Alrighty then. This is the last chapter of this story. I started the sequel to this that mostly involves Sofia and the rest of the family. But there will be a one-shot posted.


Sofia has made Tennessee one of the best schools for Women's Basketball. They are on the verge to win the 4th National Championship in a row.

"Well it comes down to the final minute of the regulation of the National Championship game in Seattle, Washington. The Lady Vols are in the lead by three points over the Fightin' Irish 67-64. Sofia Robbins-Torres is on the court for her final basketball game. She decided back in January not to go pro. Instead, she is heading to Harvard Medical School to become a surgical doctor and follow in her parents footsteps. She shoots it…and it goes in from downtown! In the stands are her parents, Callie and Arizona Robbins-Torres and her 12 year old brother, Tim. Holly Warlick calls a time-out and Sofia leaves the court one last time. She hugs her coaches and sits on the bench for the final 30 seconds. She must be really excited to finish her basketball career in her hometown of Seattle….and now the game continues, the Fightin' Irish are not giving up yet…ten seconds to go and Tennessee has the ball and they hang onto it to win the national championship for the 4th time in a row!" Sofia hugs her teammates and runs onto the bleachers to hug her parents and her brother.

"We're so proud of you Sofia." Arizona said.

"Thanks Momma." Sofia runs back onto the court and grabs her t-shirt and hat.


I can't believe it. We've won the national championship game for the 4th time in a row. An ESPN reporter, who I recognized as Kara Lawson, walks over to me while I am holding the MVP trophy.

"Sofia, four years ago, you were a high school junior who graduated early to get a head start in college and now you are a 4-time National Champion and MVP for the Lady Vol's. How does that make you feel?"

"It feels great. I had to work hard to get to where I am today." I can hear my voice throughout the area.

"This was possibly your final basketball game. What emotions are you going through right now?"

"Right now, I'm excited that we won again, but it'll hit me either tonight or tomorrow that I've possibly ended my career with a great team."

"Is there anyway we will see you in the Olympics next year?"

"I don't know. It just depends on if I take any summer classes at Harvard, but I'm not saying yes and I'm not saying no. It's a maybe."

"What advice do you give to your young fans who want to be in your shoes?"

"Work hard, be a team player, keep your grades up and dream big because anything is possible."

"Your parents and your little brother are here tonight, along with over thousands of people from Seattle. What does it feel like being a hometown hero?"

"I like it. It brings popularity not only for Seattle, but for the state of Washington as well. Whenever I am home, my number one stop is the Pediatric ward at Grey Sloan Memorial. When the kids see me, no matter how tired or sick they are, they always want to be active and play basketball and they are the reason I am here."

"Now that you have won the national championship, what are you gonna do?"

"I'm going to Disneyworld!" When the interview ended, I ran back up to the bleachers and hugged my parents some more then head to the locker room. After I got everything I need in my bag, I head for the bus and head back to the hotel. I arrive in my room and change and head out again. I head to my parents house for a small party, instead of the team party at the hotel. I walk in the door, and I hear 'surprise' everywhere. My brother runs over and we do our handshake then I rub his head.

"How's school going, Tim?"

"It's okay. I'm the most popular guy because of you. Everybody wants you to come back and give another speech."

"I will try. Okay?"

"Okay." I give him a high five and walk over to Aunt Meredith and Uncle Derek and hug them.

"Good job tonight, Sofia." Uncle Derek said.

"Thanks." I hug everyone and sit down in the living room and Mom hands me a bottle of water and sits down next to me.

"Momma and I are so proud of you, meija."

"Thanks Mom. I can't believe that my college basketball career is over."

"So, when do you guys head back to Knoxville?" Uncle Alex asked.

"Tomorrow, then for a week we go to Disney, then I am home for a few months before heading to Massachusetts."

"What about the Olympics next year in Barcelona?" Uncle Owen asked.

"That depends on if I go to summer school, but I am leaning towards yes." I look around and I don't see Momma. I look at Mom and she mouth's 'your room.' I nod my head.

"Excuse me for a moment." I said and I walk upstairs into my room and found Momma sitting on my bed. Inside my room are all the awards and honors that I received at Tennessee, but my favorite one is from before I went to Tennessee and I participated in the McDonalds basketball tournament for the top incoming college basketball players. I sit down next to her and she hugs me and sobs on my shoulder.

"Momma? What is it?"

"You're growing up so fast. One minute, you are a 1 lb 1 oz baby who had to fight to stay alive, and now, you're gonna head to medical school." I kiss her forehead.

"Momma, I'm still me. Even though I have gotten taller and bigger since my birth, I'm still your daughter." I said. I look at the clock in my room and I have 45 minutes to get back to the hotel.

"Momma, I love you, but if I don't leave, then I will get in trouble with Coach."

"Alright." We walk downstairs and everyone formed a tunnel type thing from the stairs to the front door. I get to the bottom of the stairs and Momma kisses my forehead and I do my ritual before an announcer would call my name and I jog outside and do a backflip. Everyone waves and I wave back and get in the taxi and head to the hotel.


I am back home after school has ended and going to Disneyworld with the team. I am ready to relax before packing and moving to the other side of the country to begin medical school.

When I arrived home, I was alone. I sat on the couch for an hour when the front door opened and I stood up. Momma placed her purse down and turned and looked up and smiled which made me smile back.

"You're home!" I walk over to her and hug her.

"I'm home." I said.

"I'm so glad you are home."

"Me too." We pull away and Momma takes my hand and we walk into the living room and sat down.

"How's your leg, Momma?" Shortly after I arrived back in Knoxville, Momma's prosthetic leg gave out on her so she had to get a new one.

"It's okay. I'm building up the muscles in my thigh so I can stand on it longer. How was Disney?"

"It was fun." I said while blushing.

"What's their name?" I look at her, even though I know what she's talking about.

"What's who's name?"

"The guy or girl that you met that is making you blush."

"His name is Rob. Rob Davidson and he is also going to Harvard, but he's going to Harvard Law." I said.

"Ooo. A lawyer." I roll my eyes.

"Where's Mom and Tim?" I asked.

"Mom is still at work and Tim is with Uncle Alex at his baseball practice." I hear the front door opening again and Momma and I stand up. Mom comes in and sees me and smiles.

"When did you get here?" I walk over and hug her.

"Over an hour ago. I'm just happy to be home for a while."

"We are too. Are you hungry?"

"I am. Let me make dinner tonight while you guys rest up." I head to the kitchen and start making dinner for the family and my mothers join me in the kitchen.

"So, tell us about Rob." Momma said and I look at her then I continue to peel the potatoes.

"He's a law major and he's from Tennessee." I said.

"Wait. Did you meet him at school or in Disney?" Mom asked.

"Disney. He went to University of Virginia for Pre-Law. When we first met, at first I though he was weird. Hot, but weird. But I got to know him and he's the sweetest guy I have ever met."

"So, when can we meet him?" Mom asked and I look at them.

"No, we are not gonna go through that again for a while." I said.

"Come on. What do you think is gonna happen?" Momma asked.

"Remember Jeff, the music major?" I asked. When I brought Jeff to dinner when my parents were in Knoxville during my sophomore year, lets just say it didn't go well and Jeff and I broke up when he dropped me off at my dorm that same night.

"He wasn't good enough for you." Mom said.

"I know. He was rude, arrogant and a homophobe." I said. My parents look at each other then back at me.

"Sof, why didn't you tell us?" Momma asked. I stopped peeling and looked up at them.

"I didn't want you guys to worry that much about me."

"We worry because we care about you." Mom said.

"And we will still worry no matter how old you get." Momma said.

"Thanks." I said.

I finish peeling the potatoes and place them under the water for a few minutes then I smash them up after pouring out the water.

"Uh, Sof? What are you making?" Mom asked.

"Right now, a mess, but it will turn into mashed potatoes." I said and I grabbed the milk and butter.

"Hey did what's-her-face ever come around again?" I asked.

"No. Shadow scared her." While I was in my junior year of college, Shadow developed bone cancer and we had to put him to sleep.

"Good." I grab the steaks from the fridge and placed them in the pan.

"Steak and potatoes?" Momma asked.

"And a salad." I grab the stuff to make a salad and made that while I checked on the potatoes and flipped the steaks.

"Did you work in a restaurant or something while you went to school?" Momma asked.

"No. I learned to cook by myself." I said.

"How many times did the smoke detector go off?" Mom asked and I look at her.

"Only once. Besides, it makes two of us better cooks than Momma." I said with a laugh and Mom laughed with me.

"Oh ha,ha,ha." Momma said sarcastically. Once I finished making dinner, Tim walks in and comes into the kitchen and washes his hands and turns to the table and sees the food.

"Aw, not steak and potatoes again!" Tim whined.

My life is going the way that I want it. I've got a great career in Medicine lined up for me, and my parents are happy and together again. My life is where I want it to be.