Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time we faced some hard truths and talked about some uncomfortable facts. I suppose the biggest elephant in the room is that I haven't updated this story in a very long time, and while I don't really have an excuse for that I will say that life is all consuming, and writing a fictional story in someone else's universe wasn't exactly at the top of my priorities for the past few months. That said this still isn't an update, and I'm afraid there isn't going to be an update for some time. Now, before you get angry at me (or cheer from the high heavens) let me explain my reasoning. To put it lightly: this story is a steaming pile of dog shit.

I've actually had that feeling for a great deal of time now, and I felt the best thing to do with Conquerors was to just take a couple weeks off and return to it with more detailed notes and a clearer mind. The more and more I think about it however, I realize that no amount of time off or planning is going to reverse the dung heap I wrote myself into. I allowed myself to fall into a lot of Fanfic and first Contact troupes (never mind the godawful grammar and characters), and those troupes have severely hampered the way I want this story to progress, and even after going back and trying to rewrite some of the later chapters I realized that simply wouldn't be enough to make me satisfied with this story.

So, what does this all mean is suppose some of you are wondering? Well, if you enjoyed this story don't worry; I will be updating it and it is my number one priority that I plan to complete. That said, Conquerors is going to undergo a complete rewrite starting at Chapter one and continuing from there. The core plotline will remain the same, (sorry for those of you who don't like Bruttianus), but I will be removing all the superfluous bullshit that hindered the storyline and I'm try to shy away from the usual troupes that plague fanfic and particularly the First Contact War stories.

In regards to the future of the story and how you guys can help I am looking for two major things.

One. If you have any major grievances to the story (other than grammar and stuff in that category) please take the time to leave a review and tell me what you think I should do differently this time around. This community truly is fantastic, and I have always taken your opinions very seriously, though I'll admit I acted a bit stubbornly as Conquerors is my first story and I wanted to believe it was perfect. One caveat is the main plotline won't be changing too drastically, and Bruttianus will still be the main antagonist. He'll be less evil villany than he was previously, but he and his plots will still be the focal point of the story.

Second. I'm looking for a good beta to edit my stories. I do proofread my own stories, but I'll be the first to admit that I usually miss quite a lot when it comes to the grammar spectrum of things. Of course, as beta you'd also have more say than normal on the general writing style, and please feel free to address me on any points of the story that you think are just god awful.

So anyway, if this was too long and you didn't read the core of what I have to say is that Conquerors is shit, I want to fix it, but I need your help, so please review and tell what you think I should change. Assuming everything works out the first chapter of the revised Conquerors will be coming out within the next two weeks, and I promise that this time I will never take more than a month between updates.

Finally, thanks to all those who stuck through me through this story so far and thank you for keeping up with my antics. While I do admit I write the story because I enjoy to, and there's a story in my head I want to tell, there'd be no one to read it without you guys, so you all have my eternal gratitude taking the time to see what I have to say.