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WARNINGS: KaZe, AU, smut, a crazy Yuuki.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Life at Cross Academy had been a living hell for Zero Kiryuu. From the very first day he attended the prestigious, private, school to the very last day, he's been the unfortunate target of many bullies. It's not like he ever asked for any of it; the poor guy was simply a natural-born trouble magnet. Whether he was walking down the hallways or getting his books from his locker, there would always be someone hiding behind a corner, yelling at him and calling him ugly and degrading names. Fortunately for him, though, the harshest treatment he's ever received was a push or two and, in one occasion, a punch that had barely left a bruise underneath his eye.

Zero was the kind of person who was only brains and had no sex appeal. He didn't even try to look good, never really finding a point in "dressing up" just to give people a false image of himself. He always wore clothes that were a number or two bigger than his actual size, long-sleeved — God forbid he ever showed his arms to anyone; he hated exposing his skin to the sunlight — shirts, torn and badly bleached jeans, and black Converse he refused to part from, no matter how worn out and dirty they were. His color palette consisted on only three colors: navy blue, black, and silver. His parents and twin brother, Ichiru, had tried many times to convince him that bright colors would make him look more friendly and approachable, but to no avail; Zero had vehemently refused to change his wardrobe and choice of clothing.

Clothes apart, he really wasn't an ugly person. As a Freshman, he used to be a bit on the short and chubby side, with crooked teeth, and a horrible haircut his mother had insisted looked "cute on him". As he turned fifteen, he had been forced to get braces — the worst year of his life by far — which resolved his teeth problem in a simple matte of ten months, but drastically increased the amount of harassment he received from both his upperclassmen and underclassmen. He also grew taller, the fat at his waist starting to evenly spread out as his body matured. He refused all the haircuts his mother had proposed — he had decided a long time ago that, while he couldn't speak much differently for himself, his mother's taste in hairstyle was absolutely disgusting — and instead let his silver hair grow fairly long (for a boy), his bangs falling messily over his peculiar, lavender, eyes. That, however, caused problems with his eyesight — "But of course all the misfortunes of this world would fall upon me," he had complained the day of the eye examination, "Why the hell not?" — which then led to the need of wearing the ugliest pair of glasses known to humanity — his parents couldn't afford the expensive, cool, ones — which, in turn, led to even more mistreatment. He would remember forever the day he went back to school sporting his new accessory; all the kids in his class had started laughing their asses off, calling him "four-eyes", "bottle-bottom idiot", and other ridiculous nicknames, and Zero found himself wondering how could some brainless idiots with an IQ lower than four come up with such...creative, to say the least, words.

Finally, after 17,531.6 hours — a.k.a. two years (not the counted) — of agonizing exercise at the gym, Zero had developed into a quite handsome young man, and more than half of the school's population had noticed that. At the hormonal age of seventeen, the young adult had grown to be at the fairly tall height of 5'10", and sported a lean and slightly toned body. His skin was fair and pale like moonlight; his teeth were as white and straight as they would ever be; his features well defined and straight; his neck long, but not excessively so; and his shoulders broad and strong. The bullying lessened, but never completely ceased.

Yuuki Kuran, Zero's best friend, had been the one to convince the silverette to change. She had transferred to Cross Academy her Sophomore year and had been in all of Zero's classes. Seeing, and not liking, the way their other classmates treated the geeky teenager, she had made it her top priority to become Zero's friend, and so it was. She helped him through in his change, giving him countless motivational speeches in order to motivate him.

She had also, much to Zero's dismay and annoyance, thrown out all of Zero's old clothes and replaced them with more stylish ones, and the silverette had learned to appreciate baby blue along the process. Yuuki also forced him to shed away his glasses and use contacts instead, something that took him well over two weeks to get accustomed to.

The only thing the petite brunette regretted was that she hadn't been able to change Zero's attitude. She wished she could do something to erase that angry scowl that refused to leave his face every day, wished he would stop scaring people by just glancing their way, but "oh, well~" She would keep working on it.

All Zero Kiryuu ever thought about was studying, and studying alone. He would never let anyone, or anything, interfere with that, no matter what. He wanted to be number one in all his classes and score the highest in the end-of-term exams. He wanted to get into a good University, major in Business and Finance, and get a job at a good business company after graduating. He dreamed big, yearned for a successful life that would make his parents proud of him, even more than they already were...

...but there was one little obstacle in his big plan, and that obstacle was Kaname Kuran, Yuuki's older brother.

Kaname was Zero's polar opposite. Whereas the silverette was the geeky loser no one liked, but loved to pick on, Kaname was the rich and popular kid people begged to be around to. He was an astoundingly handsome teenager, with a tall and fairly sturdy built. He was at the heavenly height of 6'1", with dark brown hair that fell in barely-there waves over his shoulders, eyes the color of wine, pale skin, and with features so perfect, they might as well have been sculpted by God, himself. The girls referred to him as Cross Academy's "Adonis", and the boys looked up to him as a role model. Kaname Kuran had everything a human being could ever need: wealth, looks, and brains.

Especially brains, and Zero absolutely loathed him for that. He hated that the brunette succeeded at everything Zero failed at, and even when the silverette would do his best and produce astonishing results, Kaname would do even better. Zero couldn't stand seeing his name printed at second place on the school's bulletin board, right beneath Kaname's, who was always first place at every little thing. The silverette hated being number one at being number two, and Kaname knew.

Oh, if he knew.

He knew and he loved it, Zero could tell by the little victorious smirks the brunette would show him upon seeing his distraught and disappointed expression.

It's ridiculous how one single person could mess up someone else's life by doing absolutely nothing, the younger teenager found himself thinking one day.

Because that was exactly what Kaname did to be number one: nothing.

Zero had asked Yuuki if her brother had any supernatural powers. "How else can he be so good at every single one of his subjects? Does he immerse himself in books all day, or something?"

"Kaname never studies," she had replied with a shrug. "I guess you could call it 'photographic memory'? He glances at the book once and bam! He knows everything there is to know about the topic. Either that, or it's just a natural talent. Kaname's always been the most intellectual one between the two of us. He probably takes that after our father."

Zero had decided, from that day, that Kaname was his nemesis.

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