Hey! So, this isn't a one shot but it is just a short story of a fun "What If?" What if there was a camp that Dom's and Sub's went to just for the fun of it? Here's my story of Camp S&M, and Christian and Ana's experience there while she's a sub! It takes place after Ana already knows about Elena or "Mrs. Robinson" but before she leaves Christian in FSOG. E.L James owns FSOG, I am but a fan – the only thing that I own is the Story Line, and the made up characters. Enjoy!

Anastasia's POV

"Christian…" I say with uncertainty, we're eating breakfast at his 'palace in the sky' and once more he asks me to go with him to some BDSM camp somewhere in Washington. "I don't know."

"Anastasia, as a Sub you have to trust me and put a lot in my hands," he smirks at the double meaning, "and that also means you have to trust my judgment. Do you think I'd ever put you in a position you couldn't handle or you were uncomfortable with?" again with the double meaning smirking.

"Well, No, but…" I shrug, looking down at my fingers. I'm so new to this it's unnerving thinking about going to some BDSM themed camp. It's even more unsettling of to how Christian is taking it easy on me, being that he's a long time experienced Dom, I can only think about arriving and seeing Men, Women Submissives walking with their Dominates on leashes, or not being able to talk to anyone in my position because their Master or Mistress will not let them make eye contact with anyone else, or worse – what if I go there and it scares the little courage I have of being in the game that I flee and never have the hope of seeing Christian again. I have a feeling this isn't going to be like summer camp…

Christian puts his hand on mine as he lifts my chin, "It's not like you think." He assures.

"Have you been before?"

He hesitates, "No, Elena wanted me to but I was too young, they wouldn't allow a minor, and by the time I was old enough to go I was too involved with school and what colleges to go to." He says roughly.

Oh, yes, Mrs. Robinson. The woman who seduced and had a relationship with Christian when he was only fifteen. I cringe inwardly.

"Please," he says again, "I'm not going to beg, but I will insist you think about this wisely – everyone there are consenting adults that choose this life style, they're not robots, or prisoners being held against their will. From what I've heard it's actually quite fun."

"Why haven't you gone before then?" I ask as I watch his stand from the stool and take our plates to the sink.

He shrugs, his back turned to me as he looks out at the skyline, "I never had the urge to go with any of my other subs – I saw no use in it. But I would like it very much if you would agree compliantly to go with me, Anastasia. Please think about." With a blink of an eye he stalks out of the main room and to – I'm guessing - his study.

Gail then comes into the room as I get up and decide to wash our plates and two forks.

"Please, Miss. Steele. Leave that to me." She smiles as she takes over.

"Er, are you sure?" I bite my lip as I stand their awkwardly. It's just four items. "And please call me Ana."

She smiles again, "Of course, Ana. This is my job and I enjoy it very much, please go and leave the dishes to me." she chuckles good-heartedly.

Leaving the kitchen, I walk up stairs and into my sub room that I use little to not at all – to cowardly to face Christian if he's in his room at the moment – and sit in the middle of the bed with my knees smushed to my chest, thinking deeply about this. I then take out my Black berry.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: What about work?

Date: 2011 10:44

To: Christian Grey

The title says it all, Mr. Grey. What about work?

I hit send and not 2 minutes later my email pings.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: What about it?

Date: 2011 10:45

To: Anastasia Steele

If you read carefully the subject of my email states all I have to say at this moment as well.

Christian Grey, CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: GEH

Date: 2011 10:47

To: Christian Grey

Are you not to busy being ruler of Seattle to go to a BDSM camp?

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Schedules can be dealt with

Date: 2011 10:49

To: Anastasia Steele

Anastasia, I think my business will survive without their controlling, megalomaniac, and high tempered boss for a week. Besides that I'll have my number two Ross looking over things while I'm gone, I also can do work from any laptop, smart phone, or Kindle at any time I wish – don't worry, I won't go bankrupt, Baby;)

Christian Grey, CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

I can almost hear him rolling his eyes throughout typing the message.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Christian Grey and the Great outdoors…?

Date: 2011 10:51

To: Christian Grey

One can only imagine such a sight :)

I giggle as I hit send and await his response.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: You wound me

Date: 2011 10:53

To: Anastasia Steele

I'll have you know that I go hiking with Elliot on a regular basis and I am quite keen on fishing; even city boy CEO's get dirt under their manicured fingers nails once in a while too.

Why can't you be this direct in person with me, for heaven's sake we're emailing in the same building – do I intimidate you that much? But with saying that, I like how open you are being with me, Ms. Steele. Please continue.

Christian Grey, CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

I sigh as I think hard about my decision. He has said multiple times that it is not too late to register the both of us in the camp, and that it's not how I imagine it, but I'm still a little uneasy about doing this so early in my life of being a sub. I then decide, I want to be in Christian's life and with doing so I must trust him completely – why not start now? I decide I'll do this, letting it be the first for us both. I quickly type a response with shaky fingers.

To: Christian Grey

Subject: I trust you.

Date: 2011 10:58

From: Anastasia Steele

Okay, I agree to go with you.

Just when I hit send, the door opens and Christian walks in looking delectable as usual.

"Hi," I blush, realizing he hasn't read my latest email just yet.

"Hello," he closes the door and steps in further. "I know this seems like a big step for you, and even in some ways terrifying, but -," just then I hear his Phone vibrate from his back pocket.

I shyly motion for him to get it as its soft buzzing noise continues. He looks at me confused for a moment but then proceeds. I watch his face closely as a wide beaming grin spreads across his lips.

"You'll go?" he raises an eyebrow.

I pick at an invisible spot on the blanket, "Yes," I murmur, "if it makes you that happy then I'll do it."

He launches himself at me as I sit on the bed, when I open my eyes I find that I am pinned under him as he kisses my neck and nibbles on my collar bone, making me writhe beneath him. "You are mine, Anastasia Rose Steele, don't forget it." He then gets up pulling me with him. "Come, I'll go through the key points of the camp with you, as well as print off the registration form."

"There's a punishment room?" I squeak. Christian and I are sitting on his large sofa as he discusses to me the basics of the camp.

"Yes," he nods slowly, "It's for the Submissives that choose to disobey or do something that makes their Dom's angry with them. The three strike rule that is controlled by the Dom's themselves." He says, giving me a chilled glass of wine.

"But I thought they can't talk to their Dom's while they are at the camp?" I ask confused.

"There are certain times that they can and can't – it will be shown on the schedule. At the times they cannot, they can only if to ask their Dom's permission to do so. Some Dom's even give their sub's lists of the does and don't's before camp so they won't have to always approach them with their matters." He shrugs.

"So the Dominants will still be controlling their Submissives?"

He only nods.

"Will it be for everything? From taking a drink of water, to how much food will be on their plates?"

Christian thinks for a moment, "It varies with the Dom's that will be there. As for us, I will not mind you doing little things that you may need to do, as of if you're in need of sleep I will let you whenever you feel as if needed, you can eat as much as you like – but if I ask you to add more to your plate you must comply, It doesn't matter to me if you choose to talk with others – I accept that and you may, unless I say otherwise, and if you want to take a walk you do not have to ask me – Do as you see fit. But some Dom's aren't as laid back like you may see, some even darn right cruel." He tips his head back and finishes his wine, "Let's put it this way, the essentials; yes, do as you want, Ana, I'm not stopping you – this is supposed to be a fun learning experience for the Dom/sub, but if you're unsure of anything just silently ask me and I will give you a swift yes or no shake of the head, or I will give you and action so you will automatically know not to or to stop doing something I disapprove of. Simple."

I nod slowly, taking in the information he has willingly given me.

"I will mostly be considerate of you and at times even terse, nothing of but my usual behavior." He adds.

"So you won't be showing off for your Dom Friends?" I giggle.

He rolls his eyes with a chuckle, "No, baby."

"What about clothing?"

"Some Dom's pack for their Subs, giving them only certain things to wear for certain days and/or activities – but I trust you can do that yourself. Just pack as if it's another week of camping."

I'm liking this Christian, and it sounds like I have a great Dom as far as they go; he's not going to be breathing down my neck the whole time, as well as fair and balanced. I just hope the other Dom's wont scare the crud out of me.

That night, as I pack for my week at camp I read over, and fill out the registration form Christian, ever so kindly, has given me.

Camp S&M Registration Form.

Submissive/camper's full name: Anastasia Rose Steele

Dominant of Submissive: Christian Grey

Female or Male Submissive: Female

Female or Male Dominant: Male

DOB: September 10 1989, Montesano WA

Year that Submissive has been attending Camp S&M: First year.

Allergies: None

Medication: None

As I fill out the rest of the registration form I continue to fold my clothes and pack them in my small suite case, flinching or gaping at some of these off the wall questions.

Does the submissive consent to be traded off or switched to a different Dominant if ordered too: NO.

Submissive safe word(s): Red and Yellow.

Is the submissive consenting on using anal beads at any time in Camp S&M?

I nearly choke on the water I'm sipping. I immediately call Christian's cell, and he answers on the second ring.

"Anastasia, I trust you're reading through the form?" he sounds amused.

"Yeah, about that, what does 'consenting to use anal beads' mean?" I swallow, "It sounds painful."

He chuckles, "I surely hope you're not. Just put down no for that one."

"Okay," I say as I write a big fate N and O.

"Rules for Submissive in Camp S&M:" I read aloud, "One; the sub will not partake in anything that will cause him/her scaring, harm, hurt, emotional damage, physical damage, or any pain in any way. Two; the sub cannot/will not partake in getting tattoo's or changing his/her's look, feel, taste, sound, and/or smell, if not wished upon by Dominant. Three; There will not be any partake in sex with other sub's or dominants if the sub is not willing or the Dominant does not allow. Four; At Camp S&M the sub will have to be wearing proper clothing throughout the day/night – standard camping rules and applies to EVERYONE, no exceptions from Dominants nor Subs. Five; There will be no animals aloud at Camp S&M for sexual use or as pets. Six; the sub will answer with Yes, Sir/Mistress/Master/Madam'/Dominant at all times, unless is said otherwise. Seven; there will be no public spanking, if needed us private area or the punishment room. Eight; During Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner the Dom and Sub's with sit in different tables – marked and assigned. Nine; Dom and Sub will not sleep in the same cabin." I take a deep breath in.

"Yes, the rules are very predictable and – for lack of a better word – normal in a situation like this. You should be fine, Baby."

"About that," I say slowly, "Are you going to be calling me by my little nick name around the other Sub's?" I ask curiously, "Wouldn't it be quite unordinary in a place like that?"

"Yes," he sighs, "It will turn some heads if it slips out, so I will try not to use that term often with you. I will try to only call you by your given name or Nick name."

"Have you filled out and read through yours yet?"

"Yes, it's right here in front of me. It is properly signed and has been read through thoroughly." He yawns.

"You sound like you've had a long day." I say softly.

"Yes, I have." He sighs.

"I'm going to get to bed now, Sir." I smirk. I have to get used to calling him that for the week at camp.

I can almost hear his grin, "Good night, Anastasia, sweet dreams. Oh, and, Ana?" he says before hanging up.


"Pack a one piece swimming suit - that's an order." He says sternly.

"Alright," I murmur, still intimidated by the Dominant Christian. "Good night, Sir." I say once more.

"Good night, Anastasia." He says softly before hanging up and leaving me to the Camp S&M brochure.

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