Christian's POV

I walk through the crowd of people after having a heated conversation with Anastasia – no, not my Anastasia, but her submissive persona. My Ana would have looked me straight in the eye and talked back with her sassy mouth, telling me how much of an 'arse' - as she puts it – I've been, and then she would have swayed that sexy as all hell ass in my face as she left to resume her spot by Danica. But no, she did not. She kept her head down, said Sir, and only had a little bite to her slight bark. I hate that she's acting like this. I love that she's acting like this. I hate that I love her acting like this! But I want her spice back, and her smile, and that oh-so chiming giggle, and…

Fuck. I look down at my 'friend' to see that not all of me dislikes her sub act – once again I stand in attention and solute her act of strong fucking will.

This woman will be the end of Christian Trevelyan Grey, surly and willingly.

You brought this on yourself you bastard!

I push through the doors of the small building, making my way out without anyone seeing me and leaving the thumping band and raving men and women behind as I start pacing on the cement side walk, running my hand through my hair and then cupping them behind my head. A very disbelieving laugh escapes my lips as I smile.

I smile with exasperation and let out a very long, much needed breath, bending over and resting my hands on my thighs – even when Ana's being a perfect sub she's stubborn. I feel a hand on my back. I turn around with all the hope in the world that it's Anastasia's.

My face falls – Elena.

"What?" I say bitterly.

"How are you, honey?" her voice has lost a lot of sex appeal over the years, perhaps the once-in-a-while smoking sessions have caught up with her. I remember the first kiss that she gave me; it was like licking an ash tray. I then made it a hard limit when I became her sub.

"I'm fucking great, why do you ask?" I roll my eyes and sit down on a nearby bench.

"Because I care about you, Christian," she demands like a mother hen.

"I'm a fucking 27 year old grown ass man, Elena, I own a chain of company's and I'm a fucking CEO of my own business, the seventh richest man in the world, did it ever occur to you that I don't need you to fucking care?" I hiss.

She's the fucking the reason Ana's pissed at me right now, I idly wonder if Anastasia would have felt more comfortable in the situation if I told her about it before hand…

"May I remind you who the hell gave all of it to you?" she glares at me as she stands.

I'm about to mumble an apology for my lack of civility when Ana stumbles through the front building doors, giggling at something Danica has said. Has she been listening? She takes one look at me and Elena and then curtly bows her head.


Elena gives me a snide smirk, "This is what you want," she mouths smugly.

I shake my head; if it came to choosing I've come to the decision that I'd always pick Ana's side. And if she doesn't like me talking to Elena then I will not for the remainder of camp time. Anything to have Ana back to normal, with the satisfaction of the sub Ana in the playroom.

I sigh, "Anastasia," I greet, giving her permission to carry on.

Without another look my way she catches up with Danica, more reserved than when she first stumbled out of the building.

"Listen," I say dominantly, "I'm not here for you, I'm here for Ana -,"

"Whipped," I hear her sing under her breathe.

I roll my eyes, and chuckle halfheartedly, "And I'm not going to fuck things up even more by choosing your company over her's." I continue.

She gasps, "Ouch." she spits. She then glides back in through the doors annoyed.

I smile, as I begin to walk to my cabin. Now that that's settled with I can continue my game with Anastasia – if she wants Dom... Be careful what you wish for, baby.

We arrive to the food court, we Dom's getting to go first – who says gentlemanly courtesy is dead? – And I walk past the line of Subs, ignoring Anastasia and Hayden's Submissive.

As I get my food I take a seat at the same wooden table as lunch and open up one of my three cartons of milk.

"So any plans for tonight, ladies? Gents?" Jordan pipes up, chugging his chocolate milk down and opening another. "Or are we going free style?"

Ugh, must we discuss our sexual activities with each other? I understand we're at a BDSM camp, but for God sake's…

"And why can't we have wine with meals?" he wines.

"It's a fucking camp, the choices are water, juice, and milk – what would you expect?" all though I could for a bit of chardonnay…

"Still," he shrugs, turning to talk to Daniel.

I'm more than sure these pricks think I'm stuck up – hell, I would be disappointed if they didn't – but we're only a few years apart in age difference and I act more fucking mature that half of these men here. And I do think being a CEO does give you that responsibility. But for fuck's sake, I saw a Dom moon group of ladies for money today.

I'm pulled out of that thought when Anastasia arrives just to the side of me. Shit, she didn't forget this time like at lunch – like I was hoping she would. That would give me just enough reason to…

"Sir?" her small voice says.

With just looking at the tray I confirm she has enough food with a nod, and watch as she walks away, I'm looking for anything too…

"Where'd you find that hot piece of ass, Grey?" Jordan grinned as he shoved a piece of bread into his mouth. Disgusting.

I tense at his use of vulgar language towards Ana, I didn't even talk about her like that, let alone Jordan Wilts can.

"What the fuck did you -…" I began to growl.

"Yeah, I need one like her, I was thinking about giving mine," He points behind him with his thumb, "the boot sooner rather than later," That fucker Gregory pronounces. "I need a break from the blondes." He laughs as him and Jordan leaned back to give each other high-fives.

"Fuck you," I lean in and grab him by the shirt, "And if you ever even fucking think about my Ana like that again I'll have your balls and serve them with Jordan's wine, you got that fuck faces?!" I yelled in a whisper.

"Relax, man," he says, his voice unsure, "I'm just saying…"

"I don't give a flying fuck what the hell you pricks were saying – quite saying it," I growled, my knuckled turning white, I then realize it's because of the excessive force I'm using as I squeeze the spoon in my hands grip.

I look over at Ana and find her gaping at me, no doubt seeing the short scene that has played out in front of her. She quickly dips her head so her brown locks cover her face. Dammit.

Moments pass of the usual Dom chatter, and I keep sneaking peaks of Ana as she talks animatedly with Danica, waiting for something too…

And there it is.

Her beautiful blue eyes reach the heavens as she rolls them. She never disappoints.

She catches my eyes as I motion for her with my index finger to come to me.

She stands with her tray as she naws on her bottom lip – strike two… – her cheeks blush a deep shade.

"Yes, Sir?"

I stand up and grab her small hand, ignoring everyone that looks at us as I dump her tray of food and practically pull her out the door, across the camp cabins, and into my cabin.

Keeping her at the threshold and walking throughout the cabin, making sure that there are no unwanted visitors, I walk back to her and lock the door.

I stand in front of her in my Dom stance, "You may look at me, Ms. Steele." My voice husky.

She looks up and I see the concern drifting in those blue eyes, "Sir?" she squeaks, looking at my choice of weapon that stays in my hand by my side.

"Yes, Ms. Steele?" I say, my face showing nothing.

"May I ask why you dragged me in here before I was done with dinner, Sir?"

"Yes, about that," I walk around her has I tap the leather belt against my palm, "You see, since you so blatantly decided you are now my sub full time, and I am now always going to be your Dom," I hear her audible gasp, "I decided – as your Dom of course – that you did something that was not acceptable in my eyes. Do you know what that was, Anastasia?" I stop in front of her and raise her chin.

She swallows, "No, Sir." She shakes her head.

"You rolled you're eyes, honey," the small affectionate name slips, and I curse my thoughtlessness, "Hasn't anyone ever told you that's rude?"

She nods shakily, "Yes, Sir."

"Who, Ms. Steele?"

"You, Sir," she whispers.

I nod slowly, "I see…" I stand in front of her as I tap my chin in deliberation. "I will leave the room for not more than 5 minutes – you will receive your punishment when I get back, understand?" I narrow my eyes. Please just drop the act now, baby, and this'll all be over with.

I hear the breathing becoming more ragged, "Yes, Sir," she says quietly.

"I would like for you to strip down until you're in your under wear, Ana, Panties and bra – you know what I like," I drop the belt in front of her for a keen reminder as I descend to the bathroom.

Not five minutes later I return with my worn and torn fitted blue jeans, I'm shirtless as I walk out in my Dom attire, bare chest, bare feet, and my jeans are unbuttoned. I see her then kneeling down in nothing but her skivvies.

"You may rise, Ana." I say firmly, hoping she has changed her mind with my departure.

She stands and looks at her fumbling hands.

"I will give you three hard swats on your behind with the belt," I bend down and pick it up, "And you can cry if you must afterwards." I reassure.

She says nothing, and I sigh deeply as I begrudgingly take the next step.

I sit down on the bottom bed of my bunks; it is the one closest to the door on the right by the window, with no one by me. I had to buy the fucking bunk beneath me from the other men in the room, and then the only other bunk bed beside mine to make sure that no one was near me as I slept.

I sit on the edge of the bed with the belt as I gently tug her towards me to lie across my lap. She does as told and before I know it her chest is pressed against my blue jeans. It's do or die, Grey, this is where you'll get your answers. Come on, Ana, say uncle already! I beg.

"Are you ready, Anastasia?" my voice is low and unrecognizable, thick with disappointment at my soon to be actions.

She nods her head as her face lies in her hands.

I rub my hand against her perfect ass, sliding the panties down very, very slowly, wasting as much time as I need. Prolonging.

I sigh with great disappointment as I slowly stretch my arms back beyond my shoulder blade. Only seconds away from hitting her without a good purpose – you're a fucking asshole! I yell at myself.

I close my eyes and decide to give her until the count of five.


You're so stubborn, Ana


Come one, baby!


Just a few words, Anastasia


It's so easy for you to make all of this go away, baby, just say it…

And 5

"I -," I begin.

"Fine!" She practically screams, "I fucking give!" I've never been more relived in my life as I throw the belt across the room with a soft thud against the wall and pull her so she's straddling my lap, grinning from ear to ear as I kiss her soft neck.

"I have never-," a needy kiss, "been so fucking-," she groans as I nibble below her ear, "relived in my whole-," I give her a deep kiss a slip my tongue in her mouth, "Life." I growl.

To my great relief the heavens open up and the angels sing when I hear that oh-so-sweet giggle erupt from her throat. I moan in great pleasure as I press her gently against the soft mattress with my body covering hers.

I slide the bra straps off her slender shoulders and unclasp the back quickly, with much need as she undoes my zipper. I pull down my jeans and kick them to the floor, her bra follows and soon after her panties and my boxer is a huge pile on the floor. Her hands dig into my hair as she muffles and tight groan.

"Scream, baby – these walls are sound proof," I grin in the almost darkness. She laughs as she places small kisses anywhere she can reach.

My jaw tenses as I lean back and watch her as I thrust into her again, and again, and again.

"AW," she bellows, "Christian!"

"Say my name again, Ana," I demand.

"Christian, oh Christian!"

"Yes," I growl in her ear, "Christian. It's not always Sir. Do you understand?"

She nods frantically, meeting me thrust to thrust, "Yes, Christian! Oh, God, I understand!" she says through ragged breathes.

I grab her hips beneath the blankets with one of my hands and sprawl my finger out against the small of her back, making our movements more rough and frantic. I then shift quickly, making it so she's straddling my lap as we sit nose to nose, and she comes. Gloriously. Tremendously. Fantastically. And she couldn't be more beautiful.

I smile as I do the same, reveling in the feel of being in Anastasia. And between the low grunts, fast breathes, and stolen kisses, the so true fact comes to mind; if she didn't cave before I counted to five I still wouldn't have punished her.

She giggles unexpectedly, still sitting on me, her breath starting to slow down.

I have to laugh as well.

"What?" I say as I kiss her forehead.

"You go first," she insists, her fingers playing with the hair at the nape of my neck.

I smirk, "I won the game of wills, baby."

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