upright with us! Come back to the family!"

Later a small crowd had gathered, sitting Indian style around the rocking chair, except for Kane who loomed over Bray. "Embrace the monster inside Kane! There's nothing to be gained from being a sheep. Don't listen to your therapist. Daniel Bryan is not your friend. Rejoin the family Kane. We miss you!"

"Your father was a good man. He took me when I had no one else. But there's nothing for me here. You're crazy if you think I'll bow to you." "There is no bowing Kane. Walk upright among your brothers and sisters! Be enlightened!"

He sighed and bowed his head. Bray's father had been like a father to him. Erik and Luke's families had embraced him as their family despite his appearance. Truthfully, this was the only place he'd ever felt like he belonged. A lot of his family from then still lingered on with the Wyatts. A few of them sat around Bray's chair. He made his decision.

Kane hung his head and removed his mask. No one in the room gasped. A highly unusual moment. A few of the women stood and hugged him. "Glenn! We missed you son!" Maria, a woman he had known since before the fire, kissed his scarred cheek. "You've grown so tall!"